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Miley Cyrus Premieres New Music! Watch Look What They've Done To My Song Video HERE!

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Hey, Ashlee Simpson! Remember when you told us you were leaving your pop days behind and coming back to the music scene as a full-fledged indie folk singer?

Well, Miley Cyrus has beaten you to it!

Mileybird is rather busy these days — planning a wedding, rehearsing for a Lifetime movie — but she hasn't forgotten what made her famous: her music! Recently, she relaunched her website and premiered her first music video in quite some time. Now, she's released a follow up video, where she performs another cover of one of her favorite songs, Look What They've Done To My Song, originally performed by Melanie Safka.

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to sway along with Mile's during one of her Backyard Sessions!

Little Hannah Montana is all grown up … but she' still getting the best of both worlds!

What a life!

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36 comments to “Miley Cyrus Premieres New Music! Watch Look What They've Done To My Song Video HERE!”

  1. Jensen says – reply to this


    Still sounds like crap.

  2. 2

    Strange that her voice sounds like a 45 year old heavy smoker.

  3. crazybird says – reply to this


    im loving the new miley she looks and sounds amazing she has grown up a beautiful woman love her voice!!! keeping goin miley haters be haters!!!!!

  4. Eroc says – reply to this


    Rubbish. Crap. Overrated. Taped before trashy haircut. Spare me. And yes, she does sound like 45-year old smoker.

  5. 5

    Stupid song then, stupid song now.

  6. Rocker says – reply to this


    Re: crazybird – There is something seriously wrong with you: "looks and sounds amazing"? "beautiful woman lover her voice"? She is not beautiful, and she sounds like crap, as everyone here has attested. They grabbed a couple guitarists and went to the neighborhood park threw this video together in 15 minutes just to say they made a video - its as low budget as they get - anyone could have made it with their camera phone. I'll bet you are a 30+ something male, maybe gay, forever unmarried. Try to get a life.

  7. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    Actually, you could not do this with a camera phone at all in any respect and clearly those of you who have commented here have no appreciation or understanding for the beauty of simplicity. Secondly, Miley Cyrus has always had a husky, deeper voice and just because it is not overproduced pop music where she uses only her higher registers, does NOT mean she sounds like a 45 year old smoker. This sounds like folk music, and it is actually good. If you actually listened she holds some clear notes right on key. Furthermore why does a video have to be overproduced and full of choreographed dance moves to be good? Go ahead, run to the park and throw something together with your cell phones in 15 minutes and lets see what you come up with. I am not even a Miley Cyrus fan. I just believe in giving credit where it is due and being fair and impartial. Try it, it is enlightening.

  8. lola says – reply to this


    I am 19, and a miley fan and have watched her mature from hannah montana and on. This song is amazing, and she hits the notes perfectly. It people my age that make or break artist, not all you immature 30 somethings that sit at your computer and write rude comments. If you hated Miley as much as you say, you wouldn't have spent 3 minutes listening to this song. Either way taking the time to write these negative, rude things about an artist still gets their name out there and draws attention to them. Honestly, its sad you feel so bad about yourself that you need to comment negative things about others.

  9. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    Re: lola – I agree with you.

  10. noname says – reply to this


    is this recent? She has a pixie cut now! Was wonderin'

  11. Rocker says – reply to this


    Re: lola – Wake up and smell the roses, flower child. I spent 15 seconds listening to the video, and it sucks. As for that "feel so bad about yourself", nothing could be further from the truth: I am married to a beautiful, wonderful woman, make six have a great career and make six figures. Miley is not a true talent, and I have every right to dump on her as I wish - I could care less about good or bad publicity - she sucks. Tata …

  12. crazybird says – reply to this


    Re: Rocker – hey 'rocker' u get a life for yourself and for your information u mindless twat i am none of the things you described below its little trolls like you insulting people over the computer that makes the world an ugly place everybody is entitled to their own opinions but u just personally targeted and insulted people in your comments ever hear of 'treat people like you would like too be treated' grow up

  13. Shannon-Katy says – reply to this


    It's such a shame.
    She used to have such as amazing voice, but it has been tarnished by smoking and what ever else she involves in these days, I understand she needs to grow up, but growing up doesn't mean behaving stupidly, and Smoking at any age is stupid and so is taking drugs.

