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10 comments to “American Idol Alum Brittany Kerr Apologizes For Smooching Jason Aldean”

  1. HaveAseat says – reply to this


    We should care about this? why?…..

  2. yes says – reply to this


    BLAMING THE WOMAN, again? How sexist and such a double standard…where is the married liar in all of this, the MAN? HE is to blame…but NO, we have to witch hunt the woman…just like Kristen Stewart and all the countless women….He was married and lied to her….she is a young single gal….The HOMEWRECKER is the MAN!!! So, before all the attacks on this girl, remember who the real slimeball is here please….

  3. 3

    She certainly isn't making any Headlines with her singing career….

  4. 4

    Is she friends with that other Home-Wrecking Adulteress who's singing career has fizzled too?

  5. 5

    I have no idea who she is and I've only heard of Jason Aldean a few times (not a country fan) but I don't see why all his fans are blaming only her? She may not have even known that he is married. You can't tell from the pictures if he had a ring on or not. If she did know, then shame on her. But it's still more his fault for breaking his marriage vows.

  6. 6

    It's definitely more his fault than hers because he was the one who voluntarily made vows to his wife. That was HIS commitment. She knew he was married. There are pics of him wearing his ring that night.. He's a country singer - public star and she's a wannabe singer. His marriage is no secret. who was on American Idol. I am not buying that it was a one time thing on his part. He was way too comfortable and open publicly with his behavior. If he hadn't of cheated before he would have been much more nervous about being seen in public.

  7. 7

    Re: yes – They're both homewreckers.

  8. One Country says – reply to this


    He found out that Jessica had a secret abortion after her last affair..That's why he got Drunk..and screwed Brittany Kerr..

  9. Krst7299 says – reply to this


    Re: One Country – You should be ashamed to post something like this. Even if it is true you have no business putting that out there!

  10. canadiangirlsdd says – reply to this


    Re: Krst7299 – agreed, you should be ashamed of yourself OneCountry! spreading vicious rumours