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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Juicy Joe Caught Cheating On Teresa AGAIN!

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teresa juicy joe cheating

Uh-oh Juicy Joe!!

Jacqueline Laurita isn't the only one accusing Teresa Giudice's husband of cheating!

A first-hand eyewitness, by the name of Rosie Jones, claims to have seen the Real Housewives of New Jersey star's hubster flirting with a "working woman" at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City before hopping into a cab with the lovely lady.

Mz. Jones shared her scandalous, Jerseylicious story, saying:

"I walked into Harrah's bar around five in the morning and saw Joe Giudice conversing with a young girl. I know it wasn't Teresa. She looked more like a working girl, although I can't prove it. They walked out of the bar together to a more secluded area in the casino and played the slot machines for a bit."

But those weren't the only slots Joey wanted to play with! She continues:

"Joe's friend came over and she sat on his lap and then Joe started rubbing her face and stroking her hair. Joe had his arm around the girl and as they walked off to grab a cab together I heard his friend say something like, 'Life is great.'"

Rosie says this all went down on Sep. 23 — the day Tre was in Charlotte making a guest appearance on Southern Women's Show! Yikes!

Okay, we don't want to believe this is true, BUT here's the deal: A.) he was totally caught cheating on the show; B.) Jacqueline says this has happened a LOT; and C.) why would this random woman lie about it??

Joe insists he was NOT talking to a girlfriend when cameras secretly taped him moaning, giggling and calling his wife a C-word — but we're not buying it!

Someone needs to throw Teresa some floaties to keep her from drowning in the denial river!

As a public figure and a mother of four beautiful daughters, it's her responsibility to show that Joe's behavior is intolerable!

Nobody deserves to be cheated on, and NO ONE should put up with it!

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

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16 comments to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Juicy Joe Caught Cheating On Teresa AGAIN!”

  1. 1

    Oh come on Teresa, it's a blessing not to have to fuck Juicy Joe.

  2. 2

    He's sicilian, they all cheat on their wives and lie…sort of like the Kennedys. Teresa is just going to have to deal with it, bubble-head that she is.

  3. jerseygal22 says – reply to this


    This is SO true! My friend took a picture with him the night he was with this girl in AC! My friend told me he even told him that Teresa was at home & laughed about it! He called us that night to tell us about it!

  4. 4

    This half wit Teresa should be ashamed! She is an embarrassment to strong women. Although Joe is an obese very unattractive egotistical short pig (anyone else think he needs to wear a bra?) It's Teresa fault for allowing him to treat her and the kids like he does, therefore, if she is not strong enough to stand up to him the dumb bitch deserves everything she gets. I am hoping a divorce, no house and no money that might put her in her place for a while. She is totally delusional and has lost touch with reality. She needs some serious counselling and so do those kids.

  5. 5

    Have you seen the pics for proof? The woman was a cocktail waitress and there were NO signs of cheating. Stop talking out of your ass Perez!

  6. GiaB says – reply to this


    Excellent! She's a narcissistic, lying trash pile. She doesn't leave him because no one else would have her.

  7. chelli says – reply to this


    What is wrong w Theresa? She really is delusional!! That woman is out of control!

  8. yo says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2jive – Agreed. Could there be anything worse than an ugly, short, guido? YUCK!! She needs to dump this loser…she clearly suffers from self-confidence…sad….This guy would have to pay for sex, because no other girl would do it for free….what a loser…to pay for sex is the most desperate, sad thing you can do as a man…point blank….it is not cool…just screams you cannot get sex any other way…losers.

  9. 9

    Of course it's true! That dude has several women on the side - and he's so cocky, blatant and smug about it. I bet Teresa would be a far less angry and miserable person if she got some respect for herself and stopped living a lie. I have no idea why she covers for him and makes herself look like a pathetic moron.

  10. 10

    All the venom she spews toward the other women on the show is a result of the weakness and despair that she feels in her own life.

  11. OhDearMe says – reply to this


    Ok, since Joe WASN'T speaking to a girl on his cell…THEN maybe Joe speaks to guys that way? Andy Cohen better watch out! ;)

  12. judy says – reply to this


    Re: Realitychecker – i find your attitude disgusting. if it is true, joe is the one who should lose the house and the kids…he's an abusive beast lately. i hope it's not true but teresa DOES stand up for herself. she always tells him not to talk to her like that when he tells her to shut up or something…and he sure towed the line when that phone call in napa was revealed, buying her diamonds and all. some men are verbally abusive and never buy flowers or jewelry to make up for it. i hope teresa takes care of herself and that joe stops this terrible behavior.

  13. judy says – reply to this


    Re: LAgossipwhore – finally, someone on this site is saying something profound, insightful, compassionate, and intelligent. i couldn't agree more. i've only seen season 4 and boy was it ugly. last night, i saw episode 1, season 3, and teresa was so much kinder and gentler and it was joe gorga who was a drunken mess, telling his own sister she was "garbage' and to walk away. then of course there was snarky melissa, already going for the jugular in her very first episode, blaming teresa for the fight that joe gorga started! as the women have converged on her and betrayed her, perhaps her hubby as become worse too…according to things i've heard, he was much nicer and drank less in the past…poor teresa is getting it from all sides and her nerves are wracked and frayed. i fear she'll have a nervous breakdown soon. a person can only take so much!

  14. lisa lux says – reply to this


    i love teresa and hubby joe…….ieverone keeps telling teresa to own uo to her lies and accusatins shes made to fams and friends……well was clearly stated by kim d that teresa did not know or stsate the mrs Gorga was stripper…..did any of the hollier then thou housewives own up to thier lies And accusatons…..Oh and dont forget about every time durin season four MRs Gorga would say on camera …..i really would love to see my hudband and his come together……but you see her in the next segmant saying to her husband…..you sister is unbeleavale shes this shes that and so and so on…Amazing!!!!!

  15. Mary says – reply to this


    Their marrige is such a joke.. i understand we ge the edited version of their marrige.. but still he never provied constructive ways of going about things.. his solution is what ever… who gives a shit." Then on RHWNJ he's on the phone making all sorts of provokitive gruts and giggles as if to a women. Then proceeds to call his wife a C**t, and call her a B****.. Any women who puts up with that is truely sick in the head. But she keeps shrugging it off as Humor and she totally wrong.. it's Abuse. He's with you for the publicity Teresa, nothing more. Get rid of him he's a peice of shit and start figuring out who Theresa is without Joe!!!!!!!

  16. flawlessblazin says – reply to this


    It is sooo strange that people worry about Tre so much. Look, I am not a fan of her, but it seems as though the show makes this couple (Tre and Joe) out to be villians and the rest of them are squeeky clean. Nobody sees that Caroline's husband and Jacqueline's husband is never around. Perhaps, it is true that Tre won't stoop to air the other's dirty laundry! Think about that. Even when Kim D admitted that Tre was not part of the Angelo setup, They still looked for something to grasp and accuse her of. Look deep, from season 3 and 4… She is not that bad; She has a problem articulating and that's all!!