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What The Tabs Are Talking About!

kristen stewart robert pattinson wedding twilight breaking dawn 2 life style october 2012

Well where the hell did our invitation go!?!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting married, and we don't so much as get a Save-The-Date!?! Pfft.


Did you hear about Jessica Simpson's lover boy (allegedly) cheating on her?? CaRaZaE!!

We really hope this isn't as bad as the rumors make it seem. Nobody wants to go down that robert rabbit hole!


Oh, please please please tell us ALL of Lady Teresa Giudice's secrets! Like, right now. Like, right this second. We can't wait anymore. We just can't wait!! She's like an ever-flowing fountain of juice!!


Now here's some happy tabby news for ya!! Jennie Garth suffered divorce this year, but she came out of it with one helluva body!! Srsly, gurrll… you rock that sexy self!! You rock it good!!


Three words: Teen Mom Shockers… It's not lookin' pretty for the rumor mill at MTV MaMa Bear Farm. Sigh, we feel for these girls… really, we do.


Plastic surgery can go really well. But it can also go really, really wrong. This is a fact. But so can photoshop. Soo… take a gander at those horrifying photos for yourself, but try your best in deciphering the truth from the bull!!


[Image courtesy of Life&Style.]

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7 comments to “What The Tabs Are Talking About!”

  1. Liyah says – reply to this


    Um if true why in the hell would they invite your ass….I mean you are not all that supportive. What bride wants a hater at there wedding just saying…but I doubt this is true hope so but ain't crazy

  2. sisi says – reply to this


    Hawu from kstew sexting rupert to weddding bells all in 24hrs come on Rob will never marry this bitch SHE IS A WHORE OK! I dont care if i get called a hater her fans are as dellusional as she is but I dont blame her obssesion with rob ooooh man he is dreamy I think though that allof her fans are also shocked at how selfish their perfect bella is turning out to be she is a glutton for fame for men and has no morals wuuuuuuu shame what a wakeup call.DISGUSTING!SIES.

  3. shells says – reply to this


    dnt believe what u read, especially bout her texting that guy. people need to get lives of their own and leave others be come on really

  4. ana says – reply to this


    i wish theme the best and good lock leave theme alone

  5. rob fan says – reply to this


    Re: shells – you are obviously !2 years old in the brain department and learn how to spell before you trash someone loser!

  6. NamFeattyTemy says – reply to this


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