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Kelly Clarkson Blows Carrie Underwood Away! WATCH HERE!

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Ahhhh, we love the fact that even though Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are both American Idols, their voices are super different — but still equally powerful!!

During the fan request portion of her Stronger show in Perth this past weekend, Kelly performed a version of Carrie's dark, somber, country-pop hit, Blown Away, and girl dominated that tune like she was the mistress of its universe!

Get Blown Away by Kelly's impressive Carrie cover (above)!

We are obsessed with Kelly's unique versions of popular tunes! And while we're super excited for this upcoming Greatest Hits CD she's releasing, we would adore some sort of 'live covers' album…

It would be the perfect addition to any Kelly collection!

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46 comments to “Kelly Clarkson Blows Carrie Underwood Away! WATCH HERE!”

  1. loyestor says – reply to this


    Kelly messed up!! If Randy Jackson hears Kelly's rendition of "Blown Away," he would say the same thing I said. Kelly was pitchy and out of breath and range. I am sorry; you seem to be biased in your comments/judgements!!!

  2. Ben says – reply to this


    ++ Much Better then Carrie ++ American Idol is sure making a big push to replace Carrie Underwood in country music with Kelly Clarkson for the #3 best female singer in country music. American Idol singers can not do anything unless it is approved by there record label first … The same record label .. Just saying

  3. Aaron says – reply to this


    Kelly making ANOTHER Carrie song her own!! Wow well done Kelly!

  4. Zayn says – reply to this


    Better then Carrie.

  5. Erik says – reply to this


    Kelly looks hot.

  6. Lovatolife says – reply to this


    Kelly you are the best voice out there… This is SOO amazinn!

  7. Lam says – reply to this


    Loyestor, I agree with you. Kelly was pitchy and didn't really account for the intensity of the song in her arrangement. I do like Kelly, but think she should stay away from Carrie's songs.

  8. Aaron says – reply to this


    Why should she stay away from Carrie songs when she does it sooo much better then the original. Even if you think this isn't better (it is) go look up Kelly's "I Know You Won't" that one DESTROYS Carrie's version. Soooo talented Kelly is.

  9. Ryan Parker says – reply to this


    I've listened to this non-stop. She is fabulous! Carrie sings the song great too…but Kelly takes it in a different direction. Kelly Clarkson can do more arrangements with her voice than Paris Hilton can with her legs. Fabulous!

  10. M. McFly says – reply to this


    No way was this better than Carrie Underwood. If Kelly wants to improve on somebody else's song, she should try any Taylor Swift song. Kelly made this song BORING. Why does Kelly keep trying to outdo Carrie on Carrie's songs? Hasn't she learned yet that nobody can sing a Carrie Underwood song better than Carrie Underwood, not even Kelly Clarkson.

  11. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Huge Carrie & Kelly fan! Voted for Both during Idol. Carrie's version is darker. Kelly makes about the "notes", which to me makes it inappropriate.

  12. darkangel says – reply to this


    Re: loyestor – you know nothing…

  13. mqs says – reply to this


    Please stop comparing Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood cuz they have different voice. Kelly has bigger voice and she can sing anything while Carrie her voice is kinda squeeky. Kelly and Adele are the most powerful singers in the music industry. When i listened to IKYW kelly's version omg much better than the original. And now BA wow she really blow carrie away. Kelly Clarkson is definitely the best singer of all time.

  14. Lee Foll says – reply to this


    You guys are idiots if you think Kelly did that better then Carrie no way I agree Kelly has a stronger voice an is a great singer but not even close on that song to doing as good as Carrie!!!

  15. mike says – reply to this


    I think this is her worst cover yet! Carrie vocals are so big! kelly cant sing her songs, she have to change them, I love Kelly!! but this cover is really bad!

  16. none says – reply to this


    I have to laugh….Am sorry Perez but despite your Kelly bias, Carrie’s version was much better. Carrie tone is more pitch perfect and a lot more beautiful.

    Kelly has a loud voice so she is always likely to go off key when she sings. Carrie voice is just simply beautiful and her high notes are crystal clear in comparison to Kelly.

    kelly is good but Carrie version was better…

  17. boy says – reply to this



  18. Sasquan says – reply to this


    Re: mike – Definitely not good, talk about a biased reporter!!!! Out of breath and pitchy, surprising, because Kelly is a good singer, just not a good rendition.

  19. boy says – reply to this


    I have to laugh at the title of this topic….am sorry Perez but despite your Kelly bias, Carrie’s version was much better. Carrie tone is more pitch perfect and a lot more beautiful.

    Kelly has a loud voice so she is always likely to go off key when she sings. Carrie voice is just simply beautiful and her high notes are crystal clear in comparison to Kelly.

    kelly is good but Carrie’s version was better…

    ofcourse the die hard kelly fans who hate carrie will denial this.

  20. 20

    This version is stunning, just stunning!!! Kelly ROCKS, end of story!

  21. sherry says – reply to this


    Kelly's version was very bad. Kelly will not replace Carrie in County music. Kelly does have a good voice in country she needs to stay pop, do not like her country remakes or original. They have different styles, but Carrie is much better.

