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Amazing News Anchor Calls Out A Bully On TV!

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Meet our new hero!

WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston took a moment during Tuesday's morning newscast to address a recent email she received from a viewer bully complaining about her weight.

Naturally, she tore him a new asshole (in a VERY classy way)!

Presssssss Plaaaaay (above) to hear Jennifer's brave, and inspiring words!

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82 comments to “Amazing News Anchor Calls Out A Bully On TV!”

  1. Dusty says – reply to this


    This amazing woman is a friend of mine. Thanks for standing up for yourself and all those who have ever been bullied Jennifer. Inspirational!

  2. Leslie says – reply to this


    That man who sent her the message must really have low self esteem and not like himself. Why would he feel the need to point out that she is overweight? I feel sorry of his kids if he has any or his wife if he has one. He should take care of his own issues first and stop worrying about other people.

  3. Sam says – reply to this


    WOW good for her she speak up she need to said his name that asshole

  4. 4

    while I never click on any of your videos as your fucking commercials piss me off,, but good for this woman. although the term bully in the headline is again misleading/a lie I don't see the "bully" just an asshole.

  5. 5

    it's sad though when the bullying comes from your own family, who live on the excuse of "we are doing it for your own good" and consider hurtful words "constructive criticism". I wish I had the support this one has with her love one, she's mistaken to think that grown women have the advantage of having 'thicker skin' just cause they know better…it's not that easy or simple :(

  6. 6

    I don't know that the e-mail was "bullying". While it is true that obesity is a horrible disease, she didn't ask for her opinion on her weight.

  7. Erin says – reply to this


    I think the letter was respectable and the news caster shouldn't take it to the extreme of the person being a bully. She admitted she's fat, so what's the problem?

  8. Bree says – reply to this


    That man is such a goddamn idiot. The grand majority of women seen on tv and in movies are severely underweight, and I would argue that many of them suffer from eating disorders. How does that make them good role models? Just because they look pretty as they're dying inside? Bullshit.

  9. 9

    Good for her. He was out of line and a huge ass, however he didn't name call or anything. I used to be an intern reporter for a local station and the emails get flooded daily by people not liking your hair, tie, speech, looks, etc. I've gotten nastier personally but glad she stood up for herself and hope it puts an end to the bullying. Kudos for her to thanking her supporters and her quote on the bullies at the end, they lose. And Mario, hope you see what bullying does to public personalities such as Lindsay, Kristen, etc . . . .

  10. 10

    That was amazing. She is incredible. And I am speechless!

  11. 11

    "fat news lady" i don't understand how pointing out facts is suddenly bullying? she is a fat news lady. that is a fact. the viewer who wrote her was just pointing out the dangers of obesity in a pretty polite way.


  12. 12

    good for her! i hope that guy who sent her the message felt like a fucking douche bag!!!

  13. Don says – reply to this


    Lose some weight, fatty

  14. davd says – reply to this


    you should be running for president.

    this world has gotten so fucked-up. how can kids grow up with healthy minds when there are so many ignorant people out there.

  15. Kayla says – reply to this


    Really unfortunate to see even just the few comments sticking up for the person who wrote the letter. First of all, it's no one else's business who does what with their lives. If you are thin, how would you feel about someone gawking at you and saying "God, eat a cheeseburger. Are you anorexic or something?" every time they saw you? Again… it's no one's business how you choose to live your life. Do you honestly think there is any obese person who doesn't know the dangers of obesity? And what the brave newscaster says is completely true - kids will hear their parents saying things like this and go to school and say it to a classmate. It's disgusting.

