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60 comments to “Stacey Dash Defends Her Right To Vote For Romney On Piers Morgan Tonight

  1. 1

    thats right stacey!!! couldn't agree more

  2. 2

    She's a nobody star trying to weasel her way back into the spotlight. She could have still easily given her opinion without all the theatrics of the photo shoot. She was craving attention and that's what she's getting. Perez, please stop giving these people attention.

  3. kandycane says – reply to this


    Oh … What happen to not disseminating? Anti Bullying? Tolerance for those that believe differently?

    Oh yeah it's BS. I don't let a bunch of drugged out slut bag celebs tell me how to vote because they don't live in the real world, or even reality

  4. 4

    Libhate: Stacey Dash, Aunt Tom!!!
    Going against the agenda of the Left is just about as serious as going against the Koran.
    When you’ve won over Piers Morgan, that is very telling.

  5. boo radley says – reply to this


    i watched him for a while

  6. 6

    I am so proud of you, Stacey. Keep up the fight and help other people of color to see the truth.

  7. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    She is right she does have a right to choose who she should vote for… I think she is crazy and delusional but it is her right. I always heard there was something wrong with her now is see that is behind all the rumors.

  8. 8

    Fuck her. Old bitch will start looking old like the witch in Snow White in 2 more years.

  9. Zip says – reply to this


    A Black person joining the Republican Party, is like a Jew joining the Nazi Party, or Gays joining gay bashing hate groups–it speaks to an individual hating who they are, and hating their own culture and people. She is a self-hating House Negro, who, by her own personal actions, she just joined the KKK–congratulations for exposing who you truly are…publicly.

  10. 10

    What? Is someone going to come out supporting that guy from Adventures in Babysitting too? Who cares about actresses I've never heard of and can't remember from an old movie. I thought his was celeb gossip!!!

  11. chichimagee says – reply to this


    Such a smart brave girl! We love you Stacey!

  12. 12

    You are a very smart and brave young woman! God Bless You Stacey!

  13. Meh... says – reply to this


    Re: Zip
    Oh so if you're black, you have to be a Dem…. sure honey. Just like all whites have to be Republicans? How about you make your own mind based on policy and views and not on skin color and you let others do the same.

  14. 14

    Wow, she is pretty ignorant

  15. naira says – reply to this


    Stacey your time is up soooo hang it up…im sure there are lots of black rep. but they dont have to make a point or make it public, she wants attention and she knew she'll get it, but now she needs to disappear.

  16. myrightsxoxox says – reply to this


    I think my problem with this is that she offers no valid reason to be voting for Romney. If you are going to use your platform to endorse a candidate, at least be aware of the issues and give real reasons WHY you will vote for them. I would make the same argument for celebrities who are Obama supporters. We are not united" is not enough of a reason to be endorsing a candidate.

  17. Tisha says – reply to this


    Re: Zip – your such an idiot!….just because some of us are black does not mean we have to vote for a black president…we vote for who we think is the right choice for our country…by the way me and my black family are also voting for Mitt Romney for President…go Romney!

  18. SpeakingUp says – reply to this


    You are ignorant and I'm ashamed that you spew out rhetoric that you cannot back up. Your ancestors may have been oppressed but you cannot see that your hatred of your own race makes you just as asinine as the KKK.

  19. SpeakingUp says – reply to this


    Re: SpeakingUp – my post was in regards to Zip and his ignorant, unsupportive comment.

  20. Jaded says – reply to this


    Oh course she is voting for Romney her parents are wealthy, her brother is was worth something crazy like $90m. Although the company her brother founded/owns DME Interactive Holdings (Digital Mafia Enterprises) had it's trading registration suspended by the SEC after it failed to file annual and quarterly reports. Things like this wouldn't happen under Mitt Romney because Mitt would make sure that people who were doing shady shit were prosecuted, unless of course they are rich people, and the mob.

  21. 21

    She has a right to her opinion so why do people bash her? Is there are rule somewhere that all celebs should be democrats?

