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Bristol Palin Feuding With DWTS Partner Mark Ballas??

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Poor gurl!

Bristol Palin suffered a serious breakdown on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars Monday night!

Footage of the single mom and her pro partner Mark Ballas practicing for this week's dance shows the duo having a MASSIVE blowout!

Ch-ch-check out the emotional rehearsal (above)!

We don't blame the teen mom for lashing out. If we were receiving tons of horrible death threats, we'd be edgy too!

We're impressed BP has been able to keep her shiz together at all! Maybe Mark could be a bit more supportive in light of that fact!

In spite of all the off-screen drama she has been giving it her all on the dance floor. Whether its enough to keep her in the competition for much longer, time will tell!

Cheer up, Bristol! The tango ain't for everybody!

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12 comments to “Bristol Palin Feuding With DWTS Partner Mark Ballas??”

  1. 1

    Wow, he is giving her 100% of his undivided attention and she is dismissive in her responses and she refuses to turn towards him and look at him during their conversation. I realize she's upset, but…he's the only one who's gonna help her and if she's being a bitch to him? She needs a kick in the a$$ to start with.

  2. 2

    Scary to think that this sulky child is a mother.

  3. 3

    What is with the gum chewing? It is so distracting while she is whining……could it be that she really isn't a star and was included in the cast for ratings only!

  4. heather says – reply to this


    I'd be bitter if I was Mark. Both Shawn and Sabrina were his past partners and wonderful dancers. Yet he gets stuck with Bristol. Her attitude and her dancing sucks. She acts like such a brat… I'd hate to see how her son acts.

  5. Spider Lady says – reply to this


    What is Bristol Palin doing on DWTS??? She does not belong there. Mommie kept her going last time and is getting all her friends to vote for her once again. I love DWTS and have watched it from the very beginning, but why did they invite Bristol who is not a star to be on it? Disgusting. Think she will be voted off tonight? I doubt it. Mama will see to it that she stays on & on. Watch & see.

  6. 6

    Bristol "Mamma, Mark Ballas won't FUCK ME; how else am I to have an EXCLUSIVE SPREAD STORY in the National Enquirer if I'm not getting BANGED by someone more famous than you?"

  7. 7

    later does this poor ingnaramous know shes the butt of all the male dancers jokes. They all have a contest to see who can bang the most female dancers. I cant wait for them to leak dumbass Bristols naked pics on the net. Oh they are definitely out there.

  8. 8

    She's famous for having sex, getting pregnant and not being married.
    Why is she a celebrity?

  9. jerry says – reply to this


    why is Bristal still on dancing with the satrs
    this is a Joke

  10. jk says – reply to this


    She has a lot of nerve acting like that. Who the hell is she. SHe was a fat unwed mother last year who couldn;t dance. This year she is a plastic surgery patiient who still can;t dance and who has taught her little boy to call people fags and a few other choice words. Fame whore who thinks she is some kind of a star?? I hope they get rid of her and Kristie asap they cannot dance and Kristie is soooo awful looking ,being dragged over that dance floor and If he ever had to pick her up he would never walk again lol Get the has beens and never will be's off that show. It is supposed ot be Dancing with Stars and Bristol is no star, SHe got famous on her mother coat tails and for having a kid before she was married. SHe acts all innocent but she isnt and I can see why her ex bailed.

  11. 11

    I really cannot stand anything about her. Don't give her this kind of attention.

  12. jpptown58 says – reply to this


    What a pig….why they keep her on this show is beyond me. Poor Mark.