  16. 16

    To "Mundane" & "Don": Pointing out facts is ok. Obviously a person knowing they are 'too fat' or 'too thin' or 'too short' or 'too pale' or 'too whatever' is great insight. We ALL have something about our appearance that doesn't fit into the "norm" of society. But to put the burden of all the young "impressionable" girls in society on the shoulders of one category of people is just ridiculous. If my 8 year old daughter becomes obese, I am not going to blame it on the fat news lady. If my daughter becomes anorexic/bulimic, I am not going to blame it on the fashion models. If my daughter becomes tanorexic i am not going to blame it on Jersey Shore. My beautiful 8 year old daughters self image and self confidence will ONLY come from me!! If i point out others flaws on a regul

  17. 17

    regular basis than SHAME ON ME for not teaching her better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18

    If i point out others flaws on a regular basis than SHAME ON ME!!! Not the imperfect lady on the news!!

  19. 19

    Give me a break. That wasn't an nasty email. I'm sure she gets plenty of ugly email.

  20. Fatty McButterpants says – reply to this


    Props to her for keeping her cool…

    It's more than she did last time McDonalds forgot her quarter pounder with cheese!

  21. 21

    Who the …What the…..Maybe this guy's entire family died of heart disease and were newscasters. I thought he was stating an opinion using respectful wording. Way to take such a serious subject as bullying and twist it till it means nothing. Very wise the fact she said if parents are sitting at home saying "that fat newscater" their kids WILL probably be A$$holes and that sux. This guy didn't do that and it does suck if it hurt her feelings but WAY TO get it wrong… I do love the part where she says the guys words mean "nothing" to her. I am sure she gets kudos all the time but doesn't stop the show for it.

  22. belle says – reply to this


    Re: themundane – I'm sorry BUT, by saying she was somehow a bad person to represent a community, it was more than just a comment about a "fat news lady". The writer mostly implies that because of the news woman's weight the community was being effected badly somehow. That is bullying, the definition of bullying: "Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants". So, sorry, the writer of the email was a bully. No, I am not a over weight person, but a person that feels everyone has a right to be themselves (if they're not hurting anyone). I also challenge you to tell everyone how the writer politely informed her of the dangers of obesity"? He mentions, I believe at least two times, that she was a dangerous example to the community, that's polite? How??

  23. rhonda says – reply to this


    Re: Cindyloupoo – couldn't have been said better!!!

  24. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Omg this is amazing and she is gorgeous and she doesn't deserve that good for her!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – he's a jerk

  26. Slice says – reply to this


    Hmmm, the letter was merely an opinion, and how she interpreted bullying from this is mystifying. Hitching this letter to anti-bullying month seems opportunistic and inappropriate.

    That said, why the writer took the time to point out the obvious in a letter is equally as mystifying, because as the newscaster said, she knows she is fat.

    I don't care one way or the other, she seems nice enough, and it doesn't change the fact that she is fat and is likely morbidly obese.

  27. 27

    Re: Cindyloupoo – Thin, short or pale aren't the number one cause of heart failure. Heart disease in women under 50 is alarming. May you never have to know but, if your daughter was swept up in a eating disorder you completely lose the girl you have now starvation and/or bulimia effect the brain(and the heart). If you truly understood it, how do you know who you would blame, when nothing else worked.

  28. Jon Taylor says – reply to this


    It sounds as if she'll now gain weight just so her imaginary bully won't win. Truly scary that she can't also find a positive anti-obesity message in any of this.

    America the beautiful. One twentieth of the world's population, but carrying one-third of the world's body weight. If you call that bullying, then you're just an over-sensitive fatass.

  29. Arlo:Sociologist says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – It's an interesting point that you assume this letter was from a man. Men, typically, don't use words to bully. They tend to lean toward violence. Women, on the other hand, often rely on bullying other women emotionally with words or by neglect or shunning which can leave scars far deeper than a punch in the face or gut.

  30. Popper says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – Totally agree! The anchor starts bullying herself in her commentary, saying that she's "fat". The writer didn't say that and used much more respectful, to the point words. The writer was calling a spade a spade. I don't think the writer had to stick his nose into this situation, but seriously, while it could be considered a hard opinion to swallow it was just an opinion.

