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Oprah OK's Rihanna's Potential Reconciliation With Chris Brown!

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rihanna chris brown oprah reconciliation

The goddess has spoken!!

Now that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are over for good, the obvious door for an official Rihanna reconciliation is open.

And everyone's just wondering how long it's gonna take!

But that doesn't mean it's passed the subject of controversy! OoOoh no!

While both sides of the heated coin bring their arguments to the table, Oprah Winfrey let her stance be known on Friday, explaining:

"You know what I loved about that interview [where Rih confessed her love for Breezy] is that she came with a big, wide open heart. She was in the space of forgiveness. And that she learned a lesson, that she was repeating with Chris Brown exactly what she needed to learn from her father.

I think that if she is prepared to deal with that and is prepared to help him help himself then so be it. I have no judgment about it. That's why I can sit there and have such a great time with her because I do all my interviews with no judgment whatsoever. If that's how you choose to lead your life, that's really okay."

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing.

But you know we think caution is too! We just love Rih too much to not be protective over her. She's just too great a person!!

We know she's always gonna follow her heart, though. And if that leads to Breezy, we're gonna have some reservations about it. Obvi.

O makes some amazing points, though… as always!

We'd just like to see some more growth from him before we can give our stamp of approval! Not saying it's impossible.. just saying it's what we need!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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28 comments to “Oprah OK's Rihanna's Potential Reconciliation With Chris Brown!”

  1. 1

    Basically it's her life whether we agree with it or not.

  2. Gemma says – reply to this


    Forgiving a man who beats you is like forgiving a man who rapes you. Some things should not be forgiven.

  3. 3

    Oprah has said repeatedly on her shows that if a man beats you once he will beat you again. Is she now backtracking on that theory? Why, because she likes Rihanna? wtf does that change? Its not about Rihanna its about CHRIS BROWN the woman beater. Whatever made him attack her first time will for sure happen again at some point. Some couples are just toxic for each other. But Rihanna can make her bed. Next time she better not play for sympathy though coz she dont deserve any.

  4. 4


  5. IanFan says – reply to this


    Oprah is a hypocrite-plain and simple-she will say what she thinks everyone wants to hear-gotta keep it cool with her big "star" friends.

  6. don says – reply to this


    Oprah did not give her approval…..she is saying she does not judge them whatever they decide to do. What she states has nothing to do with her saying she "okay's" their relationship. Her point is that its not her position to approve of disapprove.

  7. 7

    She's an adult and it's her life. If she wants to make another mistake again, so be it.

  8. taytay says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is so fake! He's like one of those mean girls in school who pretend they care about you and their your friends but really doesn't give a damn and talks behind your back… It's funny how he pretends he "loves" Rihanna and calls her a "good" person.. So fake…

  9. 9

    love reading the comments on these posts! This is a gossip blog, does anyone know what that means? Perez gets to write about the celebrity crap that we all love to hear about. He gets to have an opinion and make comments about everyone's personal life. Its his job, and a pretty damn good one if you ask me! Love this site and everything about it. Keep it coming Perez. :) you've got fans.

  10. luvs2hustle says – reply to this


    Gas: $5.69 in California.
    I blame you, Oprah.
    I have always thought Obama supporters, like Oprah, were like the the German citizens that lived down the road from the concentration camps and convinced themselves that nothing was going on.
    30 days
    TEA-NAMI coming.

  11. 11

    No judgment at all can be bad judgement. It matters because Rihanna is a public figure with many young people that look up to her.

  12. 12

    it's not about if he does it once he'll do it again… it's about HER choice about who she wants to be with despite their flaws. I do think rhianna is just as violent as chris is. She has even sung in songs how she LIKES to be beat. Sometimes men's flaws are far beyond a little rough housing.. and a beating now and then seems like heaven with the crap you guys pull

  13. 13

    you can't tell people who they can and can not forgive. Don't put YOUR values onto other people.

  14. Dalaurya says – reply to this


    The Dalai Oprah approves? Shame shame. Taking someone back after abuse is enabling.

  15. 15

    cb belongs in jail..period, end of story.
    get him the fuck in jail.

