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Darren Criss Writes His Fans A Love Letter, Cuz He's Awesome

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darren Criss love letter to fans

We love him more, and MORE each day! ! !

It turns out the incredible, talented, supafine Darren Criss is as in love with his fans as they are with him!

The Glee star showed an abundance of appreciation for his army of adorers by penning an extensive letter to his fans, expressing his love and gratitude, and posted it on his official Facebook page.

Read it and try not to fall for him too … because he's ours … and we don't like to share!

Our future husband wrote:

Dearest friends-

Though my very first episode aired on TV in November of 2010, the end of this past September actually marked the two year anniversary of a phone call that really turned my life upside down: I was notified that I had been cast as a new character on the popular television series, “Glee.”


By that point, some of you had maybe known me from silly youtube videos, and for even less of you- from cafes, restaurants, and bars I used to play music at. Regardless of the when or the how or the why, it’s been been a pretty incredible journey for all of us since that phone call.

Some highlights:

In April of 2010, I was getting ready to start working on what some of you might now know as A Very Potter Musical. I was a senior at the University of Michigan, and I had just read an article about the cast members from the new hit TV series “Glee” singing at the White House. I thought, “Man, that’s insane.” Well, just this past June I took a song I wrote called “Not Alone” that I used in that very same musical I was working on in college, and sang it in person for the President himself… Shortly before I got to fist-bump him.

In July of 2011, I was asked to speak on a Harry Potter-based fan panel in San Diego. I thought I was a bit under-qualified for the job, but was nonetheless excited to be asked to speak on a panel at one of my favorite summer events: Comic-Con! When I got there, I realized that we were given a rough time slot because it was the same exact time as the panel for that same hit TV show, “Glee.” I thought, “Man, this ‘Glee’ thing is really stealin’ my thunder…” Ok, well, the very next year, I couldn’t do the HP fan panel again because I was on that Glee panel.

The crazy stories go on and on, not to mention the little things like magazine covers or hitting Billboard charts, or doing a film with the likes of amazing people like Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening, Matt Dillon… Let’s see, what else, oh, getting to live my dream of doing a Broadway show, and then of course, there was getting to sing “Rainbow Connection” with Kermit the Frog… I mean, these things are unbelievable. Unbelievable. I have a pretty wild imagination, but I never thought any of that could actually happen, let alone in such a relative short period of time.

Here’s the deal- I work hard, I try to make the right decisions and do the best I can with everything I do and all that good stuff- but really, that can only go so far. There are so many contributing factors to what has happened for me that go far beyond my control… And that’s where you come in. You, the fans, have been a huge part of the reason why I’ve been able to do half the things I’ve been able to do.

We live in an unprecedented age of social connectivity, and I am happy to say that you none of you have failed to take full advantage of that. Don’t think I’m not aware of how active the fandom is, or how much impact is has. Remember: Not only am I fan myself, but I do have an internet connection. I see the gifs, I see the fanfics, I see the memes, and it’s all amazing stuff. Though I haven’t met the majority of you, it’s a real thrill to know that many of your lives have come together on behalf of mine. That’s an incredibly moving concept, and the fact that those connections have yielded so much positivity is something even more amazing.

Let’s take my own stories out of the picture for a second- you, as a group, have all accomplished some pretty amazing things yourselves. You done everything from raising money for great causes to organizing awesome flash mobs over the internet to show your support. You have shown up at the crack of dawn and stayed until you’re the last one standing. You have come together to create something far greater than any of us: a real sense of community and a genuine place of support- not just for me but for each other. And I can safely say that I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for that.

Oftentimes I meet people who challenge me, “You have no idea what you’ve done for me.” Well the truth is, it’s the other way around. I do have an idea, and a pretty good one at that. Because for whatever you may think I may be giving you, you are actually giving back to me, tenfold. And I am constantly wondering when and if it will fade, who will stick around, who will get bored- I often think about the day there won’t be anyone on the other side of the stage door… but despite myself, as time goes on, you all have never ceased to amaze me with your enthusiasm, creativity, and seemingly endless joy that continues to inspire and encourage me.

Tonight is the premiere of the dreaded break-up episode. For many Glee fans, I imagine there will more than reason to be sad. But cheer up, think of it this way: much of your support has allowed me to be on this show long enough to reach a breakup in the first place; it has created a relationship that people cared enough about whereby it was even worth writing an episode about its potential end. I never thought I would get to be around long enough for something like that. And I really have you, the fans to thank for it. It’s something to be proud of.

What’s more, I was even asked to play my own arrangement of teenage dream for this episode- an acoustic piano version which so many of you have supported since I sang it as my first song on my very first episode. I started playing this version at shows as a sort of “thank you” to the fans, for making it such a big song for both myself and the show. It was the song that started everything.