  14. Rocker says – reply to this


    Re: crazybird – Give me a freaking break - you are the the trolling, you troll - I have a life, having some exploratory fun on a day off, checking out how the 99% spend their lives - and it ain't pretty - so, see you later, Mr/Ms Troll, whoever/whatever you are …

  15. Rocker says – reply to this


    Re: Shannon-Katy – Could not have said it better - thank you for the information that she once was good, but that she has declined, unfortunately, in recent years due to her immaturity and bad decision making.

  16. lola says – reply to this


    Re: Rocker – why are you wasting time bashing people you don't know? you make six figures, cool my dad's in the 1%, money doesn't define you as a person. I don't understand why people can't just comment nice things. Didn't your parents teach you treat others how you want to be treated and if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all?

  17. lola says – reply to this


    Re: Rocker – If you have such a great life why are you wasting your time bashing 19 years old on the internet? You make six figures cool, my dad is in the 1%, money doesn't define your character. Why can't you say anything nice about people, didn't your parents teach to you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all or treat others how you want to be treated?

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Rocker – Typical rock genre snob? Miley's inflections and simplicity are pure and mature stylings. You can tell she listened to country music for decades at her daddy's knee. It may not be your favorite music, but she knows what she's doing here.

  19. crazybird says – reply to this


    Re: lola – im with u lola dont listen too him!!!! he has to be one of the most stupid people iv ever come across u my 'rocker' friend are the definition of troll…………….

  20. 20

    wow! she's actually really talented! i love what she's been doing lately, it can't be easy for a kid star that's scrutinized on a daily basis by the paps - so awesome. way to go, Miley! this is hot, keep it up! also, love the new hair!

  21. 21

    Not too crazy about this song, but LOVE the new and better than ever Miley. You gotta give this chick credit - she's definitely doing her own thing and working it! (:

  22. 22

    Miley can sing well in that she can hit all the notes, but she just doesn't have a good voice

  23. Rocker says – reply to this


    You folks are pathetic, P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. Ms. Cyrus does not have talent - she does not have a good voice. Anybody can "sing" - the talent is in the sound quality, and the writing. Even in her heyday, she talked more than sang. She is just some cheesy little bimbo, in the right place at the right time, desperate for attention so she flashes her tits and gets crazy haircuts. Beautiful she ain't - she needs to get her jaw/teeth realigned before she would even be seriously considered as a beauty. She will fade into the wallpaper as time goes on. And you guys, peppering this thread with false positives - PATHETIC - remember? Tata, losers …

  24. 24

    Re: Rocker – Actually, no, they didn't do this in a park. They filmed these Backyard Sessions, that's what the little series of covers she's releasing on her website are called, in… you guessed it… her backyard. They're not "music videos" as Perez calls them, they're just videos of her performing covers with her band. She's trying and succeeding in changing her image from Hannah Montana/Disney to more adult. She's always been a good singer, and her voice is meant for these genres rather than pop. She's doing well. Her first Backyard Session, covering Lilac Wine, was truly spectacular. I was pleasantly surprised.

  25. omh says – reply to this


    Never really heard her sing before so checked to see what she was all about. My god, her voice is horrible. Nasal and like a strangled cat. Five seconds listening and I had to stop. Her voice is truly terrible like nails on a chalkboard. Her voice is not for everyone. I could never stand nasal voices no matter the singer so this has nothing to do with who the singer is but the quality of the voice.

