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Lindsay Lohan SPEAKS: Dina Was Sober! Michael Is SHAMEFUL!

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lindsay lohan talks dina fight

This is… you know what? We’re actually at a loss for words!

Moments ago, Lindsay Lohan did something we thought she would never do. In light of her recent drama with her mother Dina Lohan, and all of the wild speculations as of late, Lindsay decided to defend herself today.

Mostly, Lindsay wanted to clear the air about what happened between she and her mother Tuesday night in New York. Shockingly, Lindsay swears that while they got into a very heated argument, she confesses she LIED to her father Michael about Dina being high on cocaine. In fact, she swears that Dina wasn’t even drinking at the restaurant – not a bar! – that they were hanging out at.

In speaking out today, she shared:

"I told my dad a really hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom. She was not on cocaine … Daughters have fights with their moms. It happens a lot. It's normal."

Yes, but not all of them are broadcasted over the Internet! Speaking of which, it sounds like the only person Lindsay is pissed at right now is her father for taking advantage of her in a time of need to get a little attention. She insists that the recording he released was edited to "his benefit" and that she should've "known better" than to trust him.

While she maintain that "a girl always wants a relationship with her dad," she claims that she is officially “done” with Michael, adding that “as a man, you don’t do this to your child.” She then went on to say:

“I’m ashamed for him. It is hurtful for me that he has chosen this road again.”

There we have to agree with you, Lindz! There we have to WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree with you!

But does anyone else worry that she is covering up for Dina? We all saw her on Dr. Phil and Lindsay sounded pretty devastated during that phone call.

Was their fight really just a "personal argument" that escalated with Lindsay got "disrespectful," like she claims … or is Lindsay more loyal to her mother than any of us ever knew?!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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36 comments to “Lindsay Lohan SPEAKS: Dina Was Sober! Michael Is SHAMEFUL!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    Now she's getting somewhere. Clarity can be difficult, but she's getting some. Pats her on the back.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Does he make money betraying and releasing her personal cries for help? All she wants is a real dad that she could count on privately.

  3. yup yup says – reply to this


    same old fake fed stories "leaks" blah blah blah. im so suprised that wild headline grabbing acusations would be released giving time to allow media attention, then retracted to save face. yeah thats never been done before. please. fake arse sh$t but an actress with no shame trying to bring attention to her movie. ffffaaakkkeee

  4. yup yup says – reply to this


    on a side note she looks like a muppet. meth is a powerful drug

  5. Joe says – reply to this


    Damn, gurl looks good for 26, don't she?

  6. 6

    No matter what went on, it was shameful for her father to release the recording. You know it's because he has a vendetta against his ex and he should never put his children in the middle of that.

  7. 7

    She needs to stop messing with her face. What kind of plastic surgery sh*t is she doing to herself. It looks horrible.

  8. KJC says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who thinks Lindsay is covering for her mom??

  9. 9


  10. 10

    This family is a complete disaster!

  11. 11

    Re: KJC – i was thinking the same thing. She is soo self important that she would blast her mom. But then realize that she was wrong and lovers her mom and cover it up. DIna and Lindsay are both on drugs/drinking

  12. 12

    Her lips like those red, fake wax candy store thingys we used to buy when we were kids.
    Poor Lindsay.

  13. andrew says – reply to this


    So sorry for you Lindsay…..your dad leaked your personal cry for help……thats wrong !
    But you are strong and caught up between your parents….

  14. cloey says – reply to this


    I guess I'm the only person that thinks she is a manipulative little wah wah. I mean, you know your father takes every criticism of your mother to the press, so you call him in the middle of the night and tell him that your mom is on cocaine and wasted and other crap. He's wrong for going to the press about it but she's wrong for telling lies and getting the whole thing started. If she really wants her family to get along and stop going to the press, she needs to grow up and stop running back and forth between the two and stirring the pot.

  15. 15

    She's trying to do PR control. We already know Dina is probably smoking rocks and ain't even got the money for that powder. Just peep her Dr. Phil interview. Crackwhore.

  16. 16

    Re: luvs2jive – My laugh for the day! Thanks bitch! I'm seriously weak!

  17. LindsayLohanFan says – reply to this


    I Love Lindsay Lohan .. But She Is covering up for dina.. and she should stayed covered with Real good people. Because she is heading down the wrong path. she should make a vid saying all this stuff. she Needs HELP!! its just sad .. i can't wait to see Liz and dick the trailer looks amazing but she needs to fix her personal problems. i have faith in this girl. she twist the world back to her nice and approving life. in her 30s she should get better

  18. chanel says – reply to this


    Lindsay Lohan needs major therapy asap and to cut her parents out of her life. They are toxic for her. So sad.

  19. 19

    Yeah, she's done with Michael until the next time he comes in useful in paying off someone Lindsay wants to stay quiet. This whole family is nuts! They're all on drugs, they're all violent and they all commit crimes and then cover for each other.

  20. 20

    Re: cloey – This is the smartest post I've read in a long time. She is a manipulative little girl and she plays these situations to her own advantage.

