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Christina Aguilera Gets Naked For Lotus!

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christina aguilera lotus album cover nude naked

She's no fool!

Christina Aguilera is clearly WELL AWARE that fans and critics are anticipating Lotus to be the new Stripped!

And how does she wink at that prediction??

By taking a page from her own book and stripping nude for the album cover!

It's like someone took Aphrodite's clam and replaced it with a flower!

Gorgeous, don't U think??

[Image courtesy of RCA Records.]

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53 comments to “Christina Aguilera Gets Naked For Lotus!”

  1. 1

    xtina is coming back with a vengeance!!! can't wait for lotus!!

  2. 2

    love it!!

  3. 3

    She looks like a silent fart LOL I thought she just said she's proud of being Ecuadorian? I guess that means they are trying to make her look and act like a "white girl" again. LOL

  4. lin says – reply to this


    Love it but those boobies look photoshopped lol

  5. 5

    Trash; FLOPTINA does it again.

  6. boston61 says – reply to this


    She is so freaking repulsive looking. I've scene street corner hookers who look classier.

  7. 7

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. The Lotus Era is Amazing!!!!!

  8. TheRealPeterPan says – reply to this


    She's stunning and at the same time she doesn't forget to show how the new era is coming! Go girl! And please, DON'T start with the photoshop thing 'cos every single singer nowadays is photoshopped in every picture taken.

  9. 9

    that looks like a bad Mariah Carey album cover …. that's not a good thing.

  10. me says – reply to this


    Can you" say photoshop? Seriously, really? I thought she was "proud of her curves."

  11. 11

    She needs to hire better artists. Looks like some intern made this shit.

  12. JustSaying says – reply to this


    Re: me – Seriously? Just name me one mainstream artist whose photos are NOT photoshopped. Just ONE.

  13. 13

    and thats the only way she'll ever look thin..photoshop. I mean can she get more desperate? we all know its set to flop anyways so why play the naked card? tbh she looks like aubrey o'day or somebody very tacky like that. no class.

  14. Jake says – reply to this


    It looks awesome. Probably the best symbolic record cover I have seen all year. There is a video of the photo shoot online, and you can see her taking the same picture so it is DEFINATELY NOT photoshopped! Lotus era is here! :)

  15. 15

    I guess she has to strip now since the new single is not doing that great! Not much radio airplay anymore and its number 50 on Itunes. I'm smelling BOMB

  16. PiggyBooplovesXTINA! says – reply to this


    so much hatred in some of the comments. if you are not fan shut your pie-hole because you do not know the story (like Xtina cares about it)! i think these haters never had a happy childhood that's why they look for people to pick on! poor you! i think she's one of the best and most artists o all time in the whole wide world and she uses her influence to effect good chance. haters ask yourself do you have grammys? a star in the walk of fame? award from the Secretary of US State? i bet you don't have one!

  17. Christopher Holcomb says – reply to this


    This is the most awful fucking album cover I have ever seen! Bad photo shop, bad extensions, or maybe that's the photo shop, but she is way sexier than this photo!

  18. 18

    It will bomb. No one cares about her anymore. She's a washed up, fat pig. We've seen her try so hard shes just pathetic now.

  19. fredrobert says – reply to this


    Honestly this girl is so sickening. THe only reason she'll sell a couple 100k this time around is because she was so desperate that she latched on to reality tv to boost her up. Bionic was so bad that she had to scrap her tour. Instead of copying Gaga this time around, she's recycling her own decade old idea, but this time around she looks 10x worse. Itching with anticipation.

  20. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! XXL-tina is a washed-up piggy girl!! That belly button looks like a sink hole!!!

  21. fredrobert says – reply to this


    Ps. She looks like Linda Hogan

  22. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! It's time for XXL-tina to remake and release Dirrty as Porrky!!!

  23. david says – reply to this


    I just absolutely love how BOLD she is. Despite the amount of scrutiny she's put through from irrelevent people, like the ones commenting on here, who make it a worthless, pitiful priority to stupidly and ignorantly comment and criticize her weight, Xtina clearly does not give a single piece of shit what you hating people have to say about the matter. Do you guys honestly think she listens, reads, or acknowledges what you have to say??? Let's see all you haters come out from behind your protective computer and phone screens and place your "gorgeous" nude bodies on an album cover and show the world. Would you? Give me a break, considering how over weight America is, chances are hell to the no, cuz Im sure most of you have some dangling rolls and flab of your own that you wouldn't want anyone to feast their eyes on. The woman has gorgeous, womanly curves that many of you would kill to have i'm sure. So go on, keep pathetically wasting your time doing wat you all do best: hating after hating after hating…Ima be here still loving my lady, letting her music speak for itself, and keeping in mind what she's truly on the map for: that beautiful talent of a VOICE that she's been blessed with.

