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Arnold Schwarzenegger Optimistic Over Winning Back Maria Shriver's Heart!

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arnold schwarzenegger optimistic second chance maria shriver romance

If Kristen Stewart can win back Robert Pattinson, this should be CAKE!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught in a messy affair with an illegitimate child and he makes no excuses for his actions! He knows he screwed up by cheating on Maria Shriver!

One does not climb to the top in politics, bodybuilding and acting, however, without a positive attitude!

Showing resiliency while pimping his book on Hannity this week, Arnie revealed his master plan for navigating the rocky terrain of his marriage:

"I'm the forever optimist. So I do see that Maria and I get together eventually. You know, it takes a lot of time to heal those wounds and to trust each other again. But, you know, I will make every effort."

We're touched to learn he doesn't view his marriage or his kids as expendable!

His autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, is step one in reclaiming his life and his once impeccable public image.

And Arnie won't try and shirk responsibility!

He admitted:

"It was a situation where I couldn't even blame anybody else but myself, because my wife was a fantastic wife. [Maria] was a great friend, she was a great adviser, everything, great mother. I mean, my kids were fantastic. The thing that I cherished the most, you know, I destroyed by some stupid things that I've done. For me, it's important to kind of rebuild again, get the trust back with the kids, with my wife."

Keep your chin up, sir!

And terminate any obstacles in your way!

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Arnold Schwarzenegger Optimistic Over Winning Back Maria Shriver's Heart!”

  1. 1

    Those steroid sure did fry Arnold's brain…He's been the most stupidest person in the nation for over 40 years…

  2. 2

    First of all, you retarded homo, he didn't get "caught in a messy affair." He'd stopped fucking the hired help years before Maria forced the truth of out him. Even the laziest person would know that because Schwarzenegger has said so SEVERAL TIMES. Get off your ass and look something up once in a while, fucktard. Nobody cares what YOU think of the situation because you're a nobody who can only seem to have stable relations with his mommy. The Arnold-Maria relationship is toast. Now move the fuck on, pansy.

  3. 3

    So when he says he wants to get his kids' trust back, does that include his illigitimate son he had with that dog of a mistress?

  4. Emmy says – reply to this


    Really? You're comparing Kristen and Rob to Arnold and Maria's situation. You're a dumb ass! First of all, Rob and Kristen were not married, nor did they have any kids. Arnold and Maria were married for 25 years and Arnold got the maid pregnant after having many other affairs. Please, Maria would have to forgive much more than Robert Pattinson. It won't be cake!

  5. 5

    What an idiot. He is a chronic cheat and liar and he has his head up his ass if things Maria who is a bright talented woman would ever take bqack his skany ass.

  6. 6

    I'm sorry so many people are giving this guy a Pass. He was GROSS way back win & now is Even MORE GROSS than Ever. Sign me…Rather get another Cat.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Being humbled by hormones is the bain of quite a few driven men.
    If Maria meets a seriously thoughtful, kind and great looking man who appreciates her qualities, Arnold may be forever clipping his own toenails.