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Karrueche Tran Is FURIOUS With Chris Brown's Public Confession About Being In Love Rihanna!

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Poor Karrueche Tran just cannot catch a break!

Chris Brown already released a public statement explaining that he broke up with her because he didn't want to hurt her with his relationship with Rihanna, but still felt it was necessary to take it even FURTHER with a video confession in which he lamented over being in love with the two women at the same time!

However, if he thought either of those things would somehow put him back in Karrueche's good graces, he is SERIOUSLY misinformed, because according to sources close to the jilted ex, she is PISSED!

Insiders explain that gurl is mortified and embarrassed with Chris' word vomit, and wishes he could have kept his feelings private instead of broadcasting their personal life for all of the world to see!

And honestly…we can't say we blame her!

He's already put her through so much, and although we can understand why he would think that being open and honest might help her find some peace with the split, he REALLY should have thought about how making it public would only continue to humiliate her already broken heart!

Perhaps a thoughtful, handwritten apology letter next time, boy!

In case you haven't seen the video already, check it out (above)!

What do U think?? Was Breezy out of line making his feelings public??

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26 comments to “Karrueche Tran Is FURIOUS With Chris Brown's Public Confession About Being In Love Rihanna!”

  1. 1

    Aww, isn't this cute? A woman too devoid of self-worth to know she's getting catty over a woman-beater. Yay for you honey. You're my hero.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Put her through so much? Welcome to the jungle, Karrueche, and it's like this for everybody; except the guys have less dough. She knew his back history, and it just looks like typical 'rebound' situation to me, along with Brown making the classic mistake of kiss and tell (thinking he would get public empathy so he threw her under the publicity bus). Don't do that. Keep your personal life private. Bad enough getting dumped without adding loose lips.

  3. AsiaM says – reply to this


    I mean she was very naive at the end of their relationship but she loves him! He broke her heart with Rihanna. At least he could shut his mouth & don't talk about his feelings for two woman. Its more humiliating for her. He should move on like he thought! At the end Karrueche is only a woman. She loves him and it's hard to forget.

  4. meme says – reply to this


    Rihanna is a hoe and chris brown is a dog so they belong together…poor karreuche any female in love with a man gets hurt and he doesn't just let her go and that's the end of it he also humiliate her after too..and all she did was love him…like doesn't he done enough to her already…I'm happy for karreuche that she's free…she deserve someone better…unlike rihanna,karreuche knows how to move on with her life instead of always going back to their exes like rihanna and chris…like kerruache says life moves on…

  5. 5


  6. jeff says – reply to this


    Yawn… she knows the history and if she wants to be with a woman beater everyone told you so. Once you cross that line you will always have the capability to do it again.

  7. raadbassam says – reply to this


    No, because he has to show his side of the story. Every newspaper is looking for Rihanna or Karrueche side of the story. No one cares about him, poor Chris.

  8. Nicole Love says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is a bitch-made attention whore. His next video will be about his love for men.

  9. Miss t says – reply to this


    Awww it's honest :-) damn I know that's real talk.. Sexy a fuck

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: raadbassam – Loose lips. No, you don't have to 'tell' your side of a private story. Bad m.o. that hurts people.

  11. Glam says – reply to this


    Given the length of time and reason why they broke up…Kaerueche shouldnt be surprised..if anything she shouldve been counting down. He hopped from the relationship with Rih into one with her…She was just too busy shopping and partying to know for herself what was going on. And he and Kae just went out last night for gumbo @ Jas house..soo really I still feel like hes tagging that.

    All and all..Rih is Rih…shes not going anywhere…kae ur the sidepiece…always have been..Chris..enough said.

