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Katy Perry Celebrates Russell Brand Wedding Anniversary With Divorce Party!

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Yay for celebrating what could otherwise be a super depressing occasion!

Rather than drown in deep pools of misery on October 23rd, the day that would have been Katy Perry's second anniversary to comedian Russell Brand, the california Queen has decided to throw a Divorce Party instead!

One Kaypers insider reveals:

"Katy has been dreading October 23 for weeks now, and has been trying to think of ways to turn it into something positive. It's her birthday two days later and the last thing she wanted to do was spend that week depressed and miserable, which would then mean not doing anything to celebrate her birthday. Her pals have been persuading her to have a huge party or go to Vegas for a few days, but Katy decided on throwing a small gathering at her home. She has decided to call it her 'divorce party', and it will be a day of doing what she loves with her favourite people."


When life gives you lemons you turn them into sugar-rimmed lemon drop cocktails and celebrate the HELL out of that bittersweet goodness!!

We wonder, will Katy invite her on-again, off-again boy toy Mr.John Mayer to celebrate her divorce?!

It only seems appropriate, ’cause if Russell and Katy had never split, John would never have been able to enjoy Katy's precious pearl!

Well, unless Katy had pulled a Kristen Stewart, which would never, ever, ever, ever happen.

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19 comments to “Katy Perry Celebrates Russell Brand Wedding Anniversary With Divorce Party!”

  1. Jocelyn says – reply to this


    You so sure Katy wouldn't cheat? Cause there was a pretty obvious BI a couple weeks ago that pretty heavily implied Katy didn't think Russell was enough of a "bad boy" and so was emailing and texting John Mayer for weeks before Katy and Russell were divorced. I also have it on good authority that she cheated on Travie McCoy with Josh Groban several times. Link to the BI for anyone interested

  2. LoriC says – reply to this


    So sad! :( Marriage means nothing these days. :(

  3. Cherish says – reply to this


    I hope she knows better now.

  4. 4

    I'm not saying she did cheat, but she moved on so fast after Russell. It just doesn't seem like she would stay faithful if they stayed married. Also, a divorce party sounds incredibly tacky.

  5. 5

    How mature. Why doesn't she just move on??

  6. 6

    She is trying to prove that she is over her divorce, but if she really was there would be no need to do such dumb crap. All she needs to do is move on and stop being mean to her ex husband in public.

  7. 7

    This girl is such a hypocrite. It's fine to decide to celebrate your future but to celebrate a divorce? She has no class, what a hill billy.

  8. Cah says – reply to this


    This whore doesn't know what else to do to show up in press anymore. I'm about to say that Russell has a lot more class than this childish bimble. Celebrating her divorce? This is so stupid. And we're all sure that John will be there to show to the world who's sweeping Russell's trash, right? That's his specialty, being the rebound guy. The kindergarten will surely appreciate the party.

  9. 9

    If any other celebrity was doing something so stupid and immature you would be talking about how stupid it was and that they should just move on. Didn't she say something about "going away" for awhile a few months ago? I wish that would start sometime soon, because I am over hearing about what a child she is.

  10. 10

    I don't blame Katy at all for wanting to have a little "divorce party" to get her first marriage behind her, laugh it off, call it ancient history, move on for good, etc. After all, Russell Brand is a stand up comedian. Russell might laugh about it himself even though the joke is on him.

    Russell sure didn't waste any time after their marriage broke down. I remember reading in January of this year that Russell was already shacking up with women from his yoga class about TWO WEEKS after he filed the divorce papers. That's how seriously he took their marriage. Katy's big mistake was marrying him in the first place. Russell simply doesn't take relationships with women seriously … even a marriage.

  11. 11

    If you guys watched Katy's 3D movie "Part of Me" you'd see that she was genuinely devastated when she found out that Russell wanted to end their relationship. That part of the movie where she almost cries on stage in Brazil while the fans are saying "we love you Katy" in Portugese wasn't just about being touched that the fans were wild about her. She was crying like crazy right before that big Brazil show … because of Russell.