  24. Elley says – reply to this


    photoshop is used all the time. it's people like alot of you who are probably butt-ugly you try to put others down on the internet. You're so pathetic. it's sad, really!
    Christina is beautiful, she is just amazing and the new cover is awesome! go girl :)

  25. Elley says – reply to this


    Re: david – perfectly said! <3

  26. Noah says – reply to this


    This lotus era seems like it's gonna be shit, I think even Bionic era will be better than this "new" one, if this picture is the official cover of the album, what a shame ’cause it's so disappointing and it looks like a redo from the stripped era and the your body cover art as well, I have seen this before Xtina bring something new and if you're gonna copy somebody at least try that that somebody don't be yourself. I'm not looking forward to this album ’cause what I've seen so far looks like it's going to be very disappointing once again (this is just my opinion and I'm not trying to offend anyone and I hope Xtina and lotus era don't let us down, we haven't heard the music and hopefully it sounds great because in the end it's what really matters)

  27. It's BAD says – reply to this


    the hair is bad, the lotus is bad, the colors are bad, the body pose is bad! It just looks all around bad! The lotus flower should have had a better design and color. The long white hair reminds me of Darrel Hanna in the Mermaid flick. Her boobs are not flattering and why would she get naked for this cover?! She could have done something classier for sure.

    Somebody could have done much much better on this.

  28. 28

    Hello photoshop! Knowing good and well she's shopping at Lane Bryant now.

  29. 29

    ugh I'm so sick of Xtina haters…

  30. Danny says – reply to this


    Re: PiggyBooplovesXTINA! – Well said!! :)

  31. 31

    Her single is a flop and im sure her album will to! BIONIC!

  32. pikabu says – reply to this


    she looks great, a bit of curves never looked better. +her new single is great

  33. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! It's time for XXL-tina to announce another tour and then cancel it due to poor ticket sales!! Only chubby-chasers are interested in her now!!!

  34. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Aphrodite's clam? #1 it was an oyster and #2 the painting you are referring to is the Birth of Venus. A Roman, not Greek god.

  35. 35

    OMG!!! I.Can't.Wait! She looks Gorgeous! She's curvy and not afraid to show her figure! "Your body" is already my Fav. song of her album. I can't wait to hear what else she has in store :)

  36. 36

    Re: fredrobert – Stop hating! Xtina's voice is untouchable. She is PURE POP!

  37. missymia123 says – reply to this


    It looks horribly superficial

  38. KC says – reply to this


    I don't have a problem with the nudity nor the photoshopping nor whatever everyone else is clamoring on. I'm just surprised at how boring it is.

  39. fredrobert says – reply to this


    Re: Sweetness24 – I think you mean PURE FLOP!

  40. 40

    Why does it even matter, it isn't even her. I wish they would ban Photoshop. Seriously.

  41. OMGod says – reply to this


    PHO TO SHOP anyone ?
    This is just ridiculous really … why can't she use a regular nice and honest picture…
    The turkey is on her way

  42. latinprince30 says – reply to this


    It's a shame what this world has come to!! Christina is curvy,thick, gorgeous woman!! who is not afraid to be herself in a fake driven music industry. She was and always will be an underdog and that's why i love her so much!!! It's just so sad to see people HATE on others who are just living life and being happy with what they have! I wish more people were like christina aguilera, this place would def. be a better place to live in!

  43. Repressed people says – reply to this


    How much hate, envy and jealousy we can read on all these comments!
    We can clearly see that all these people hate themselves, so they criticize someone else to feel better!!
    I feel pity for them =(
    Btw the cover is AMAZING!!!

  44. 44

    Re: Dont Hate! – what are you talking about its NOT flopping She's doing & selling WAY Better then Mariah, P!nk, or No Doubt are doing so you shouldnt MAKE UP Flops when there NOTHING but a Success!!

  45. Me says – reply to this


    Such an ugly cover

  46. Helio says – reply to this


    Lady gaga fans… please go critisize your mother MONSTER (which she litterally is…) instead of coming here say bullshits about a beautiful girl such as xtina… the cover is beautiful, pure, simple and reflects everything that LOTUS symbolizes… it's not a piece of shit drag queen riding a bike with horns and that kills animals to wear their furs… look at your own shit before critisezing others…

  47. 47

    This is so fake and photo shopped. She is huge and fat in all the wrong areas. This isn't even her correct size by far. They slenderized her waist and hips BY AT LEAST 4 sizes. LOL FAKE..FLAKE…FAIL, FLOP!

  48. XTINAFIGHTER says – reply to this


    looks beautiful cannot wait for lotus album and tour!!! the track list is out by the way!!! go check it out!! LEGENDTINA <3

  49. r3alwoman says – reply to this


    This is so photoshopped…her belly button was moved way too high, and um she is way bigger than that, LOL what a FAIL.

  50. 50

    Re: SteveIsHot – she's a legend and is still practically a kid at 31!!!! seems like all that cum your downing is turning your brain to sludge. lol! :-)

  51. Franzi says – reply to this


    photoshop is used all the time. it's people like alot of you who are probably butt-ugly you try to put others down on the internet. You're so pathetic. it's sad, really!
    Christina is beautiful, she is just amazing and the new cover is awesome! go girl

  52. twaz says – reply to this


    Amazing album! wow! Such a GREAT listen!

  53. idk says – reply to this


    Re: r3alwoman – Is it weird that I want to poke her navel and drag it down to where it's supposed to belong…? People need a few bodily proportional lessons…