  31. swankytoes says – reply to this


    Re: Jon Taylor – no she will have on air gastric bypass

  32. Connor says – reply to this


    You know what? I'm really tired of people misusing the term "bullying". There were no swears, no death threats, no rude words (but perhaps questionable wording), or any downright offensive language. It was just a person expressing their opinion and though I don't necessarily think it's cool to go out of your way to say something like this to another person….it is *hardly* bullying. I was bullied in school and I really resent it being something people use to describe anyone who is offensive, perceived to be offensive, or of a different opinion.

  33. april says – reply to this



  34. Gale says – reply to this


    Seriously, that is what is wrong with society today: "Let's admonish the overweight and glorify the underweight." Not everyone can be skinny, not everyone is meant to be skinny. If we were all cookie cutter, then there would be no diversity and no true beauty (because everyone would look the same). So many girls physically starve themselves or become bulimic because of such comments. This type of admonishment does not evoke a "healthy lifestyle". In fact, it can have the opposite effect. So many girls become so ashamed of their bodies that they resort to self mutilation. Admonishment and other forms of berating just compounds the issue even deeper. So think before you speak.

  35. Lisa says – reply to this


    Her words made me cry! Great Woman!

  36. GJM says – reply to this


    For those of you saying that this letter wasn't a form of bullying you are absolutely incorrect. Just remember in the long run its not what you say it's how you say it. You could be mean to a person without them even realizing your doing it just by how you say it. This person is a bully, an intelligent one. It's a shame people use there intelligence in such negative ways.

  37. Scarlett says – reply to this


    I just find it funny how people are praising this woman for defending her weight and yet criticize Christina Aguilera constantly for doing the exact same thing…

  38. 38

    Expressing concern about a person's health isn't bullying. This lady, and others who are with her, need to lighten up and get over themselves. I don't see anything cruel or mean here, just an honest opinion. The amount of weight she is carrying is not healthy, and she has those three daughters, husband and other loved ones and friends who might miss sharing those extra years with her. I would say the same thing to this lady if I had the chance, but would make it clear that it's out of concern for her and not to nitpick. She is a beautiful woman, but can benefit from being in better shape.

  39. Frenchick says – reply to this


    What amazes me most about this, is how Perez can put a video like this on his page and go along with it on how wonderful this lady is.. She is wonderful, but don't you remember that PEREZ you are part of the bullying? You are the first one to point people's flaws and make fun of them. Yes, you say you have changed and you are a better person. I don't buy it. You only play with words now. Instead of calling them fat and ugly, you critic their outfits, their hair or anything that comes to mind. It's the same thing.

  40. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – that's repulsive. (Btw. I'm not obese)

  41. 41

    Obesity and overweight shouldn't be acceptable, as people we shouldn't applaud people for being overweight, that's not a good thing. Lets stop this "love yourself the way you are " bs if you are not healthy and happy. Encourage people to better themselves, I agree that bullying is not the right way to do it, but encouraging them to "be" themselves (unhealthy) is not cool. Stop supporting unhealthy people and habits its not good for anyone.

  42. 42

    We are starting to accept being fat and obese as a cool thing, it's not. Obesity is epidemic can stop and start exercising? She's not a role model. C'mon people two wrongs don't make one right.

  43. Jynni says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – I agree with u/Leslie glad she stood her ground and did'nt allow this jerk to break her.She's a beautiful prson inside and out i'm sure.And what she did was insirational to lots of ppl.Hope she keeps her head up and moves foward past this losers comment.Way to go Jennifer livingston……

  44. jynni says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – I agree!!!

  45. Ashley says – reply to this


    I don't think that guy was a bully, he was just rude. Im glad she was able to tell him how she felt. I think the 1st thing we need to do in addressing the 'bullying' is by teaching self confidence. Who cares what other people think or say about you. Everyone should be proud of who they are, no matter what.

