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Kristen Stewart Owns Robbert Pattinson's Heart! Rob Reveals His Fave Romantic Twilight Moment!

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Kristen Stewart Robbert Pattinson kiss

Get ready to release a deep romantic sigh!

Robert Pattinson's looove for Kristen Stewart is as undying as his Twilight alter ego!

How do we know? When recently asked which romantic scene with Stewie was his favorite to shoot, he answered (without hesitation):

”There was a bit in the first one when Bella is in hospital, and she says, ‘Don’t ever leave me again,’ and I say, ‘Where am I going to go?’ I still think that’s my favorite scene — mainly because it’s so different to what happens after it.”

The other reason why her loves THAT scene and those sweet words: he and KStew improvised them! SO SWEET!

Rod added:

“Maybe it’s because we made up the lines, and that’s how different that shoot was. In every film afterwards, the idea of us just making up lines was unheard of. Everyone was so militant, like, ‘It has to be from the book.’ So I love that bit.”

They are SO back together!

His adorable and speedy response is proof loving thoughts about his Bella Swan are swimming around in his vampire brain all day!

Okay, all together now…. SIGH!!

[Image via Twilight]

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17 comments to “Kristen Stewart Owns Robbert Pattinson's Heart! Rob Reveals His Fave Romantic Twilight Moment!”

  1. 1

    He is soooo sweet.

  2. Erika says – reply to this


    Old interview, Perez.

  3. Tinny says – reply to this


    i want them to be together forever just like their alter-egos

  4. 4

    That scene drives me crazy mainly because her nasal cannula keeps moving up and down her face for the different shots. During the close ups it's at a different angle on her face. I like when she finds him at the festival and they kiss inside the Volturi building. The second movie is my favorite so far.

  5. I do says – reply to this


    Nice article Perez you do really well when you're saying nice things about people should try it more often

  6. teri says – reply to this


    all together now…ewwww. she is so annoying in that scene. uh what,uh no, blah blah blah she stutters and stammers and sounds like an idiot in it.

  7. 7

    Dude….Spell check!

  8. sisi south africa says – reply to this


    Verrrry old thank you for pointing that out and perez you are lame IYOH! "they're so back together "sigh ooooh thats so stupid and your basing it on such an old interview hmmmm thats low man even for you perfake.

  9. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    That part of the movie was when I thought this girl cannot act that was terrible. That is why they weren't allow to make up lines againa because their first try was so bad.

  10. nina says – reply to this


    This interview was done BEFORE the cheating scandal, get your facts!!!

  11. Tennessee Born says – reply to this


    Really folks….this relationship will falter right after BD2 airs and makes her close. Pattinson has more pride than to settle for someone who doesn't love him with the same depth. It's all about making money on this last film. Close with a financial bang and it's a win, win for all involved. The more money the film makes, the more KS & RP and Summit bankrolls.

  12. Annie says – reply to this


    You know, for someone who loves outing celebrities, I'm shocked you haven't outed Kristen by now. Or their 'relationship'.

  13. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Perez….lame, just lame. Boring too. I hope that summit isn't using them to fake getting back together….we would all feel used…BOTH side of fans, Rob and Kriten fans. Talk about pissed off fans and a backlash shitstorm starting. Twi fans will go ballistic of course. That would look really bad for both Rob and Kristen to allow Summit to use them like that just for money. It would say a lot about their greed….the actors and Summit…not good. Perez you need to be patient for good news and stop posting bullshit stories.

  14. Lil.Hottie10 says – reply to this


    Oh please.what a bunch of BS!this is so fake,just like their relationship.they were never dating.it's all a publicity stunt just to promote their shitty ass movies.I went to see the first two with my parents and I wanted to throw up in there.and I also bailed on Eclipse, because I knew how bad it was going to be and I also bailed on Breaking Dawn:Part 1.so I'm definitely not planning on seeing Breaking Dawn:Part 2.I've got better things to do.

  15. ann says – reply to this


    Re: KStew Krew – Actually it's Kristen's PR team who said they reconciled, Rob did not and it is not his fault. He has gone out without her and was even seen with another woman. He has no PR team and has nothing to do with the PR. it all came from Kristen's team.

  16. Sylvia says – reply to this


    Every morning, Robert's voice wakes me up with the phrase "Are you afraid?" I love to hear his beautiful voice! Then I listen to Bella's lullaby, Clair de Lune, and more twilight songs on my AM Revolution app. (You can record his voice on it! ) I loved the Twilight books and the Twilight movies and their many wonderful soundtracks. It is sad that it's ending. I hope Stephanie Meyers keeps on writing more Twilight theme books. And I hope Robert and Kristen will forever be together. They really belong together cause they really love each other. It would make many, many people happy.

  17. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: canuckie – That's exactly what I was thinking..