  22. 22

    And it is the public's right to jump all over your ass for your eff'd up stance supporting two liars who have no intention of helping the middle class or people of color. So be so bold beeyatch to go public with something that you know will be controversial and get ready to get ridiculed and chastised for it. Nothing more ridiculous than a person of color identifying themselves as rethuglican, a woman identifying herself as rethuglican and/or an LGBT rethuglican. All 3 categories mean absolutely nothing to rethuglicans. In fact they think that people of color are 2nd class citizens, women deserve to make less than men and a gay or lesbian or bi or transgender are the scum of the earth and should burn in hell.
    So yeah miss Stacey dash, you ass, you are a disgrace and deserve all the public humiliation I hope you continue to suffer from.

  23. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Wow, so many hateful and nasty responses directed towards a woman who plans to vote for a candidate she believes in. Demanding proof and reasons on why she chooses to vote this way is ludicrous. She clearly stated that she watched an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Romney on Meet the Press and that she felt they spoke to her. Just because you dislike her reasoning does not make it invalid or wrong. Stop with the vile and personal attacks - they're more detrimental than helpful to your platform. Peoples behavior this election has truly disgusted me and I seriously cannot wait for this whole process to be over.

  24. 24

    It is a shame that liberals complain about an actress supporting a Republican. I thought that liberals were supposed to be open to all people. Sometimes I really wonder about liberals.

  25. Lala says – reply to this


    It's better than voting for the liar that's currently holding the office now! He's done nothing but turn this country's economy to crap! Stacey Dash has a lot in common with a lot of voters! Time for a change girl! November 6th is going to be a great day for change!

  26. Zip says – reply to this


    @Tisha: You're the idiot, as Obama is of mixed race–being equal parts American White and African, he is not a Black man, but a mixed race man. I am confronting Stacey Dash based upon her choice–that being Romney, not because of his color, but because of his political views and that of the Republican Party. The Republican Party has a long standing history of hating Blacks and other people of color, and doing everything they can to put-down and belittle Blacks and people of color…on a daily basis, just watch Fox News, and listen to Republican run hate radio stations. The hosts of those shows, city to city, state to state, across the country–in addition to the local, state, and federal government politicians that regularly and happily guest on their shows, who happen to be Republicans, are are filled with hate speech, and hateful political policies aimed at minorities, 24/7…unimpedded, unapologetic. So yes, when I see someone who is Black, who claims to support such an evil party, I do have a real problem with them and their support for that evil. And yes, they do deserve to be condemned.

  27. Zip says – reply to this


    @Meh: Who was following Hitler? Answer: Whites. The Nazis called themselves the Third Reich, and did you know that the Bush family patriarch Senator Prescott Bush was a supporter of Hitler and the Nazi Party? Well, he was…that is a historical fact…and the truth is, the Republican Party is nothing but a rebirth of the Nazi Party–this is their Fourth Reich, and if you are fool enough to follow them, you will fall with them as Hitler and the Germans did.

  28. 28

    she can vote for who she damn well wants to. isnt that what freedom is all about? you hypocrites judging her can take a seat.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    u fucking ill-informed, biased MORON! "Backlash?" What Dash received was not a simple backlash. It was hate, threats of violence and death threats. If one of your side's supporters received the same, it would be "EVIL DEATH THREATS" headline news on perez.com

  31. 31

    Re: Chanbo – What flavor is Obama Koolaid? You really must like it!

  32. 32

    I just can not understand why ANY woman would vote, let alone endorse that PIG. He lies about his own platform just to save face but I'm not going to forget how much you hate women Mitt!! Stop trying to take away Women's Rights, stop denying EQUAL rights for my Gay friends and how about stop taking away from the poor you disgusting pig vomit. Stacey…you want to talk about character?!? This says A LOT about the type of person you are. It is MY RIGHT to never ever watch anything with you ion it ever again..aw wait a minute…your career is OVER!

  33. 33

    Team Stacey

  34. 34

    Finally a black person who gets it. Good for her. But Obama is still gonna win.

