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Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Abandons Obama

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In the opinion of experienced political pundit Creed singer Scott Stapp, Barack Obama isn't a good enough president for a second term.

In fact, Scott told Fox & Friends he feels downright disappointed by the President.

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) for all the political opinions of the guy who did that one song your little sister's boyfriend liked.

Obama may not be good enough for Scott, but he knows who would be. He says:

"In my heart and soul, I would really love someone like Reagan or FDR to come back."

So either a trickle-down conservative poster boy or a progressive socialist? We're starting to think Scott has no idea what he wants!

Wait, unless he ACTUALLY wants Reagan and FDR to come back as… Zombie Presidents!

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30 comments to “Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Abandons Obama”

  1. Kayse says – reply to this


    Scott Stapp is an idiot. His band sucks and he's grabbing at the chance to re-live his 15 minutes of fame. On Fox and Friends. SMH

  2. steve mehallo says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure on this: there's a good chance FDR and Reagan won't be on the ticket this year. And if they do win, I don't think they're available to take office. The alternative is this nutjob who lies like a bad carpet.

  3. boheme19 says – reply to this


    Pentecostal freak!!! But then, aren't they all? It takes a special kind of ignorance!

  4. 4

    why this guy really has no brains in his head, and knows nothing about reagan, i wonder what he liked so much about regan i wonder if it was one of these 8 reasons he'd like reagan so much

  5. 5

    Sorry Scott, Creed sucked way before Obama took office. That is not his doing. Wow, he looks like such a serial killer now!

  6. 6

    Re: boheme19 – That religion literally fucks everyone up in the head. I was lucky to get out while I still had control of my own brain.

  7. 7

    Boy y'all are real idiots… Reagan was a Democrat before switching parties and becoming president and for people who talk about dems being the liberal party who the hell do you think started the KKK??? It was the Democrats… pthhhh read your history, they were the ones who blocked ending segregation in the 50s and 60s, it was the Republicans who pushed that bit of equal rights through, not a SINGLE democrat voted for the 14th amendment… So why not try thinking for yourself instead of drinking the liberal media kool-aid and read your history

  8. 8

    Re: stargazzer13 – Well it's 2012 now. So anyone still associated with the KKK is guaranteed to be a redneck tea bagger. Not to mention the rest of the party against gay and women's rights. It looks like history has done a flip-flop. Just like Romney loves to do. So your crazy spiel was pretty much pointless.

  9. Ojsakila says – reply to this


    Why the F is this news? Who the F cares? He and the rest of America are seeing the Govt for what it is… It's about time you bafoons wake up

  10. Ojsakila says – reply to this


    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – you are a commie pig. Gtfo of America. You are the problem. Kindly fuck off

  11. 11

    Re: Ojsakila – What's the matter? Can't face the truth? I can only take someone seriously when they speak proper English. I have no idea what 'gtfo of America' means. Also look up the definition of communism, you clearly have no clue what it means.

  12. 12

    He's the first of many "celebrities" to jump ship. Sorry Mario. #Romney2012

  13. LiberalsMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    Re: stargazzer13 – Most liberals also don't know that Lincoln was a Republican and so was their icon, Martin Luthur King.

    BTW Obama looked like an idiot during the debate. Without his teleprompter, he is just a snake oil salesman and his bag of lies and talking points.

  14. 14

    is so funny that you would rip this guy apart for his opinion…you you blaster your nonsense everywhere….because you are such the political pundit….moron.

  15. 15

    Does anybody care what this idiot thinks about the President? President Obama could not possibly have fixed the mess left for him by that other idiot that came before him. Romney is inn the dark ages! Maybe Scott (whatever his name is) should get into politics. He is a religious wing nut! The Republican party seems to love those people!

  16. 16

    By the way, Scott was 8 years old when Reagan took office. How much could he possibly remember?

  17. 17

    Scott Stapp should worry about his non-starter of a solo career before weighing in on his nonsensical political views. If he knew the first thing about politics, he would know that President F.D.Roosvelt and raygun are polar opposites in their stances. So that said, it is absolutely ridiculous to wish for a president like those two in one thought pattern. But then again from the terminally constipated singer, stapp, it probably should not be much of a surprise that he is totally inconsistent.

