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X Factor's Willie Jones Gets Hustled By Fellow Country Crooner!

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Seems like X Factor’s boot camp ended up bringing out the competitive nature in even the most unsuspecting of contestants!

Not only did CeCe Frey and Tara Simon get strategic with their song choices, but surprisingly, so did country boy Tate Stevens with his partner, Willie Jones!

While BOTH contestants were supposed to agree on a song for round two, Tate took it upon himself and chose a track that Willie was completely unaware of!

Check out what happened during their sing-off (above)!!

Talk about a not-so-hidden agendaDemi was completely right!

It’ll definitely be interesting to see which of the country crooners the judges end up picking to move on in the competition!

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23 comments to “X Factor's Willie Jones Gets Hustled By Fellow Country Crooner!”

  1. 1

    well here's an idea, Willie, have a freakin' voice and speak up. if you knew that he knew the song for a couple decades and you had to learn it- that should have been a red flag. if you can't swim with the sharks kid, stay out of the water.

  2. pippa says – reply to this


    i love willie! potential winner! Britney has no taste!

  3. melancholia says – reply to this


    I felt really bad for Willie! I really, really liked him. However! I agree with Simon that he should know that song! Everyone knows "Nobody Knows" and it's not like they didn't have time to prepare. Plus, he could have said he didn't want to do a song he didn't know. I honestly doubt Tate had a "hidden agenda" I think he picked the song thinking it would be a good one for both of them to sing. Unlike Cece and Paige… I fcuking hate Cece AND that psycho bitch who picked "Landslide".

  4. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Willie is a joke. He's a one trick pony. He tries to be this "Hipster" Country singer. Not going to work dude. Country fans are NOT going to buy that bullshit. Now if he were a white dude with that voice and good looks he'd have a shot, but other than that his "black boy tan" is what's ruining his image.

  5. real truth says – reply to this


    Truth is, Willie has forgotten words on every audition so far. go back and look!!!! Willie didnt even get the 1st verse right!!! people this is for real. not a high school talent show. This contest can change lives. Im sure the list of songs werent that big and i damn sure bet there wasnt alot of country songs on there. Time to own up and be held accountable.

  6. Mike Jones says – reply to this


    Yeah except for the fact that you can obviously see from the coming attractions that he was chosen to be in the judges houses by his high top hair cut. Geez are you people that dumb

  7. SUNSHINEB2 says – reply to this



  8. ONIT says – reply to this


    Tate Stevens may be too strong-minded to work constructively with a manager and a label.

  9. Brian says – reply to this


    I thought they both were equally bad.

  10. 10

    Um it's not much of an attack considering he sang Kenny Chesney the first day of boot camp. if country is what he wants to sing (i can't figure out why, as a country fan i see no possible career for him) then he should know country- new and old. i'm not much older than him and i knew the song. There's no excuse- he could have said no.

  11. lovemesomeblackboytan says – reply to this


    So what I gather and correct me if I'm wrong you can only sing country if you're white? That's a horrible way of thinking. The kid wants to be a country star let him TRY before you knock him off his feet. But you're right he probably won't make it since y'all seem so welcoming of someone who is not white into country musical world. & too be honest though neither one of them did well with this song. Tate was great in his first audition didn't do much with the song either and he knows it. So, Overall just not a good song choice.

  12. Sporty says – reply to this


    Tate may have suggested it but Willie couldve said no. The song was a cross over hit with country and pop. They have time to prepare and learn it. He cracked under pressure. It's life, get over it! Tate will go far!

  13. Jessi Wood says – reply to this


    Really????? Hustled??? HARDLY! Willy had a choice to say no and he chose to go along with it. Get over it! Don't blame other people for your mistakes

  14. Tash says – reply to this


    I feel really bad for Willie Jones and he is really talented, I think more talented than Tate Stevens, so they should put Willie through

  15. Julie says – reply to this


    Any "true" country fan should know that song. It is still played on the radio today. I am only a few years older than him and know the song. So it looks to me like he isn't really country and it's an act.

  16. prg says – reply to this


    how can a black guy be a country singer?? i think he should stay on the trsahy gethho hip hop music

  17. Maria Sanchez says – reply to this


    Re: prg – 'trsahy gettho I presume this is suppose to say Trashy Ghetto & has been written by a racist 5 year old. Unbelievable how far we have come in today's society i.e with a Black president running the united states of America & people still have such sheltered ignorant disgusting opinions it literally makes me sick to the stomach. Karma…without a doubt!!! Willie is totally AMAZING I can't believe how many people have been talking about his talent online he's a star already.

  18. Marina Ortega says – reply to this


    Re: Badnfluenz – you are one big racist pig. You really showed you true colors.

  19. Joe Boss says – reply to this


    Re: real truth

    Your comment is stupid and racist. So you're admitting that Willie has talent but is the wrong color to make it in country music. And you're comment also makes it seem like all country music fans are close-mined bigots like yourself in that they wouldn't accept a young talented, good-looking black kid who sings in the genre.

  20. Julie says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter what color he is. He obviously isn't really country or he would have known the song. Anybody he frequently listens to country music knows it. I believe it is an act. He has a deep voice and sees it as a foot in the door. So yes he may have a decent voice, but he should not pretend to be something he isn't, because eventually people will see though it. I am not saying he is not country because he is black either. Darius Rucker is black and has certainly made a name for himself in country music.

  21. Katja says – reply to this


    Go Willie!!!!!!

  22. blblblbl says – reply to this


    guys,tate is a great person and did not hustle willie,but still willie has a better voice and is VERY talented.Another thing,is not just because he didnt now a freaking song and he isnt white(who is saying that is racist by the way and should not be in our society anymore) that he cannot be a country star!!Lets only judge his talent.

  23. samuelo93 says – reply to this


    Re: Badnfluenz – Race has nothing to do with it, punk.