  22. TCB says – reply to this


    This version was wonderful. She learned this song only hours before the LIVE SHOW. Of course it cant be perfect. But she made it her own. Kelly does what she wants, and she is totally allowed that, as she has proved herself again and again. They are both great singers. We are lucky to have them both. But Kelly is the queen :P

  23. 23

    Nice rendition by Kelly. LOVED IT!

  24. 24

    Re: none – Carrie's tone is what is wrong with her voice. She sounds like a female Kermit the Frog. Throaty and nasally. Not a pleasant tone at all. The foghorn bellows of "away" at the end of each line sent shivers down my spine, and not in a good way.

  25. armchairlama9 says – reply to this


    she did good but its a little boring…im more blown away by carries

  26. lod says – reply to this


    Re: Deberoni

    lol…..see this is the problem with many Kelly fans who only like kelly. You guys hate Carrie so much that you will try to tear her apart even when she is excellent. If kelly is kemmet the frog then Kelly singing this will make miss piggy vomit.

    Please face the fact for once… Carrie was the superior singer in this song. all the comment here proves it.

    STOP BEEN SO BIAS…..It does not make you credible.

    Throaty and nasally is how kelly sang it and you know it.

  27. 27

    Re: lod – imo Carrie is NOT excellent. I don't like her voice and I never have. I have nothing against Carrie other than I can't stand her singing.

  28. 28

    Kelly sings Carrie's songs and everyones songs better. She performs the cover the same day after only rehearsing it one time. Kelly is amazing. She does Carrie's I Know You Won't so much better than Carrie. I am not a fan of the song Blown Away, but Kelly sang the crap out of it. I love her voice.

  29. 29

    Re: loyestor – As I recall, Carrie Underwood was pitchy and out of breath the first time she sang it on American Idol last year. Check out the video on YouTube from last year. Kelly only rehearsed the day of the show, and she blew it away.

  30. carolinagirl90 says – reply to this


    Re: sherry
    Kelly's version wasn't that bad though I agree this isn't my favorite Kelly cover. Secondly, Kelly wasn't trying to sound country in this cover because she changed up the arrangement. You have obviously have never heard Kelly really sing country before because she can. Kelly is the Queen of Versatility, she can sing any genre.

  31. Jorge12132 says – reply to this


    If you think Kelly's version is better… ur buggin !! ur crazy Lol … CRAZY

  32. linda says – reply to this


    Its carries song and she just sings it better imo…i really like kelly, but i love carrie!

  33. 33

    Again, you are a douche Mario! Kelly can't hold a candle to Carrie's powerful voice.

  34. jackie says – reply to this


    Re: loyestor – I have to agree!! of course this was live with no "fixing"

  35. DAN says – reply to this


    Re: jackie

    no fixing?

    carrie doesnt need that…watch Carrie sing this song at the billboard awards 2012.

    its on youtube.

    Carrie sings the song as good as she does in the studio. Both of carrie’s rendition are still superior to kelly's.

    Sorry kelly fans…. You guys cant accept the truth so you result in bashing and trashing carrie.


  36. kovac says – reply to this


    Loyestor is correct. Kelly is great in almost everything she sings, but this particularly song, she couldn't beat Carrie Underwood..

  37. jk says – reply to this


    Nope. I will take Underwood anyday over Kelly. SHe butchered that song. Carried has the "feelings" when she sings her songs. Kelly just tries to sing louder and screws up the songs. I don;t think Kelly should be singing Carries songs and tryng to out don her. It is a joke. Kelly needs to sing her own damn songs and stop trying to BE CArries. SHe is NOT Carrie and never will be and it makes her look small and petty,

  38. JuJuBees says – reply to this


    Okay…….Kelly is doing a COVER of this song. Which means she is making it her own. That is why it sounds a llittle different than Carrie Underwood's version. When she does a COVER. it will be different. She sounds breathy because that is how she sings sometimes. Why compare? They are both good singers but the difference is that Kelly can sing anything and usually does it better. It is a REQUEST from fans in the audience. Stop being jealous and deal with it! Kelly rocks!

  39. barb says – reply to this


    why are people comparing kelly to carrie kelly is
    jealous of carrie why is she covering carrie'ssongs
    there is a reason behind it and it is reba she is trying
    trying to replace carrie and by the way carrie blows
    all of them out of the water and that goes for taylor!!!!!!!

  40. Adam says – reply to this


    I do love Kelly BUT! Carrie Underwood is much better!!!

  41. spongybob says – reply to this


    Re: loyestor – well kelly always does it better. she won the female vocalist of the year and she can sing songs in any way she wants and its totally perfect:))

  42. spongybob says – reply to this


    Re: loyestor – sorry carrie fans:)

  43. spongybob says – reply to this


    to all carrie fans, keep calm and love kelly.. ;)

  44. spongybob says – reply to this


    Re: kovac – oh really? kelly always does it better. carrie fans are just jealous because carrie doesn't really have a powerful voice compared to kelly. we the kelly fans should pity your jealousy.

  45. spongybob says – reply to this


    Re: lod – well thats how you always sing a song.. through the throat and nasal. btw how do you sing? through your butt?

  46. Tony says – reply to this


    Kelly vs Carrie again and again! When will this tussle ever end? Both ladies are super talented and the BEST american idol winners. You guys should compare them with the other AI winners instead like … Don't think I need to name names.