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Janet Jackson Suing Vanity Fair Over "Outrageous" Michael Jackson Burial Story

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Janet Jackson Suing vanity fair

Oh heeeell nooo!

Janet Jackson is PISSED at Vanity Fair over an article they recently published claiming Michael Jackson's funeral was delayed due to Janet's greed! The article insists that Janet demanded that the ceremony not take place until MJ's estate reimbursed her for the $40K burial-plot deposit she gave to the cemetery, which took close to three months!

Janet has come to expect this crap from tabloids — but NOT from a more reputable source like V.F.!

Mizz Jackson's lawyer says this story is so "untrue" and completely "outrageous," adding:

"This story is particularly hurtful and distressing because of Ms. Jackson's strong desire to serve her brother, whom she loved dearly, and her wish to stand with and support her family."

The real story (according to Janet) is Michael's estate reimbursed her for "some of those expenses" a full year after he passed — and that wasn't even all of the $$$ she threw down for her late bro. She says there were other "private expenses" that she NEVER tried to be repaid for!

The Jackson family is DEMANDING the magazine publish a retraction and reach out to any media outlets that based reports on the V.F. article to inform them of the retraction.

The ball's in V.F.'s court now! Hopefully, they'll admit their mistake so everyone can just move on.

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Janet Jackson Suing Vanity Fair Over "Outrageous" Michael Jackson Burial Story”

  1. 1

    Yeah, this nasty greedy fucking pig needs to go away, and take her pathetic family with her.

  2. 2

    So desperate for money she has to sue the first chance she gets…

  3. yup yup says – reply to this


    her implants look awful and ridiculous. why woman think they look good is beyond me

  4. Brandon says – reply to this


    And the promo for this filthy tabloid book by Mr. Nobody has been done.

    Anytime whoever says that the book about Michael Jackson is coming, all the tabloid media and mysteriously even mainstream media want something negative, sensational and fictitious about Michael Jackson no matter what…. and as mad they-the journalists write about something they have no clue about!


    * CONSPIRACY by Aphrodite Jones
    * MAN IN THE MUSIC: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson by Joe Vogel
    * WAS MICHAEL JACKSON FRAMED? (the original GQ article ) by Mary Fisher

    BUT, the social damage has been done. To Janet, Michael and the family=MJs kids.

  5. 5

    Re: yup yup – Which ones? The implants on her chest, or on her face? (both, if you ask me)

  6. 6

    Sorry to say, but her hideous make believe cheeks looks like gumball implants in her face.

  7. Brandon says – reply to this


    oh please, what cheeks?

    there are no implants, are you all deluded? Just compare all the old pics of her from the 70s, 80s, 90s…., thats natural Janet.

    most people are totally brainwashed with plastic surgeries and dont know who to distinguish people… and you want to see plastic surgeries everywhere on everyone…, oh yeah… thats the Jackson, so … people are losing their open mind…, if they have such a thing….

  8. 8

    Re: Brandon – You're funny. Next thing you know, you will be telling us that MJ didn't have any surgeries either. Or that his naked sleepovers with little boys in a locked playroom were completely innocent. Or that his Jesus Juice was really from Jesus.

  9. 9

    of all the tabloids out there, VF has the most creds…she can't possibly win.

  10. yup yup says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99

    wow didnt even notice those cheeks. why????

  11. bradon says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99
    You killed your comment as ridiculous and totally crap -… naked sleepovers…, oh yeah?, … in a locked playroom…?

    Where did you get this from? Ahah…. only in/from your head.

    But dont waste your time with this, now, if anybody can know the truth from relevant sources=court/FBI docs, its really, really pathetic… all the tabloid stories, simply worthless, it doesnt work anymore to bash MJ, its outdated.

    If you have an obsessive thing for MJ and the so-called "kids" and without-a-piece-of-evidence cases, your problem.

  12. 12

    Re: bradon – It must be hard to breathe with your head stuck in the sand.

  13. 13

    Janet "SIZE QUEEN" Jackson is sick & disgusting; flashing her tits & nipple piercing on national TV during the Super Bowl while millions of little children were watching…EVIL EVIL GHETTO WITCH!

  14. 14

    Janet "SIZE QUEEN" Jackson's hideous plastic surgery disaster has morphed her into the BLACK VERSION of Wayland Flower's Madam puppet….

  15. Yup says – reply to this


    Seriously, get over the SB. It was 8 years ago.

    As for the story, she should sue these idiots. She's got more money then all of us but if shit is continually being written that's untrue then get them muthafuckas, Janet!

  16. 16

    It must be sad being in her 50's looking like that. Wow. No man, no children, no career, no wonder she's after Michael's money.

    Karma is a bitch and it has bitten Janet's ass.

  17. jk says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurning
    Janet really showe4d her ass with the kidnapping crap nwith ehr mother and slapping the kid. She rarely stood behind MJ when he had all his problems going on. VF usually doesn't print lies and made up storied and I bet that info came from a family member who wanted some cash and got it by spilling their guts about her. She and her other family members decided they were going to take over MJ's estate and toss their mother into a home somewhere until the nephew got involved and stopped them. They want that money and Katgerine needs to divorce that nasty husband of hers before she kicks off and he gets control of those kids and the money. Katherine sat back and let himbeat her own kids and screw MJ up so bad that he had all the surgery to keep from looking like his dad for cripes sakes, Hope full this wont behappening to those kids MJ adopted. Janet has been exposed for what she is and how she wants MJ;s money and I bet MJ was supporting her too. I here about all the money she made and wonder from what she hasnt had a hit in years and has been fat for years. She gets fat and then dropsnit and then gets fat again and she is fat mor often than skinny and she is not doing concerts with the thunder thighs so she is not making money. Poor MJ having a pack of mooches for family from the father right on down the line.At least MJ told his kids who to watch out for and Janet was one of them. They dont even call her Aunt Janet.

  18. Lly says – reply to this


    Re: Brandon – Well said, thank you!! : )

  19. Cameron says – reply to this


    You people are so pathetic…I guess trash attracts trash…every blog on here, you're attacking someone without knowing anything…typical white f@gs

  20. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Those cheeks are real buddy. She's said numerous times that she's hated her smile most of her life and that it was too big and she thinks she looks like the joker. If anything she would have had them reduced because she feels so negative about his wide smile and upwards cheeks. Not to mention, if you look at and compare pics of her since childhood, she's always had those. Those ARE her cheeks and she admitted to having a nose job. So do a little research. She's been open about her surgeries.

  21. Shawty10 says – reply to this


    Re: yup yup – Listen to all you dumb dumb people Its fu*cken Janet Jackson, she don't need no money, especially her loving brother money..Get Yall Fu*kin Life!!!

  22. 22

    Again, to all you loosers who obviously don't respect or know a true Entertainer…JJ don't nobody Fu*ckin Money, especially her beloved brother Mikey Mike, come on na'…SMH, You guys seriously…look at Ke$ha or somethin, real trash!!!