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Rihanna & Chris Brown Are Headed For 'Disaster!'

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chris brown rihanna disaster hook up

But we're sure they'll see it as an adventure!

Cuz now that Chris Brown's been spotted with Rihanna on numerous occasions (most of which include hanky-panky accusations), we're betting they're gonna ride this one out ’til they just can't anymore.

Oh and if you happened to be comatose yesterday, he broke up with Karrueche Tran (or she broke with him — the verdict on that one's still out)! And he made sure everyone knew the reason was his 'friendship' with RiRi.

So now the sources close to their situation are FREAKING OUT, saying:

"Chris and Rihanna just love the drama. They know their fans don't support them getting back together, and that it's a terrible PR move since Chris was convicted of beating Rihanna. However, this is what Chris and Rihanna thrive on. There are still major trust issues that Rihanna has with Chris, with good reason, he was hooking up with her while he was still dating Karrueche. Chris and Rihanna back together in any capacity is just a disaster in the making."

Welp! Good luck telling them that!!

Like we said, they're gonna get their full of each other — cautious outside perspectives or not!!

We just hope they can keep the drama to a code yellow.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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13 comments to “Rihanna & Chris Brown Are Headed For 'Disaster!'”

  1. Chanoc says – reply to this


    Who *%($ cares about these two douche bags. Let them destroy each other there are better things in life to talk about than to waste time with these two and their insignificant love quarrel.

  2. Jacko says – reply to this


    If I wanted to watch hanky-panky between an abusive ape and his two submissive mates, I would watch the Discovery Channel.

  3. 3

    he belongs in jail.

  4. 4

    the only reason she is still attracted to him is because it's "forbidden" by society to go back to him.

    If society didn't give a shit, she wouldn't give a shit either and she would move on. My guess is she'll dabble a bit more and realize she's really not attracted to him like she thought she was.

  5. 5

    Yes!! I really lost lots of respect to her. She really sets a poor example of domestic violence in the country. SAD!

  6. Dinnyq says – reply to this


    Their life, their choice. If they love each other and have sorted out their anger issues, I don't see a problem. They're not defined but what happened in 2009. True love can conquer anything. I wish them the best.

  7. 7

    Whatever, these idiots deserve each other.

  8. lol-at-haters says – reply to this


    if it took all these years for them to ”attempt” to get back together. TRUST me it will fail, and horribly. because if it was true love it would've happend long ago. this is all wishy washy bullshit. i had that kinda relationship before. i bet u $1 its not going nowhere cuz if i was to bet all their $$$ they'll b broke lmfao.
    no worries stupid people of the world. its just mass media manipulation. trust me. i'm the best at it :D ..bwahahah

  9. rihrihfan says – reply to this


    People can change and specially if its for love. That it took all these years well that's because they needed to grow more and be ready for the challenge that they will be facing if they get back together. Man do change because I know a few myself and we are no one to judge their decisions! But I am for sure happy I love to see my swag queen happy once again. This might be another lesson but that only time can tell.

  10. deb says – reply to this


    Let them live their lives. I only pray they treat each other with respect. Do not do whatever has caused problems for each other in the past. Both of them will always have people trying to come between them. I guess I am saying do not be players. You waited a long time for this do not do anything stupid. If you think you want to be with someone else be adult about it and tell the other person then move on. That is that right way to do it. Their are too many haters and players out there without you doing that to each other. I know this all may sound corny but it is my opinion. Chris please use the skills you learned in your anger mangemnt class. My only other opionion and this is the mom coming out of me. Chris please do not get anymore tattoos and I wish you would not take your shirt all the time when you are out in the clubs. It is not a good look.

  11. lol-at-haters says – reply to this


    when this shit hit the fan and flops just like I know it will. I hope everyone remember my comments that i knew exactly, play by play, how this was, is, and will turn out. in the meanwhile i'm not paying attention to this movie until nearing the disastrous ending

  12. Lady says – reply to this


    The one time incident happened 3.5+ years ago. Rihanna has forgiven. He has apologized. He did his counseling and community service. People are so judgemental and racist imo. I know this comes as a shock but we ALL have made mistakes and needed forgiveness. We ALL have also changed and learned from the person we were at 19 - 20 years old. Thats how old he was when this happened. I guess with some people its one mistake and done where's the noose. Rihanna is not a spokesperson for domestic violence and if you feel that strongly about the issue donate your time and money and support organizations geared towards the cause. They are young and not anyone parents. Parent your own children and teach your own kids right from wrong and do not rely on a 24 year old to teach your kids.

  13. shakira says – reply to this