  12. Love24 says – reply to this


    Is she really surprised? We could all see him and rihanna still love each other. How could she not notice!! There were many signs. I guess she thought it was just rihanna who loved Chris still, which is why she felt the need to make a video making fun of rihanna. Hatw to break it to ya karreuche, you don't compare to rihanna. You were just a pond until things were in the clear for rihanna and Chris to get closer. They gradually made it happen. With making songs, public displays of affection, and becoming "friends" first. I still laugh at that fact you had the guts to talk smack about one of the best female artists in the world when you're just a, wait what is it that you do again? Haha lvvv rihanna :) glad they're giving it another go! Cheers to second chances

  13. mw says – reply to this


    and Rhiana should grow a backbone…why get back together with this loser? Forgive him sure but DO NOT EVER have a relationship with him again.

  14. 14

    He's a piece of shit. Why does anyone pay attention to him? He's no more talented than the next R&B singer and those other guys are fucking beating women!!! I hope he burns in hell. STOP GIVING THIS ASSHOLE PRESS! YOU FAT PIECE OF SHIT, PEREZ!

  15. Rossetta says – reply to this


    Well, just cause, I would be interested to know what the orginal ruckus was about-That caused him to go balistic while driving the night before BOTH were to be at the Emmys. It is clear he has a temper, but something has to make you really insanely mad..Anybody else curious??

  16. 16

    All 3 of them are immature idiots.

  17. 17

    Oh please, that woman is only embarrassed because she spent half her time childishly ridiculing Rihanna in public videos, the more famous one being when she played 'only girl in the world' and laughed and talked over it saying Rihanna wasn't his girl anymore or something similar.
    Well now it seems Chris never stopped wanting Rihanna back and K just feels like a douche . I don't like Rihanna but what a bitch this one was, constantly throwing digs at the ex that your boyfriend beat up..she got what she deserved and yes we're all laughing at you K.

  18. myagkaya mebel says – reply to this


    Well I truly liked reading it. This post offered by you is very constructive for proper planning.

  19. cassandra smith says – reply to this


    I am very disappointed in you Chris. I defensed you you and believd that you were try to be a better person. Oh how you had us all fooled, how could you do this to Karreuche. If you didn't want her you should have never got involve with her. Letting her believe you loved her and was over Rihanna. You were wrong for this, to top it all off you embarrassed her. I hurt for her, a woman heart is not made to play with. something you can forgive a person for and something you can't. Rihanna ain't no good for her part in this, knowing you were seeing someone else. There are some lines you try don't cross and this was one. She was just out to prove that she can get you back and you fell for it. I am so hurt and disappointed in you.

  20. lolo says – reply to this


    WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? this happens to regular folks everyday.

  21. Christina says – reply to this


    Re: Rossetta – I sure am. And In all honesty from they broke up I saw them getting back together. I was saying thay from when they broke up. They clearly are supposed to be soulmates. And in all honesty get the fuck over it, he hit her yeah. It was wrong yea. It's the past. What happeneded to second chances? Has he done anything remotely as horrible as that since then? Clearly if she's given him a second chance and she was the VICTIM. You should to.

  22. Christina says – reply to this


    Re: lolo – So true!

  23. Anabelle Whitepaws says – reply to this


    You know…
    as much as I WANT TO BE PISSED about this video confession, I sort of understand where he's coming from (although once he sobered up, he should've forgotten about sharing this)…

  24. perry says – reply to this


    Re: cassandra smith – I agree. It is one thing to leave her but then go in public and humiliate her saying you love Rihanna. He could have done it differently. She is only human. What if someone were to do it to you CB? Then again - you don't have a heart so it wouldn't hurt, not after what you have done to KT.

  25. gene says – reply to this


    Re: meme – Well said. I concur.

  26. miranda says – reply to this


    CB is an abuser naturally, if not hurting woman physically, he will hurting woman mentally. No sympathy for a man like that. KT should know from the start who she mingled with. She was just lucky that CB only hurt her mentally (which he shouldn't do that). KT mingled with an abuser man, she put herself into a shaky condition. So KT, good you are saved now. Be far, far away from this kind of man. Let Riri figures it out what kind of future that she put herself into with CB. I hope that he won't have itchy hands and start beating her up and down, black and blue like he did before.