  35. 35

    Obuma walks on walk to some of you!! You defend Obuma like he some kind of god and dont even look at the mistakes or lies that this man is does! You slam anybody or everybody for the opposite of your opinions. Wow! Black votes against a black, she is a piece of crap! Watch Ryan tear Biden a new asshole! You people need to watch old video's of Obuma and Rev Wright and see who you are really backing! Do some research you lazy ass fucks and watch the other news. I do and I am in shock! Get educated, you bunch of uneducated VOTERS!!!!

  36. 36

    Re: PiXiEgYpSy – REALLY!! Mitt has done all this already and he is not even the President!! You people are wacked and delusional.. Praise Obuma cause he talks the talk but cant walk the walk! You dont think Obuma is talking out both sides of his mouth! You are crazy and stay with CNN and Al Sharpton.

  37. 37

    "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America 's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America 's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."

    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

  38. Deb says – reply to this


    Re: WillowWynde – Agreed.

  39. 39

    I wonder if she likes the" severely conservative" Mitt who lies to teabaggers or the liberal Mitt we saw in the debate? Hard to know since his positions change by the hour… to the point his own website can't keep up with the platform he's speaking of at any given moment. lol

  40. Shutupanddrive says – reply to this


    I'm thinking this person isn't African-American. So what if she speaks out about who she wants to vote for (which should be private in the first place). It's a free country. That's what us liberals are all about and as such, people shouldn't bash her for her choice.

  41. kayle says – reply to this


    First of all she is right! I am voting for Obama, but she has every right to vote for who she wants!!!!! And the whole black white thing.. clearly this woman is NOT all black! She is clearly bi-racial which means she doesn't see things so BLACK AND WHITE like Black people who are not mixed. She has every right to vote for who she wants! Leave her alone!

  42. 42

    Re: kayle – They cant because they are liberals who think they are allowed to throw stones at anybody or everybody!! If the right does it, we are bigots or racist!
    I admit I am racist because they allow BET,black pageants, black magazines and make jokes all day about the whites and NOTHING is said! This President put you guys back another 10+ yrs! The entitled people really feel they are owed everything they get! Not speaking veterans, retired or the handicap. We are talking the low lifes in this country who have done nothing to be getting paid by the government!
    O bye the way! Where are the jobs shovel ready?? NOWHERE!! Lies! The unemployment #'s is a hoax!! Truth will come out!!!!!

  43. 43

    Look how you people act when a black woman goes against your belief! You all need to move to another country because I guess you forget why this country is the best country!!! Hippocrates… The have's & the have not's!! AMAZING!!

  44. Mellymel1982 says – reply to this


    She sound like a white woman when she talks.

  45. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Yenkme – you want some cheese with your WHINE princess?!! riiiight because white people are hardly EVER on tv so you all need your own network poor things can't EVER see yoursleves on tv when you want! And those mean old darkies make fun of whites while white people have NEVER made jokes about blacks nor denied blacks access to schools,jobs or beuaty pageants those horrible old darkies are so mean and so SELFISH wanting to keep you siantly whites down shame on them[rolls eyes to heaven!]

  46. Lauren says – reply to this


    @FloridaEvans since when is 46 'old'?

  47. 47

    Re: Lauren – Your ancestors would roll over in there graves to see what you guys have done since then!! What a joke! The only country that still is living off those days! Remember there was a war between the north & south. In your world everybody had slaves!!

  48. 48

    She has the right to vote for who she wants. And people have the right to question that decision. It's fair game.

  49. A. Anderson says – reply to this


    Poor Stacey. She is talking about unity?!! Does she know what the Republican agenda has been since day 1 - determined to "Make him fail". Does she understand that the republicans in the congress have blocked any economic movement forward that Obama has proposed. She speaks of "the state of the country". Does she realize that these congressional blockages and billion dollar opposition money has sponsored these kinds of setbacks? Does she realize what is at stake with women's rights - her rights - hard fought rights that have taken decades to attain. I respect her right, but wish she would think about what she is hearing with the disingenuous statements that Romney and Co. have been saying all year, changing some statements, and denying that they have changed- lot of lies and deceit on the part of the Romney camp. They are saying anything to get elected with no promise of fulfilling anything that benefits the populace as a whole - only the rich. Please think more deeply about your selection of Romney. I really don't understand her reasoning. It sounds very naive.

