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Nicki Minaj Accused Of Aiming A DEATH THREAT Toward Mariah Carey!

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nicki minaj mariah carey american idol feud


This is getting IN-SANE!!

Following their secretly taped fight, a source close to the production has accused Nicki Minaj of slapping Mariah Carey with a big ole' death threat!!

According to the source, Nicki later said, "If I had a gun, I'd shoot her!"

WTF!?! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Minajesty, but we do not love violence!

Luckily, Nigel Lythgoe cleared the air and had Nicki's back, saying:

"The statement [that Nicki made a death threat] is absolute rubbish. It's absolutely not true in any way, shape or form."

He also said Mariah's camp was fueling the fire by giving her false info without checking it first.


Wonder what it'll do for ratings…. ;)

[Image via FayesVision/Curtis Saber/WENN.]

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24 comments to “Nicki Minaj Accused Of Aiming A DEATH THREAT Toward Mariah Carey!”

  1. 1

    what I want to know is who the heck hired nikkis ghetto ass to be on the show? Yes her music is ok but you cant take the hood outta a hood rat!

  2. Rox says – reply to this


    she looks like someone who's mentally unstable and would shoot someone. Her 15 minutes of fame are over. She's overrated and needs to calm the fuck down. The people who made her can break her.

  3. 3

    Nicki looked like a real fool. Why not talk to producers if she's cutting you off or keeping back production with her diva demands (if those rumours are even true). Mariah is a diva, but at least she's classy. She wasn't backing down, but she also wasn't stooping down to THAT level. And she has a right to be agitated, because they told her that she would be the only female. IDK why the hell they would turn around and hire Nicki.

  4. Heh says – reply to this


    If there is audio of that she is fucked!

  5. 5

    minaj is a talentless piece of ghetto shit. in a couple of years her circus act will be over and no one will miss her. maybe McDonalds will hire her to be Ronald's ghetto ho?

  6. Gonzo says – reply to this


    What do you expect? Black Gaga is ghetto as s**t!

  7. 7

    Lmfao she's a joke plain and simple, watching the video was like watching a bratty little girl have a temper tantrum

  8. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    I love the Hate Nicki gets. Keep talking shit, Nicki doing it way BIG. Who the fuck hired Mariah Carey, bitch can't sing no more. She's a talentless has been, who is no longer relevant in the music Industry!

  9. 9

    As soon as A.I. chose Minaj (after Carey, btw) to be a judge, Carey warned that she did not like to nor did she want to work along side Minaj… now that this 12 year olds, ghetto temper tantrum is reaching media outlets it truly shows who the real minaj is… bitch wears a wig and dances around stage in underwear for god sakes. My question is, whos decision was it to choose Minaj as a judge? Poor keith urban… oh well, another mans pain is other mans gain!

  10. Arthus says – reply to this


    totally lost respect in Nicki

  11. yesiam says – reply to this


    Nicki shouldn't have ever been cast as a judge of a singing competition. Her reaction to Mariah shows her own insecurities. She feel patronized because Mariah is, BY MERIT, out of Nicki's league.

  12. 12

    if this is true, can her. Although it sounds like the media is turning it into something it is not. However, this story is old now.

  13. 13

    i call bull, this is all for more ratings, get over it perez

  14. Emm says – reply to this


    Mariah Carey is one of the most talented singers to grace this planet. Try reaching the whistle register people, it's extremely hard. Her technique is flawless. Simon should've taken her for X Factor where she could mentor young talent to reach her level.

    Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, does not belong at an American Idol table. She doesn't rap about anything. She probably can't even sing for all we know, but it's so hard to tell with all that autotune she uses. I know nothing about her as a person and I cannot comment on her personality, but career wise, she has no credit to be sitting on this panel. That video that surfaced this morning did not help her, made her look classless.

  15. Tomasa ruiz says – reply to this


    I've grown to really dislike Nikki Minaj not that I ever liked her but please who the hell ever told you that you had talent? Honestly calm the fuck down. Fuckig bitch thinks she runs the world.

  16. OH ,LOOK OUT !!! says – reply to this


    … I STOLE SOME WHITE PEOPLE HAIR .. !!!???!@#$%

  17. mktb says – reply to this


    Just because someone has been in the industry for years doesn't give them the right to be an obnoxious bitch. Nicki had every right to tell her off. I love Minaj. Booooooooom

  18. Gigi says – reply to this


    Minaj = garbage

  19. Bianca says – reply to this


    MARIAH NEEDS TO LEAVE THIS SHOW. NOW! She's is way too big for it and they just keep dragging her name through the dirt TIME AND TIME AGAIN. How dare Nigel try to fuel hate for Mariah. They are clearly trying to make Mariah the 'Simon' of the show, but it just isn't going to wash considering how diplomatic she usually is. FFS, she just needs to leave. Fuck the $18mil, she's got 14x that already!

  20. 20

    Re: Emm – It is not hard and many people can aquire such thing with just practice. Experts have said that her technique is really bad and some even warned she could damage her voice, which is something that eventually happened, she screwed up her voice.
    Mariah Carey has been proven to be a looney in the past too (I remember an interviewer complaining about her cause she spent a whole afternoon talking to him about her Barbies, the time a tabloid published something about her that she considered really bad and she hired a private detective to check on the guy who wrote the article because, in her own words, she wanted to 'destroy him' and needless say the times when she was in bikini in the snow like Britney, the TRL time, the meltdowns, etc.). Mariah is known for passing 'curriculum vitae' all the time, I could understand if Nicki felt diminished but I still think it was a very bad attitude to answer in such a manner, there are ways to say things. They both should have shut up and keep it in private, I feel so sorry for Keith and the rest of the people, overall the participants who had to go through that. Im pretty sure if Nicki presses one of the looney buttons that Mariah has is gona be a storm. They should have let Mariah be the only female in there as she wanted, I dont understand why they hired Minaj to be honest, she is unstable.

  21. marcella says – reply to this



  22. Aliciahunny says – reply to this


    At least Mariah Carey has actual talent..her voice will astound the world. The only thing I hear when I listen to a Nicki Minaj song is an auto-tuned squeaky chipmunk in fast forward.Minaj is annoying.

  23. the bitch says – reply to this


    thats rasist as hell. they both have talent dnt even try to say they dnt and only cuz she ghetto dnt mean nu i lyke nicki and mariah both even doe they dnt get along

  24. the bitch says – reply to this


    Re: the bitchRe: the bitch – not rastis but skep dnt matter if they ghetto or not