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Chris Brown Admits Loving Rihanna & Karrueche Both! Watch HERE!

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Wait ’til you see this one (above)!!

Chris Brown wants to make sure you know his side of the story! And he's definitely not hiding anything now!

Fusing video of himself with Rihanna and Karrueche Tran both, he admits to loving two people at the same time in the back of a car.

He admits he just "cares too much sometimes," honestly insisting he wasn't trying to be a player.

But guess what! He knew they cared too much too… about him!! And hopefully he realizes that even though he wasn't trying to hurt anyone, he did. And he should move on from this with a lesson well learned!

This comes just one day after his break-up statement, confessing Rihanna to be the reason behind his split with Karrueche.

His honesty might come a little late for Karrueche, but at least he's starting now! That's gotta be better closure than nothing, right?

Plus, we all know how full of pride he's been in the past, and the fact that he's actually admitting to something like this for the public is MIND-BLOWING!

We're not stupid, though! There's no doubt that part of it's just to save face, but it did come at the compromising price of his pride. So this video could be a sign of growth. Let's just hope it's the kind that evolves all around!!

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21 comments to “Chris Brown Admits Loving Rihanna & Karrueche Both! Watch HERE!”

  1. Klemo says – reply to this


    What a douchebag.

  2. Trinirican says – reply to this


    Are ther no other men in the world? WTf is so great about this jerk off ? Both girls are stooopid idiots to have someone publicly diss them and still wanna be with him. Come on too many fish in the sea for that!

  3. pri says – reply to this


    Well at least Karruch got some what of an explanation because I never did…And my mother never got hers either

  4. 4

    he belongs in jail…for life.

  5. jen says – reply to this



  6. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Is it JUST me, or does this guy ALWAYS look like he is missing a chromosome…that 'mildly retarded' look - you know, like Nicky Hilton !

  7. speechless says – reply to this


    IQ level …75…at the most..ya know what i am sayin'? guess both girls are not the brightest themselves too…ghetto yetto…not cool

  8. 8

    Karrueche is lucky it's over between her and Chris, he's Rihanna's problem now. Rihanna may think she won but she's really the biggest loser and idiot in this situation. Even if Chris doesn't hit her again, I'm pretty sure he's gonna cheat on her that's what he does. He cheated on her before when they were together that's why he beat her ass because she confronted him about when she was going through his phone. And he cheated on karrueche with Rihanna. He's a serial cheater and when he does it to Rihanna again it'll be exactly what she deserves. How you let a man cheat on you, beat your ass, kick you out his car and leave you stranded beaten and bruised in the middle of the night, and then you chase him around and do songs with him and confess your love for him in interviews is something I will never understand.

  9. 9

    PEREZ. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS STUPID, CLASSLESS NEGRO. HE IS A PIECE OF GUTTER TRASH. UNLESS YOU'RE MAKING A PLAY TO SUCK HIS NASTY COCK, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HE PLAYS BUTT DARTS IN HIS SPARE TIME, STFU UP ABOUT THIS DARKIE ASSHOLE. Why the fuck do you keep posting about this auto-tuned, woman-hitting nobody? The guy is total trash. So are you, but I hoped that because you're white, you'd stop posting about him. Guess your AIDS has gotten in the way of what little sense you might otherwise have. Loser.

  10. Anne says – reply to this


    At least Karrueche had more luck!

    Chris brown BETRAYED Rihanna TOO (many people forget that)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She found out and was beaten up!

    He BETRAYED Karrueche, she dumped him,
    they broke up in a "normal way", she got a ruined image, BUT at least she got out healthy and with a lot of clothes!!!

    Now after we will have our "so damn in love" pics of CB and Rihanna, soon we will have the news of CB cheating on HER (again) !

  11. 11

    Congrats Ri, it must be so emotionally fulfilling knowing your "baby" loves someone else as well. Smashing pumpkins 2.0.

  12. AsiaM says – reply to this


    yeah at least she dumped him and he's still loving her. Rihanna needs to live with the feeling that he's thinking about karrueche too :D . Karrueche you deserve much better as a cheater.

  13. 13

    Chris is a dog. He's going to be with Rihanna but tell Karrueche he loves her too so he can keep her hanging on and think she has a chance. Chris and Rihanna are both trash and Karreuche is too gorgeous and needs to find a real man.

  14. teeter totter says – reply to this


    This is the last CB story I am ever clicking on until he is dead or in jail. Sorry he just seems like a bad person and I do not like his music.

  15. Kiki says – reply to this


    I like Chris but this just shows that he's a douchebag. I honestly thought this was going to show an emotional side to him but I don't know what's real about smoking and drinking. I don't think he knows what love is, I don't know him and I'm not trying to judge him but he from watching this video and listening to him he TRUELY doesn't know what love is. Just because you care about someone and you've been with them doesn't mean you love them. You can't love two ppl at once. It's not fair to Rihanna or that other the girl

  16. Happy says – reply to this


    Usually I'm the first one to defend Chris Brown but now I have nothing to say… I lost all my respect for him now

  17. Jaja says – reply to this


    A real man does not love two girl at a time… just saying

  18. daniel says – reply to this


    Honestly , I`m so tired of this. It just makes me angry. Even tough I don´t know these people , I still react , because nowadays women let men drive over them. why would you even go back to a person who hit you , cheated you and then humiliate you ? Is like all this years and everythimg Chris brown have done to means nothing to rihanna. Then he hooks up with awith karruanche meanwhile he is with rihanna. can´t rihanna see that she was just another woman. Chris brown had a girlfriend still rihanna let him contact and be with her. oh wait chris brown calls rihanna a friend. Friends don´t kiss each other or touched each other. Chris brown is the bad person here, He is with two people at the same time , cheats with both of them and humiliate them both. Is that what you call love? I call it games and being a player and have to respect for women. I realize that rihanna have no confidence of herself . She is not strong enough. Karruance why did you even fall a love with a person who hit a woman? And you even knew how he treated rihanna before you became together with him.

    We all people react , because this how we let women be treated. we don´t fight enough.

    And we all know how this will end. … unhappy ending.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    All he has to do is work on his career and chill, and the questions will all sort themselves out with time. It IS possible to care about two people. When it's time to settle down (the guy's only 23, ffsakes) with one person, he'll know it.

  20. мягкая мебе says – reply to this


    Good day! This post couldn't be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Yolisa says – reply to this


    I would really love seeing Riri and Chris back together. I loved their affair