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4 comments to “Olivia Wilde Says Sex Comments Were Taken Out Of Context”

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    Shut up Mario. No one in Hollywood "keeps it real." They all pose, run their big mouths for attention, and then insist what they said was "taken out of context" and that they're victimized by the press. You love it because you're a moron and it gives you more to steal from other sites. Olivia Wilde is a stupid bitch who should learn to keep her fucking mouth shut. Seems she's starting to believe her OTT press; she's not that interesting, and I don't care who she fucks and how she fucks. The dumb whore.

  2. Kevin Flynn Is Pissed! says – reply to this


    1. She RUINED Tron Legacy.
    2. She is mis matched with her current unfunny SNL 'alum' BF.
    3. Liberals make racist comments all the time. Here, have some candy for your eye sores.
    4. She is ALMOST a full Jewess of Hollywood (needs more work though) who walks between the cracks, walks on water, and who's shit don't stink….ALMOST!

  3. 3

    Meh, it's what you'd expect from a feminist type event. Most of their monologues consisted of them blaming men for anything and everything under the sun…Women are bad enough with the whole "zomg it's men's fault" with their shifting the blame mentality. But feminists are even worse. In the feminist circle talking about your vagina like Olivia did is considering "empowering" LOL.

    Which is kind of funny, women whine about being objectified, but they turn around and basically objectify themselves stating things like "I have a uterus" "don't control my vagina" when talking about the beyond idiotic "war on women" Which basically means all they have to bring to the table is their vagina. Epic fail on their part.

  4. 4

    But the funniest part is how she backed down so quickly. She's suppose to feel empowered. Openly talking about your vajayjay and sex. What olivia said is what feminists actually encourage. Olivia being the far left feminazi she is backed down so damn fast. Feminism: strong, smart and independent, until things get a little bit difficult. Then they cave :) JUST LIKE Olivia did.