  50. marbinx says – reply to this


    Re: Zip – wow, ur the reason obama got elected in the first place. idiot

  51. paula says – reply to this


    Re: light2you – obama voters are actually the most ignorant people around. not only do the blacks vote for him, only because he is black (which is completely idiotic) but the minute amount that now will vote for him (whites) are half brained and know nothing about his campaign. goes to show you how much this country depends on romney. he is our only choice. Obama doesnt give a shit, and he only knows one thing….how to spend money.

  52. marnx says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren – Everyone that is DONE with the slavery speech, please say "I"… ANd while we re at it, everyone who is done with Mr. Obama saying "I inherited thid country in a economic crisis" blah blah say "I" I mean thats the only way obama voters get any sympathy….is when they spew about slavery. Obama is not lincoln, he did not change it in anwy way. ANd america is not a fad, and the fad is not to have a black president, just because. Its to have a GOOD president. Obama happens to be black, and not intelligent at all. I base this all on his actions….not his color. Like most of you obama lovers.

  53. Alessandra says – reply to this


    Re: Zip – ok I just cannot stand listening to your ignorance anymore. Yes, there was racism and for some there continues to be racism. But the ONLY way that this will be overcome is o not match hate for hate. Do YOU personally know any nazis? Because I am a white republican and have no affiliation with any nazis just like I would assume that you have no affiliation with any black panther members ( who were also racist violent demonstrators)** although judging from your hate spewing ignorance I would not be surprised. Every American regardless of color is entitled to their personal views for their own futures. Take your hate mongering idiocy elsewhere, and please for the love of all that is holy get your mind right. You are clearly broken.

  54. Hung says – reply to this


    I support you Stacey.and I don't like the lady with the name on comment Evans Bitch talk about you. She a sucker. This is America. She just want Obama follow him OK

  55. GRAND DRAGON says – reply to this


    Thank you for endorsing our candidate Stacey Dash- sincerely THE GRAND DRAGON OF THE KKK- CHAPTER 13

  56. GRAND DRAGON says – reply to this


    We will take your name off our list of scheduled cross burning btw

  57. Blackvotingformit says – reply to this


    way to go Stacey I am a black woman too and I am voting for Mitt Romney. I am so sick and tired of poor white trash and poor nothing to do blacks and hispanics feeding off the system.Our money needs to be kept in our pockets we deserve it because we have worked hard. We can't help that you don't have proper heath care and chose not to further your education.Romney was right about the 47% percent. We shouldn't care about the have nots.. its not our place.He will get this country back to where it should be.

  58. futurehomelessinUSA says – reply to this


    Stacey I agree with you I would vote for George Bush 3rd(mitt) as well but I have a slight problem I'm voting for Obama.PS for all dumbasses I'm writing in the library. I had a house before George Drunk Bush got into office. Mitt Robme and Paul Lying ASS Ryan will have you out of yours too Stacey because I haven't seen any job offerings for you but when they get in office you can make some molasses and biscuits in the kitchen for them…

  59. mids says – reply to this


    Re: Zip

    Wow you're so ignorant. First of all Stacey is mixed. There is obviously no self-hate. Second, you're racist if you're going to vote for someone based on the color of their skin. Obama is mixed as well. So a mixed person doesn't want to vote for a mixed person. Only a racist looks at a candidate and chooses them because their skin is light brown.

  60. midsmonkey says – reply to this


    Re: Mellymel1982

    How can you talk like a white person. There are white people with British accents, Southern accents, Valley girl accents and white people who talk like eminem(ebonics). If you're educated you speak proper English