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Listen To This: The French Do It Better!

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Okay, we are officially obsessed with French pop right now!!!

The music coming out of there is soooo bangin'!!!

Our latest aural addiction is Sur Le Fil by Jenifer.

The song and video remind us a lot of Yelle, whom we LOVE!

Check out the goodness above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more tunes from Jenifer!

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45 comments to “Listen To This: The French Do It Better!”

  1. FrenchHo says – reply to this


    Perez, you NEED to check out : Mylene Farmer, she's the French Madonna.
    Her tours are insane !

    Check out, "Mylenium Tour (intro)" and "XXL Live a Bercy 96" with Madonna's back-up singer Donna De Lory.

    Forget about Jenifer ! She's lame.

  2. FrenchHo says – reply to this


    Mylene Farmer - XXL (directed by Marcus Niespel)

    Mylene Farmer - California (directed by Abel Ferrara)

    Mylene Farmer - Optimistique-Moi (directed by Michael Haussman)

    She's also done duets with Moby and Seal.

    GAY ICON and most popular singer in France !

  3. Caroline says – reply to this


    Hi everyone. I'm a french girl, and I can tell you Jenifer is a great and very famous singer in France ’cause she won the first edition of "Star Academy" (reality show). She's a sort of icone here. She makes good pop music and evolves a lot all along her albums so I recommand you to listen to it ;)
    Bye and thx for this article!!
    ps : Yelle is not really famous in France…she just made one good success a few years ago but now nobody knows where she is…! ^^

  4. Whoompa says – reply to this


    France loves jenifer. Fashion world love jen. Dressed in former ysl ( by pilati), balenciaga, gucci…

  5. Relele says – reply to this


    the french hate you perez. va chier sale trou de cul de merde face de con

  6. Brice says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who?

    jENIFER Is a big star in France since 2001 !

  7. Nanis says – reply to this


    Jenifer ? I liked so much what she used to do, but she took a big head : she needs to make promotion of her new album, so a show tv invited her, and she doesn't come because "we talk to much about her right now" ! LOL !
    But, that true, this song, specially the rhythm is really good !
    Anyway, she won the first "star academy", and at this time she was my hero !

    PS : When Mylene Farmer sing, you understand NOTHING ! Even when she speaks french & I'm french !

  8. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Lady Who ? This is one of the most succesful singer in France. She's there since 2001.

  9. Oliver says – reply to this


    Thank you Perez ! Jenifer is an amazing singer in france. I'm happy to see her in your blog ! It's a surprise. But What a surprise !! But may I correct you that it's JeNifer with only one N ;) It's important :D
    She won "Star Academy" in 2001, indeed but now she is coach at "The voice France" !
    By the way : How did you discovered her ? I would be curious to know it :)

  10. jonah says – reply to this


    Yelle, WHO we love not whom.

  11. Simon says – reply to this


    I like this song and I love Jenifer. She is very famous in France.

  12. Alec H says – reply to this


    Blah.. So cheesy . Song is crap with same tired guitar riffs bob Sinclair has used for 10 yrs now.. And what's with the stupid shots of the macaroons the whole video. We get it, you're French

  13. Janey says – reply to this


    I actually really like this! Good sound

  14. Hal says – reply to this


    The French do everything better, ma chere!

  15. Marico says – reply to this


    If you could speak french, you'd throw up listening to the lyrics.
    Lame production, easy cheezy music, song took approximatively 15mn to write, video is lame and must have cost nothing, this is fast food music, even not suitable for elevators.
    The French do it better? Not with her.

  16. Manon says – reply to this


    I'am French ( i speak a little english) ! Jenier is the most apprecied singer in France. She has sold 5 millions albums nd she has got 8 nrj musics awards ! Jenifer is the best in France I love she ……. Jen .. :) <3

  17. Flo says – reply to this


    I love Jenifer!!!

  18. Al' says – reply to this


    Jenifer is a big star in France since 2001.
    Check out another French singer "à la" US: Shy'm >

  19. Kylmm says – reply to this


    "L'amour fou" by Jenifer: very nice song!
    But i prefer Ysa Ferrer, even if she is not verry famous in France (sorry for my bad english)

  20. Lala says – reply to this


    Hi, Thank you for your post, Jenifer is so adorable and fabulous…
    Her last album " L'amour et moi" is perfect ;) You have to listen it :)
    Have a good day
    bisous from France

  21. Mélanie H 80 says – reply to this


    Très contente de voir notre artiste française sur le Blog de Perez Hilton!!! Très grande artiste en France malgré les critiques de certains. 11 ans de carrière ce n'est pas rien! Une majorité de Français l'adorent!!!!