  18. 18

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – Doesn't matter what year we're in moron, what matters is history and truth, not your recycled talking points that have so much spin. Deflection is not the same as real fact!

  19. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    He looks crazy in this video. What happen to him?

  20. 20

    Honestly, I don't really think celebrities should have a special platform to influence others' opinions just because they are famous. However, why belittle Scott's opinions and not Eva Longoria's? Does she have some hidden Economics degree I don't know about?

  21. 21

    [re=6220049]Re: Beautiful Disaster311 HAHAHAHAHA that is what I love about liberal brainwashed babies of this era… you really believe the bile these people feed you and support them no matter what… trust me, I am not offended by your response, it goes to show your immaturity and ignorance which is fine with me… because if you look at the real facts… most KKK members are still democrats sorry to cloud your issue with facts but it is the truth. My rant is more about sheeple like you who think how they are told to think and speak how they are told to speak. It is a sad state of affairs.. I happen to be a fiscal conservative who is registered as a republican however, I believe in equality for everyone, I am not a bible thumping person, I am a pagan however, I will not deny another their right to religion any more than I would deny any gay couple to marry, it is their right. So stop lumping all republicans together and look at the idividual but more importantly try reading and thinking for yourself… you did go to school I assume so you must be literate… go on, give it a try… read something other than CNN and Perez for your political information.. hell, go to DC and watch a bill get passed but at least think for yourself because all I hear is BAAAA BAAAA

  22. captain tightpants says – reply to this


    Political advice from a bible-thumping has-been who made a sex tape with Kid Rock? Just when you think Fox can't sink any lower than showing a man blow his own head off, they do something like this. May god bless them for the good work they are doing…making republicans look like uneducated idiots.
    as for this whole "the democrats used to be…" arguments…yes, we know! things change, the parties switched places for some reason but that doesn't make current republicans the great emancipators, especially since the whole part has been hijacked by tea-baggers (did they not know the current definition of that?) and people who use faith as an excuse to hate. Maybe they should have Bloat Head here as their next party leader.

  23. jeff says – reply to this


    Who care what a washed up singer thinks? It seems to me it doesn't really matter if you vote for Obama or Romney, they have the same bottom line. We as a country are a fast sinking ship and we need someone like Ron Paul to flip things upside down.

  24. John says – reply to this


    Like all of us, Stapp has the right to his own opinion and I think he expressed it intelligently. They asked him for his opinion, so he gave it.

    The "idiots" here are the trolls ripping into him and his music for answering a fricking question.

  25. 25

    Holy shit. Crazy eyes, anyone?

  26. College Professor says – reply to this


    Re: John – can't believe all the stupid idiots comments on here. all you stapp haters he has accomplished more in one year of his life then you have in your whole life. some respect is due to the man. everyone has an opinion and his was fine. wish i could say the same about some of yours. how misinformed so many of you are. right on stargazer for speaking the truth. last time i checked 2 people were running for president so obviously stapp is for one of them. grow up stupid morons obama has not lived up to any of his promises and when you are young, unemployed, still liven at your parents house, mooching off their bank account guess things like mitt romney wanting making a better economy really don't matter much.

  27. captain tightpants says – reply to this


    Re: College Professor – I'm very well employed in a profession that allows me to actually help people, not just drink and screw groupies like fat head. I started working at 14, left home at 16, put myself through school and haven't taken a dime off my parents in 20 years. So if you are angry about being an unemployed loser with no prospects, so be it, but don't assume we are all as pathetic as you are. You become an adult when you start being accountable for your life so as long as you blame Obama for your problems, you are still a child.

  28. 28

    Re: stargazzer13 – Whatever helps you sleep at night…

  29. 29

    Re: stargazzer13 – You're on target! Seeing Stapp on Fox and Friends was really strange.

  30. 30

    haha ha ..he used to be hot guy, now he is like a hobo, a psycho,..i think i am just gonna watch those old videos of the group…..