    She obviously REALLY loved the guy. He acted like a self-centered jerk half the time. During her physically/mentally exhausting world tour, Russell pretty much forced Katy to fly hours and hours across the world every couple of weeks so they could be together and keep their marriage going. Katy was burning herself out. Katy tried hard to juggle her huge career and her marriage as best she could. Russell was so selfish and in his own little narcissistic world that he couldn't care less if Katy was working her tail off.

    In my opinion, Katy is a very impressive girl who any guy would be lucky to have as a girlfriend or wife. She'll do just fine without Russell in her life. Hopefully, Katy's love life will be as successful as her show business career. She deserves it. She's come a long way. I think she has enough talent to be a big star for decades to come.

  12. cream says – reply to this


    Re: Jocelyn

    Katy did cheat on Travie with Josh Groban and then Josh threw her under the bus. He's a total pig and she is a pig. She also cheated on Russell with one of her back up dancers on tour.

  13. Marta says – reply to this



  14. Frankie says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – Like all Katy's fans, you are a hypocrite. Your beloved Katy moved on with new bfs as soon as Russell did! So, dont try to tell us that she's been a saint after the divorce, because she is NOT! In February (ONLY 0NE MONTH after the divorce) she dated a French model, Baptiste. Then, we all saw her PDA at Coachella and all over London. Now she's dating that douche JM. 3 GUYS IS 8 MONTHS. Katy is a SLUT and her movie is a PR stunt. Deal with it.

  15. Mary says – reply to this


    How tacky. How low. She's so fake. Stop kissing her a** Perez. If Russell did a "divorce party" what were you going to say???? Oh wait…I know! You were going to say "How dare he do that"? Am I right?

  16. cream says – reply to this


    Re: Marta

    HHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG! YES SHE DID! Josh Groban banged her every chance he got and when she finally dumped Travie Josh threw her to the curb like trash. When KP thought she was Josh's girl he was cheating on her when she was out of town.

  17. 17

    Re: Frankie

    Maybe I'm naive, but from what I've been reading Katy probably didn't SLEEP with any new guys for about 6 months. I think that 20 year old Baptiste guy just had a huge crush on her and Katy might have just kissed on him a little. Katy kisses a guy from the crowd at most of her concerts you know. Big freakin deal. She knew it was over with Russell. Maybe she just wanted some male companionship without any sex. Some girls have lots of really good male friends and everyone in her circle knows they aren't doing anything.

    It wasn't until like June that Katy was KISSING that guitarist Robert Ackroyd from "Florence + The Machine". Who the heck knows if they had sex? I'm sure Katy and John Mayer are getting wild in the sack. What do you expect from a guy like him? WHO CARES anyway?

    How long is a big international pop star like Katy supposed to wait before she can start dating guys and maybe having sex with a few of them … like all the rest of the 27 year old girls in the world do? Is there some sort of unwritten rule about these things so she doesn't get called a whore or whatever? I haven't heard of it. Why should Katy be any different than other grown women in their 20s?

  18. 18

    Re: cream

    How the heck do you know this? Some tabloid magazine's secret sources? A friend of a friend of a friend who was drunk at a party and talking bullcrap? You have secret cameras in Katy's house and you watch every move she makes?

    Katy has MALE FRIENDS. Apparently quite a few of them. It hardly means she is screwing every one of them. Katy probably flirts a lot with everyone and people just jump to conclusions. I wouldn't believe that Katy is screwing some guy unless Katy or one of her trusted, close friends like Shannon Woodward said she was.

  19. Cee says – reply to this


    So Katy is having a divorce party, while Russell feeds and helps the homeless? Who has more class??? Russell has more class that Katy will ever hope to have. Why does she need to have a party anyway, if she is so "happy" with boy toy John Mayer? Why doesn”t the stupid little girl move on with John and leave Russell alone. Her birthday is around the same time, why not just have a birthday party if she wants to party. And just how to you know she wouldn't cheat??? You'd be quck to accuse Russell, but "oh no way" Katy would cheat? Oh PLEASE! #TeamRussell