  22. Nadege says – reply to this


    Jenifer ! Une icone pour beaucoup de personne en France . Elle es un exemple , 10 ans que sa carrière à commencer , et un succès fou !

  23. 23


  24. Ludivine says – reply to this


    I love Jenifer
    it is a simple and very generous artist
    his album "Love & Me" and wonder

    thank you for this nice item if

  25. Ludivine says – reply to this


    his new album "Love & Me" is a marvel
    Jenifer is a simple woman and very generous with his fans
    thank you for this article
    kisses from France

  26. Julien says – reply to this


    Jenifer do very nice music till 10 years.
    Black Eyed Peas congratulated her for her last album and her song "je danse" with a style 80's, cheak out on youtube! She sang "I got a feeling" once during a concert.

  27. Hugo says – reply to this


    Jenifer is the best singer in French, i'm french, and I love JENIFEEER ! <3 <3

  28. Sarah says – reply to this


    I am french and I dont like jennyfer :( She was betetr in the first when she just became to sing but now she is down ! We have a lot of otehr singers here who are most famous and talented than her!

  29. Sarah says – reply to this


    A good song by Jennyfer : "Au soleil"

  30. Kent says – reply to this


    I'm French & Jenifer is a superstar in our country, she's in the industry since mor ethan 10 years and everyone love her !
    She solds 1.5 million copies of her first album in 2002 which is tottally huge in our country.
    Sur Le Fil is extract from her 5th album "L'amour & Moi" and Jen sings some songs in english in her concerts, she's got a sould mind !

  31. sebastien says – reply to this


    Yes Jenifer is very famous in France! She has been a superstar for 10 years now. She's released 5 albums. Her songs are very dancy or very sentimental. Her new song 'l'amour & moi' is just very moving. And she is a REAL singer and performer on stage and close to her fans, contrary to others like Mylène Farmer. She derserves to be known outside France.

  32. Farmerien says – reply to this


    You have to know Mylène Farmer. She has sold more than 30 million records and is among the most successful recording artists of all time in France. She holds the record for the most number one hits in the French charts, with twelve to date. Mylène Farmer is more than Madonna en France or Russia. Her concerts and clips are impressives and it has many records in sales of tickets.

  33. Amina says – reply to this


    J'adore jenifer :)

  34. Alexandre says – reply to this


    Jenifer is more famous in France Than Yelle! Product Jenifer :-P

  35. Angélic says – reply to this


    Jenifer sing with Johnny Hallyday in 2003 !

  36. Lily says – reply to this


    I am French. As it has already been said Jenifer is very famous in our country and this for more than 10 years. She won Star Academy a reality show and persist since and has managed to renew herself. She's still simple and has not took the big head contrary to what some people think poorly populated … She is a worker, a passionate and if musically she doesn't please everyone, I don't know anyone who doesn't like her as a woman. She is patron and supports that it each time when she can of humanitarian causes. She's a real nice person and for my part that I find very talenteuse and deserving. Thank you to Perez for this article very pleasantly surprising.

  37. Shifumila says – reply to this


    this song reminds me the Pony Pony Run Run's track " Hey you". A french group also…

  38. 38

    other from jenifer , just amazing listen this !! " je danse"

  39. Tim says – reply to this


    Re: Relele – French don't hate perez, you f**** asshole. c'est toi qui devrais aller se faire mettre, pauvre abrutis. Parfois j'ai honte d'être français à cause de looser dans ton genre.

  40. SabrinaF says – reply to this


    Hi , Perez , i'm French and , in France Jennifer and Mylene Farmer Sucks , Everyone hate those girls (or almost) !!!!!
    BB Brune (I think you know those guys ^^), Mika (Elle me dit < The name of his song , the other are in english ), Shy'm , M.Pokora are FABULOUS !!!
    Sorry for my english i'm only 14 :)

  41. SabrinaF says – reply to this


    Another song : Ben l'oncle soul - Soulman , This song is very good :D !

  42. Jenifer's fan says – reply to this


    Hey guy ! Do you remember @JeniferOfficiel ? I'd be gradful if you could vote for her, please ? #NRJMusicAwards ! She is nominated : Best Act French !! DO IT FOR HER, DO IT FOR US ! <3 #SurLeFil You can vote once, each day ! She has to win this award ! She already won 8 NRJ Music Awards since 2003.

    Here is the link :
    #VotezJeniferAuxNMA !! :)

  43. undomiel says – reply to this


    You wanna see Jenifer and Marion Cotillard singing together Edith Piaf….?? look at this

  44. boncoeur says – reply to this


    for "her"

  45. 45

    I prefer Matt Pokora than Jenifer…