  46. 46

    hallelujah - love this woman - get her a network gig!

  47. Stephanie Derry says – reply to this


    Thank you for taking a stand against this bc there are a lot of us out there who deal day in and out with bullying and need someone on our side

  48. 38543854 says – reply to this


    Thank you Jennifer. Your words will now make me stop and think before I say anything unkind around my children. I must inspire them to be kind.

  49. jake says – reply to this


    this was not bullying.she should take it as a helpful advise.facts are facts. he is not about hurting her feelings he is promoting a healthy message. she should be inspiring and make a change.i think she is the bully.and im also a bit over wight.people stop being so sensitive. start working out and eat healthy.

  50. Bully pulpit says – reply to this


    If she were to show up to work all impaired (still read the news) but drunk. A man or woman wrote in and said it has been a few years and your still showing up a little impaired. So she is morbidly obese which will kill you faster, in most cases than alcoholism, and said, hey not such a good role model. I do not think everyone should be thin but to deny that being morbidly obese isn't very dangerous and have serious consequences that can be MORE life threatening than a drug or alcohol addiction is ignorant. SO the people who are saying good for her, would you say that to an alcoholic?

  51. gwen01 says – reply to this


    I cried…this woman has nothing but class in her and I am so incredibly impressed by her honesty and strength. My sister is overweight. She struggled all her life. She worked out for 2 years straight, every day and watched her diet and she plateued at 180 lbs. What more could she have done? The treatment between my sister and me has always been obvious. I was always thin and considered attractive and my sister large but attractive but walking around the mall or the street, dreadful words yelled at her and it hurt her and me. Many times ppl would ask if we had the same father or the same mother which we do and through all that my sister never envied me and always built me up when I felt insecure. Now in our 50s, my wish is I would rather have been smart and gotten a career like my sister did than rely on my looks throughout my life. She is so smart and I envy her for that and for the kind hearted and caring woman she has always been.

  52. Kate says – reply to this


    It amazes me that this inspirational woman is still getting negative feedback from people in these comments. This is an example of what she is talking about. As she said, we do not know her, we do not know her story, so who are we to pass judgement on her weight. She takes the opportunity to address such a serious issue that has caused so many deaths recently. As a society we should be coming together to celebrate people who tell our children they are beautiful and that this too shall pass. The fact that some people are still trying to bring her down amazes me. Since when did it become okay to say such hurtful things. The internet has become a tool for people to hide behind a screen and say whatever it is they feel without being held accountable. This woman was bold and finally stood up and held this man accountable for the unnecessary things he said. We should celebrate women like this news anchor and complaint her for her strength and the positive message she presents despite the negative feedback she received.

  53. Bully pulpt says – reply to this


    Re: gwen01 – People are cruel and it breaks my heart for your sister, I am sorry. I had a sibling teased and it hurt. How does one have to do with the other, there was NOTHING in the email above that states taunts like you described, simply a cause to recognize an unhealthy dangerous lifestyle. This woman does not weigh 180, If you tell me she eats 2,500 calories a day and takes a 20 minute walk 4 times a week, I would say rush her to a hospital she has a tumor or something terribly wrong. People come in all shapes and sizes which is beautiful. Being morbidly obese is such a strain on the organs it is worse than smoking and drinking. If people cared about this woman, they wouldn't ridicule her(which the email did not) or say "YEAH she is so WONDERFUL" they would let her know she is going to leave her family to soon and doesn't she and they deserve more.

  54. Nicolegriffith says – reply to this


    You are AMAZING & beautiful! I love you & I don't even know you. Thank you so much!

  55. gwen01 says – reply to this


    Re: Bully pulpt – hmmmmmm? not getting your point.