  16. XT says – reply to this


    who cares, let her do watever she wants to do, yes it will happen again we probably jst wont find out about it but its her life and thats wat she wants so she should b able to, she obviusly likes those types of relationships with the drama and wud probably get bored in a normal stable relationship.

  17. debi says – reply to this


    He could of killed her if she didn't run out of that car..Good Oprah!!

  18. Fairmaiden says – reply to this


    I do not think it fair for his mistake to follow him the rest of his life, especially since he has done his punishment and appears to have learned from it. I think all the haters need to sit back and let him prove himself to be the decent person I think he is.
    Put the stones down and give him a second chance.

  19. 19

    Oprah OK'd nothing and as per usual your caption is misleading. She just basically said it's not her position to condemn her. You are ridiculous. Even if Oprah did say it like your headline reads, what the hell does that matter? It would only be her opinion. And just for the record, Rihanna is a nut case for giving that piece of shit the time of day, and is truly sending a bad signal to women EVERYWHERE. She's a dumbass. I would NEVER EVER be around anyone who beat me EVER AGAIN. Try though, PEREZ, to get the story straight and not make up misleading headlines to make money. You are worse than Chris Brown. It's just more subtle, but still obvious. Do you get that?

  20. 20

    Oprah is nuts. Rihanna is nuts. Yeah, forgivenness is always a good thing. But you can forgive someone and not harbor anger or revenge or hurt, but at the same time you need to love yourself enough that you do not go back into harm's way. Chris Brown is a beater. He learned it at home from his own parents. He is a hardcore thug. Rihanna can forgive him and express kindness towards him, but she needs to keep her distance. She does not need to be getting back into that place with him because he will definitely do it again. Wonder whay words of wisdom Oprah will feel for her when she is in the hospital or dead next time this happens. Rihanna needs to go into therapy to figure out why she needs to do this.

  21. 21

    Re: Fairmaiden – get a fuckin clue moron. Chris has been in several aggressive incidents since that Rihanna beating. He's obviously an immature thug who cant control himself. And what about him snatching that girls phone? He had to pay her off to drop any charges because it wouldve sent his black ass to get raped in a prison cell by big black Bubba. he's a nasty shit.

  22. Chloe Hyslop says – reply to this


    chris brown as more than paid for what he did and he still came out on top after almost 4 years. give the guy a break! who are you all to judge? if rihanna loves him and wants to be with him it's nothing to do with any of you! hope they get back together finally

  23. 23

    lol Oprah does her interviews with no judgement? BS. Watch any interview she does with someone who doesn't support her political beliefs

  24. 24

    Ugh, I am tired of people saying they can't pass judgement. Overall, I agree with the idea, clearly you shouldn't judge how other people live…but in cases like this, as far as I'm concerned, people SHOULD be speaking out against it. He beat her. He didn't shove her or grab her arm hard, he actually beat her and it probably wasn't the first time (or at least not the first time he was physical with her). The whole world knows it. And his stupid fans turn around and proudly, publicly state they would take a beating from him. Young teenage girls who are just learning how a relationship works are saying this. And then Rhianna going back to him? It just will make those some girls think that it really is okay to let a guy beat you. That will transfer into their own relationships…and can lead to horrible, deadly consequences (and yes, they should have parents who know better to catch this behaviour but that's not always the case). Whether Rhianna likes it or not she IS a role model and this is a horrible message to send. So I see nothing wrong with people standing up and saying its not okay, that its stupid and dangerous, if for no other reason than in hopes to get through to one of those teenage girls.

  25. 25

    Oh and to anyone who says its no one's business but their's…they are the ones talking so publicly about it. Chris chose to make that video, Rhianna spoke about it in Oprah. If they don't want people judging them, maybe they should keep it a little quieter.

  26. Michele Gilliam says – reply to this


    Even though I disagreed w/ Rihanna's actions, I defended her right to make them. All women-including victims, have the freedom to make their own choices. But the whole thing just seems so publicist driven, that I can't defend her anymore.

  27. STANIMIR ZDRAVKOV PETK says – reply to this


    be keffo.go..go girls femens,repubik, ukreina.

  28. you host in says – reply to this


    You recognize thus considerably on the subject of this topic, produced me in my opinion consider it from numerous various angles. Its like women and men are not involved except it's one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs great. All the time take care of it up!