  21. 21

    co-dependent, Lindsey and her mom are enablers. There is no healthy reason for a mother an daughter to be out past 2:00am, her mother should be supportive of her daughters sobriety and would agree to meet her only in sober places. I dont care how big of a "star" you think you are, but restaurants shut down at reasonable hours, unless you want bar food that is what you are going to get at 2:00am. Lindsey I think you seriously need to get back in touch with reality, get clean and sober stay away from anyone that does not support you in that including your mother. As for her father, I can see why he released the tape he probably already sees them spinning out of control. Truthfully this girl is going to be gone in a few years the way she is living her life. She needs a good therapist, a good friend and some AA meetings.

  22. LindsayLohanFan says – reply to this


    Leave Micheal and Dina Lohan! Alone Lindsay, atleast help yourself and this year it seems you were getting better. until like partying at that hollywood house and left to new york to have a "party life" in California you supposedly stayed home and invite couple friends. but you go back to your hometown its like party with people in the club every night i think your better in California at least. your parents want your money honey! 40k over a house you could use that.. not hating but its the truth. tell them to get a job.. you got one as an actress/ photographer/music artist i love you! stay away from money hunger people and drama people. thats why you in all this stuff you put yourself in situation that you get blamed for .:0 omgg lindsay lohan was their

  23. 23

    She is such a liar, drunk and druggie…Daddy is a creep…Mommy is a liar, drunk and druggie.

  24. Shane Avery says – reply to this


    Check this out!!

  25. Maroon says – reply to this


    I think Dina's is partially the influence for the source of her self-denial and behavior. She exists in mother's self-delusional reality, and as codependent people often do, she's protecting her mother from the consequences of it. She is fighting both her parent's battles, when in reality both parent's are constantly throwing her under the bus, publically and privately by not telling the truth when they really need to about their daughter (and themselves…) and making her take the wrap for having to keep up this false charade that probably she spends more energy thinking about than she really needs to for a recovering addict.

    How is a young girl supposed to come to terms with reality when the truth is apparently being hidden by both parents are overly concerned about what the press thinks and not even focusing on keeping their family grounded. For someone trying to get over their emotional issues, she needs to shut off from both parents and find her own point of view…

  26. 26

    HE is a piece of shit for recording his daughter when she was so distressed and RELEASING it to the media. WHO DOES THAT?! But yeah, she probably *is* covering for her mother… the entire thing is just so, so sad. I feel really bad for her.

  27. Love24 says – reply to this


    Re: LindsayLohanFan – I agree..now we know why she is the way she is, her parents. She has to parent one and be betrayed by the other. People say she should turn her back on them, but the fact that she sticks by them only shows lindsayss nice side because she cares about her family. She's trying, she may still always get in teouble, but she's changed in other ways and at least she's working again. Liz and dick looks great. She looks just like liz. She's still only 26 so she will continue to grow. If you look at other stars who had similar problems, they didn't change until their 30s. Shell get there..its a process. Habbits are hard to break free from especially when you're young

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Love24 – Somewhat agree. You can't really dump your parents, especially if you don't want to and care about them. She can, however, get some help from a pro and set boundaries with them both and tell them clearly what she expects and what is and isn't ok now. (Private calls are NOT to be sold or released or you simply won't be called anymore, that kind of thing.) She's old enough to have her life and privacy be respected by both of those two. Good luck.

  29. sasha says – reply to this


    at least she's lookin good<3 go lindsay!! :D :D

  30. Grace Taylor says – reply to this


    Poor Lindsay! When the rest of us have an argument with our mom, the neighbors don't call the police. I do believe that no matter what Lindsay does, even when its to protect her mom, people and the media turn on her. She is young, beautiful and talented–that makes good reading for the papparazzi and a lot of jealous tabloid readers.

  31. Grace Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: LindsayLohanFan – Lindsay Lohan doesn't "think" she is a star. She is a star, so get over it!

  32. Luke says – reply to this


    The grammar and punctuation throughout this piece is appalling. Who does your proof reading - Helen Keller?

  33. yup yup says – reply to this


    Re: tateration2

    you bring up a good point. how do you think he knew to record the conversation. because the story is made up. they set the whole thing up. plus if she was so mad at him she could sue him for recording and releasing the convo without her knowledge. but she wont do that because again it is all a set up. come on people, i can't believe people honestly believe any of this is real. its hollywood and its a family of no talent fame whores fake fake fake

  34. sungddss says – reply to this


    sounds like someone is doing their own version of damage control … LiLo needs to separate herself from both parents - her mother is a leech and her father is just as worse

  35. 35

    Everyone is saying she's grown and you shouldn't blame her parents. But I do, because she needs them. She can't trust anyone in Hollyweird, so she's latching on to them. She IS covering up for Dina. Dina brain washes her. She was probably like, 'Who are you gonna trust huh, the parent who gets high and parties with you but keeps things on the dl, or the parent who secretly records you and tells the world your business?' Lindsey is beautiful and talented. But with parents like these, the poor girl sadly does not stand a chance.

  36. 36

    divorce them both