  26. 26

    Re: @v@ – From Melanie Safka's website (a tweet) : "Just heard and saw your version of my song glad you made it your own. Love it. Go Miley! Love, Melanie Safka"

  27. B says – reply to this


    Re: JerseyGirlll – Except they're not really sessions, its one session that she is periodically releasing videos from to draw out peoples' interest (Note the same outfit and old haircut). And her backyard isn't exactly the average backyard, so it may as well be a park. Personally I used to really like her but now I think she sounds like she smokes too much and is trying way to hard, but the quality of her music aside, all I took from this is that she's a famewhore and not even doing a very good job of it.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Rocker – Yah, because music is so about how you look…but for a minute there I thought you were arguing a personal music standard.
    Re: Phibes – Well, hellooooo cavalry. Ms. Melanie gave her stamp? That's quite something. Where do you find this stuff? ResearchRUs. Same place I find my stuff.

  29. 29

    Just a few things: I always thought it was "Look What They've Done To My Song" not "Look What They've Dine To My Song" but maybe it's just whatever effect they're tweaking her voice with that gives her that hard-to-mimic nasal whine.
    Also, she did about a dozen of her favorite songs in this session, but does anyone really think they're going to be on her new album…"Can't Be Tamed 2" or whatever she's going to call it. This is the old Miley, not the new Miley, or the Anti-Hannah, which might be a better name for her. I'd find it strange if her new album is a pop/techno/rock/Motown CD with this song and "Lilac Wine" on it, too. It'd be like going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering sesame chicken and lo mein and having a slice of pepperoni pizza on the side with chocolate pudding for desert and a few glasses of burgundy to top it all off.

    By the way, I hear she did a cover of "Waited So Long" by Carly Simon and they had to do half a dozen takes because every time she sang "Daddy, I'm no virgin" everyone started laughing and couldn't stop.

  30. uu says – reply to this


    its weird how on different sites or videos that you go on people have such different opinions, she's only pretty now because of her NATURAL beauty because that haircut is NOT cool at all

  31. YVETTE says – reply to this


    LOL. I'm 19. And I can't STAND her voice. It is average, at best. 0_0. Average + smoker voice = disgusting. Please stop singing and stick to raising a dog farm. Kthx

  32. 32

    look what you've done to my ears

  33. 33

    Re: lola – If people like you make or break artists why was Miley's last album a flop? Does that mean you don't support garbage like "Can't Be Tamed" or do you mean there just aren't enough people like you?
    Honestly, its sad you feel so bad about yourself that you need to make negative comments about others who are making negative comments about a girl you'll never meet.

  34. Red Wagon says – reply to this


    Re: wannaBastar – Chuckle, Chuckle - great ad-lib, and the dead-on truth.

  35. hmmm says – reply to this


    You should consider the fact that perception is everything. Some people may perceive miles as talented, others may not. Bashing people because of their perception is ignorant. I would hope that someone smart enough to make 6 figures in the business world, would understand such a concept. Re: RockerRe: Rocker

  36. Laura says – reply to this


    'Her last album was a flop', 'She's a famewhore', 'She's so ugly!', etc.
    First of all Miley is probably the biggest singer of her generation, she holds a bunch of world records. I would like to see yall doing the same thing.
    Futhermore, 'Can't Be Tamed' wasn't a flop at all! Sure, it didn't do well with the kids, but it did really well in the age group 18-24. She is one of the few artists out there who writes her own songs and does a good job at it, just listen to 'Robot' or 'Liberty Walk'.
    The fact that anyone in this world would even dare to call this girl ugly, is the reason why girls nowadays has so low selfesteem. Sure, she has a tooth that is off a little, and yes she has a pixie cut, but that's what makes her special and beautiful. There's nothing wrong with standing out in a crowd.
    Miley is probably the oppiste of a 'famewhore'. She hates the paps and the media, but she accepts that she has to deal with it. Sure, she has made mistakes, but she's a teen, she's still learning for gods sake! Also how would you feel if you have had cameras in your face 24/7 since you where 13? She is bound to act out a little, but that is normal for people to do.
    NOBODY would've handled the life that she's stuck with better than she did herself. Have some respect people!