  56. Bully Pulpit says – reply to this


    Re: gwen01 – I was just confused why you would be so impressed by someone that said that she was bullied by an email that simply raised concern for a dangerous lifestyle. I am perplexed by everyone that feels that way when the email clearly does not ridicule her. When your sister was "taunted" did anyone simply explain they thought maybe she wasn't healthy or did they call names? But this woman says it is bullying? Never did she answer the concern the email raised, her health. This woman brought you to tears though? I didn't see the connection between a ridiculed bullied successful sister and a morbidly obese news reader who received an email about health concerns and the effects(her daily public visibility) it may have on others.

  57. likewhocares says – reply to this


    Just wait until ObamaScare! Soon, one's personal health will become everyone's business and unfortunately, there will be those who voice that opinion out loud. Ya'll better eat your burgers in the privacy of your own home!

  58. Brett says – reply to this


    It's not good to be a bully, however given the nations obesity epidemic, I feel like she should have addressed that she is trying to lose weight. I felt like watching her speak she didn't really address the health issue as being a problem and it is. Obesity is a huge problem in this country and its really going to bite everyone in the ass in 10 years

  59. REALDEAL says – reply to this


    I agree with some of the comments above. The writer of the email did not threaten or use nasty words to describe her. I was bullied in middle school because of my weight and this letter is nothing compared to what was said and done to me! I do think that people are overly sensitive these days and use the word "bullying" too loosely! Was he out of line and inappropiate? definitely!!!! BUT to call it bullying??? I disagree! When I got to 9th grade my mother and grandma sat me down and basically told me something similar to the letter, that I needed to take responsability for my health. i started eating healthy working lost 40 lbs and made the soccer team! Since then I have had a healthy approach to my weight and maintained a healthy lifestyle! that is the messege we should get accross instead of saying to 300 lb 15 year old "it's okay to be obese and die ealry if it makes you feel better about putting that double whopper in your mouth! It's about positive reinforcement and tough love! NOT WHIMPING OUT! Life is hard and will eat you alive if you dont toughen up.

  60. 60

    If the person was just voicing concern for her health I would understand. But to tell her that she doesn't need to have her job because of her weight. That is ridiculous. She isn't on screen promoting local food chains or telling others to eat unhealthy. And she had 3 kids I doubt she sits on her rear all day. Some people are just big people. Bone structure, and heritage we can't help those things. That would be like telling an African American "your family has been black for 400 years but we are concerned that your skin hasn't lightened."

  61. Rachel Beris says – reply to this


    Funny that you are SO against bullies and bullying, yet your page is FULL of bullying towards celebrities. Or are they exempt? (As far as I know, they are REAL PEOPLE that have feelings like the rest of us!)

  62. wow says – reply to this


    proud of this women!!! I like how she turned this personal attack on her around to help other people!!

  63. 63

    Re: Slice – You really don't get it - would be suprised if you understand of feel much at all. Very sad to be you I bet!

  64. 64

    Re: Beaunyc – Grow up and stop justifyng this behavior. People like you are a big part of the problem . Try minding your own business maybe? that would probably a first for you huh? AND YES I'M BULLYING YOU DIPSHIT! How does it feel? Someone elses weight is not your problem or your business.

  65. Kayla says – reply to this


    This is amazing. Bullying is getting out of hand; not just with children and teenagers, but with adults as well, as this very brave woman has pointed out. We need to start being kind to one another not pointing out all the faults and imperfections of others!

  66. 66

    Re: jake – I guess you too will have to be bullied to understand and I'm sure you will be. You're ridiculous

  67. 67

    Re: Bully pulpit – I'm pretty sure you ahve heard what people say to drunks and druggies since you are so stupid you must be on something. Learn something before you leak your uneducated opinion -crack a book before you spout your bullshit

  68. 68

    Re: Brett – You don't really ever know why people are overweight therefore why the judgement - You're not in any place to make an assesment without the persons medical history which you are also not privy to. Your assumptions are arrogant and annoying. This is Amercia she can get as big as a house if she wanst and never explain it top you - Move back to the old country if you don't like it

  69. Beth says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – Erin, this person sent the email under the auspices of being polite and respectful, however pointing the obvious out to a complete stranger and then labelling obesity has a "habit" while shaming her for this issue IS bullying. Anything that uses shame to force someone to do something is considered bullying.

