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Did Lil' Wayne Kiss Stevie J On Stage?!

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Is Lil' Wayne trying to tell us something?

We're not exactly sure what we're watching (it's pretty blurry and super quick), but the guy who shot the footage (above) says it's Weezy kissing Stevie J!

The artists took the stage together at Club LIV in Miami and appear to lock lips for a brief moment.

It's hard to say for sure though. Some viewers have been insisting it's a kiss while others view it as more of a whisper.

Due to the lighting and quality of the video, it's hard to tell — course there is nothing that we'd like more than to see two such studly gentlemen get their smooch on! Is there anymore more beautiful than that?! We ask ya! Huh?! Huh?!

But maybe U should be the judge! Did these two guys just kiss or whisper sweet nothings into each other's, uh, cheeks?

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15 comments to “Did Lil' Wayne Kiss Stevie J On Stage?!”

  1. 1

    Looks like a kiss to me.

  2. 2

    they kiss

  3. 3

    You know why some ppl don't like gays it's bc your always throwing it In others faces. Why is this a topic? Like why is Wayne's sexuality even up for discussion? As a supposedly gay advocate I would think you would know how harmful it could be to "out" someone.

  4. naira says – reply to this


    That ish cray..but then again Stevie's ex said he was gay, and way's been seen kissing birdman before…they're all nasty. Not for being gay, but for hiding it, causing a lot death in their own community which does not accept gay ppl, and for being with women at the same time. But mostly the women that still will date them after this….EWWWWWWWW

  5. er says – reply to this


    Does it matter? You say you're all for equality yet you post rubbish like this. Who cares if they are or arent gay, only thier music should matter and people should live how they want to without morons making a fuss over what might be a kiss…*gasp* (not watched the vid).

  6. 6

    Re: naira – I agree. A lot of men in rap are gay I think ,but hide it and that is dangerous. I swear Chris Brown really is swinging both ways, which is fine, but why hide it.

  7. KiKi says – reply to this


    Didnt Stevie J's ex say he was gay? Does not surprise me at all. And there is Not one thing wrong with it.. That said, I think Stevie J is a horrible human. The way he treats women is just sick and wrong. Maybe he is struggling with his sexuality that is why hes such a dick to women? !!!

  8. kmpl says – reply to this


    No we dont want to see two studly dudes kiss… Gross… If gay b gay. Down low dudes suck! Wake up America!

  9. 9

    I really hate when you get dramatic and try to make everyone seem gay it's weird and obsessive

  10. Pinkkkyyyyyy says – reply to this


    Fuck u bitch yo daddy a man.r is he a bitchhhhh.

  11. Hov says – reply to this


    It's a kiss; he even wipes his lips right after.

  12. Tish says – reply to this


    It was definitely a kiss… but it was his DJ Steve J NOT Stevie J from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. This are two different men!

  13. lolli says – reply to this


    Lmao everybody is so opinionated stfu already…he getting money! Wyd?

  14. austin says – reply to this


    Its clearly a kiss. Hell the wayne birdman kiss u could see an hear. I dnt think its a GAY thing. Its a GANG thing. He does the shoulder brush, or theyll do a lil gesture after the kiss. Im not saying that one or the other may not have home-sexual tendencies, but thats not what this is. Not in public. Hes got the gangster persona to embody. Not the gay musician like elton john, who doesnt care. J/s

  15. Melody22 says – reply to this


    He's leaning towards him, so yes they must have exchanged a kiss. If lil wayne turned his head then that would have been different. What's the big deal anyway, Lil wayne doesn't shock me no more. Do you even listen to his songs, he clearly mentions sucking dick. Get over yourself people, he's bi or gay.