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Lana Del Rey Taunts Men & Enters Paradise!

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Two tracks from pouty lipped singer Lana Del Rey have leaked!

Although, don't expect to see them on her Born to Die: The Paradise Edition album extension.

The trendy songbird will soon premiere the extended collection, and even though the leaked tunes (below) will NOT be featured, we figured we would share them anyway!

Hum along to Paradise (above), and then party like it's 1949 after listening to Every Man Gets His Wish …AFTER THE JUMP!

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14 comments to “Lana Del Rey Taunts Men & Enters Paradise!”

  1. Shakiraaa says – reply to this



  2. Erik says – reply to this


    These songs arnt even on the CD. Perez Fail.

  3. 3

    Except it's pretty much a new album it has 9 brand new tracks. Katy's only had three new tracks and some type of remix and an acoustic version of an old track. But I'm sooo excited for the addition of the paradise edition to "born to die", it's like the saga continues…
    oh yeah those two songs you have here aren't on it.

  4. 4

    OMG! I'm in love with "every man gets wish"!!!
    She's tremendously talented it's simply undeniable.

  5. MyEarsHurt says – reply to this


    My God! Has the world gone mad and deaf? This chick is crap. Can't you tell she's goofin' when she sings? Lana laughin' all the way to the bank on your dollar. Katy Perry can't sing her way out of a bag. Lady Gaga is all hype no music. Rihanna sings off key. Now this ding a ling coming down the pike with her bullshit. Why do you think there's no record stores anymore? People can only take so much crap music.

  6. 6

    somebody wake this dreary bitch up out of that coma. so sick of her dead soulless face. her music just aint happening in the US. her latest lame ass dirge is about 456 on itunes lmfao. Its officially a huge ass FLOP. Like all her other songs were. bitch cant sing to save her life and her voice is fake and affected.

  7. 7

    Re: PHWOARR – Just because it's "happening" in the u.s. don't mean it's good (gangham style, really?). Plus the u.s. has been really late with other talented musicians, Adele for instance only became popular in the last year and a half to two years when she's been around since 2007. Her born to die album is 63 on itunes the pre-order for the next one floats around after the 100 spot but it was just announced last week.
    I wonder who you think sings good. I think it's funny you judge her so harshly and don't know anything about her. You just don't like her and that's fine. There are plenty of people out there that are "good singers" that just don't do it for me. She can sing a variety of different styles with different music influences and makes amazing recordings. Live she accomplishes exactly what she wants. executed flawlessly? not every second but she's so compelling.
    Plus she's a total sweetheart and so very kind and loving to her fans (watch video games at the itunes festival). And when the girl smiles… she's a doll.
    She may not sing the kind of music you like or sound the way you would like her to but one thing is certain this girl is One of a kind, she's got something special and I haven't see it anything like it before. This girl sparkles on stage.

  8. Carl says – reply to this


    I will never understand why she doesn't release her "fun" songs on the album or at least as B-sides. Ok, she create this kind a sadcore persona, but c'mon every leak song shows that she can do her pop/lounge music sounds as awesome as her other stuffs.

  9. Carl says – reply to this


    Re: PHWOARR – Let's face it: when Adele was already big in UK and Europe she didn't even was noticed in US but she continued her succeed career. With Lana is the same: she is the third best selling artist worldwide, she' s not gonna anywhere soon even if her stuffs didn't go well in US. And for what she released until now, even her new single she is not really concerned about charts. She could easily release some dance/electro crash just to get in charts but she didn't.

  10. 10

    These songs have nothing on the new tracks on the official release though, they're to die for. Body Electric is amazing. check it out:

  11. Mirabella says – reply to this


    Lana is beautiful , fresh, femenine and incredible talented singer. Her style is classy and in a very good taste. Myself I am very picky about my music style preferences but I really like Lana and her sweet soul. Lana we Love You ! Cant wait to get Paradise Edition

  12. david says – reply to this


    it really sounds like this girl can not quite make up her mind of what type of music she fits into…. psychologists call this schizophrenia nothing wrong with that but the likelihood that she writes her own music is the scientific chance that the sun is fueled from ear wax candle

  13. ASH says – reply to this


    Re: Carl – I think the record company have tried to make her more sadcore and make her sing in a lower pitch, it's not really her. Most of the leaked songs have been released by her because she owns the rights to them and wants people to know exactly what shes like. Personally I have about 200 lana del rey songs released and unreleased and there isnt one i dislike. :)

  14. Ashley Gunter says – reply to this


    Re: david – She is a song writer and always will be, she's written songs for a lot of big names. Also she's written her own songs all of her life, have a look on youtube for her sirens album which she wrote and recorded when she was 15/16.