  70. Sarah G says – reply to this


    I think it's very interesting that there seems to be a clear divide amongst posters - you either think it's bullying or you think it's definitely NOT bullying (e.g., "pointing out the facts," "just telling the truth," etc.). Let me just say that regardless of what your definition of bullying is, telling someone YOU DON'T KNOW that they are too fat, too thin, too stupid, or a bad parent is absolutely inexcusable. PERIOD. And frankly, telling someone you DO know is incredibly rude, too.

  71. Whitney says – reply to this


    AMAZING! im so thankful that she took this negative and hurtful experience and made it an opportunity to send a positive message out to the youth.

  72. 72

    Amen! So tired of individuals who feel their life is exemplary while the life of another is not. From body image to lifestyle choices let us all be supportive instead of "instructive" on how we think individuals should live their lives. There are many paths to happiness and nobody has the road map to happiness so live and let live!

  73. 73

    Ok..People need to learn to use words correctly. Bullying MEANS HARASSMENT. HARASSMENT IS ONGOING AFTER SAID VICTIM HAS TOLD THEM TO STOP. A one time email that rightfully questions her weight is NOT bullying. My god people really are stupid as shit.

  74. freebrd says – reply to this


    I have literally been coming on Perezs' site for MANY years, and I have come across SO MANY articles that I wanted to comment on, but didn't want to take the time to login or what have you. THIS article however, is one of the most incredible storys to come across, and what an amazing lady!!!! The man who wrote her, is a spineless DYCK!! Im VERY proud of you Jennifer!!!! Way to get the point across in such a classfull way!!! xoxo

  75. 75

    what a great thing to do.

  76. 76

    She spent a good amount talking about bullying, but she didn't spend any time at all to rant about how she could, or probably should make better health choices. Or at the very least let the "bully" know if she is obese (which technically by that "doctors scale", would be morbidly obese), that there's a reason for it (if there is). Maybe she and her husband can spearhead a campaign for children to STOP bullying, but maybe instead spend their time doing something healthful (walking, sports, physical activities). That would be much more effective than just "calling out the bully".

  77. 77

    She did this for publicity. This was a private email or response. This man was a jerk but honestly, want too far off. I hate that "Bully" is used so loosely now. It takes away from the people that are actually brutally bullied daily. Enjoy your "15 minutes" sweetheart.

  78. pjl says – reply to this


    This was not bullying at all. It is stating the truth about an overwelming issue in the community. She is trying to make herself a charity case, and looking for handouts. Boo on her for coming out and making a big deal of this.

  79. 79

    Re: Hee-Ta – Thats the thing. It's easier for people to try to force you to change your views and opinions to accommodate them. Fat people would rather say "zomg bullying!!" or "Show real women, REAL women are that size!" Simply because its easier than actually doing something about it. Why lose weight when you can force societies opinions to change.

  80. Mary says – reply to this


    Oh my goodness, GET the hell OVER YOURSELF lady. This drama queen is acting like somebody shot her dog or child. You're fat, and the man was expressing a concern in as polite a way as he felt he could. It's so ridiculous with people saying OH WHAT AN AMAZING WOMAN. Shut the hell up. She is obviously insulted and pissed, but you aren't allowed to call someone fat, but if you are skinny, all the fatties are allowed to be like "OH MY GAWD YOU'RE SO SKINNY!"
    Maybe she should teach her kids how to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle and then they won't have to look like their mother, instead of spending her time writing overly dramatic self absorbed speeches.

  81. tori says – reply to this


    I had tears in my eyes!! She's so amazing <3

  82. Dana says – reply to this


    Aren't you a bully yourself and most of the commentors on here