So before the episode airs tonight, I thought it was only appropriate to write a fully fledged note to all of you that could express my deep appreciation for the past two years since that crazy phone call. I hope that this is just the beginning, and that I get to thank you many more times for many more adventures as the years roll by. But for now, know that I am so very grateful for everything you’ve given me, and I am very proud of what we have accomplished together. From teenage dream to teenage dream, thank you for allowing me to live mine.

your biggest fan,

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14 comments to “Darren Criss Writes His Fans A Love Letter, Cuz He's Awesome”

  1. 1

    That was so moving.

  2. taylor says – reply to this


    This is the biggest, most pretentious, most melodramatic, self-serving pile of bullshit I've read in a while. Yes, Darren, everybody knows you're supermegafoxyawesomehot- and nobody knows that better than you, yourself. True talent speaks for itself and doesn't need blatant self-promotion like this crap. Besides, doesn't being Ryan Murphy's little boy-toy bring Darren enough promo and opportunities? But I know the drooling tween
    fangirls and, sadly, suckers like Perez will eat this shit right up, so good job Darren.

  3. George says – reply to this


    Methinks someone was a little worried that there was going to be fan backlash when they found out Blaine was a cheater.

    Everyone I meet in NYC tells me that this guy is a major pain in the ass.

  4. martin says – reply to this


    Well to the cynical taylor and George, I say 'honi soit qui mal y pense'. (look it up!)
    I agree with summerfox - the guy is not only awesome, but genuinely NICE. I wish him everything that he could wish for himself.

  5. Casey says – reply to this


    Darren Criss is awesome. He is talented and very humble. I loved his rendition of Teenage Dream on the Breakup episode of Glee. Although I love Klaine, I am glad the Kurt and Blaine are finally getting more to do than just holding hands staring into each others eyes. Don't worry Darren. There are many out here that enjoy the drama between Kurt and Blaine and can't wait to see what happens next. I want Glee to become a little more mature. This storyline falls into that. People are not perfect. They make mistakes. It doesn't make them horrible. The same goes for the character of Blaine. Don't worry Gleeks. Klaine, Darren and Chris will be fine. By the way, Darren, the letter was vey sweet and very thoghtful. Thank you.

  6. casey says – reply to this



  7. 7

    Love you Darren come what may. Play that song.

  8. Darrenisanass says – reply to this


    What an arrogant conceded pompous douche of a jackass. I wish his character would fall off a cliff already.

  9. 9

    Honestly, whether you are a fan or not remember that he is a human being first. Being critical of an actors performance is one thing but rash comment on their motives without proof is bullying. Darren is a newcomer to the industry and is still getting his feet wet. If "rumours" about him being an ass are true, keep in mind that he has a lot to learn still. But from what I've seen these rumours are unfounded. I have no doubt that Darren was worried over the backlash from the episode. But remember two things: 1. The age demographic of the show. His are mainly teens who forget that the actor is not their character. 2. Darren does not write the script. While he may have liberties to express his ideas it is ultimately the powers that be who make the decisions. Darren's letter shows that he recognizes the fans contribution to his career success so far and thanks them while trying to ease their (mostly young) minds that everything is going to be ok. Lets give credit where it is due people. Say what you want but he obviously cared enough to consider the emotions of his fans and wanted to do something to show he was right there with them. It was a sweet gesture.

  10. Pigfartian says – reply to this


    Re: taylor – Excuse me taylor but you obviously dont know darren enough. I suggest you get you facts right before you post bullshit. I have personally met darren and he is a beautiful person. he does care and i dont believe you should make assumptions about people you know nothing about.

  11. Starkid-Ranger says – reply to this


    Re: Darcry – thank you. we all know that jessie mcartney's douche is a beautiful human. he is totally awesome :)

  12. David says – reply to this


    Darren is the kindest person you can ever meet and some people are just BULLIES plain and simple, He wrote this letter for his fans and what do you do, say the most horrible things about this guy who has been so incredibly supportive of lgbt issues, it sickens me sooooo much and i feel sooo sad for Darren to have to go trough this.
    I will always ALWAYS support Darren till my fucking last breath

  13. David says – reply to this


    Re: Darrenisanass
    Can hardly believe you said this, well i hope you take i swim in shark infested waters

  14. ashley says – reply to this


    I think he wrote the letter because most of his fans probably wrote long, heartfelt letters for him. So, he wrote this in return. It also fits the situation because he sang teenage dream in that episode (the song that started everything).

    It's horrible that some people create hate out of such a poignant, sincere letter (a letter that Darren Criss poured all his love in).