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Octo-Mom's Current Nanny Defends Her Amidst Shocking Sexual Abuse Scandal!

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octomom current nanny defends her

Please, for the love of everything, please let this current nanny be speaking the truth!

Because the last thing this world needs is another round of Octo-Mom accusations proving true. Especially when they're about sexual abuse…

As we've been discussing, Octo's former nannies have accused of her swiping her children's incestuous abuse under the rug, claiming everything's "fine."

But her current nanny speaks a different tune!! She says:

"As far as I see, she's a good mom. She's got more patience than anyone I know."

Hmm.. well we can't think of a good reason why she'd lie. It's not exactly like Octo has a lot of money to buy her silence with.

Maybe all of this happened in the past, but that doesn't make it okay. So let's just hope the police get to the bottom of it! And soon!

[Image via WENN.]

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5 comments to “Octo-Mom's Current Nanny Defends Her Amidst Shocking Sexual Abuse Scandal!”

  1. 1

    First of all..
    the nannies asked the neighbor's to call cps… if they were serious about the issue they'd call themselves. no privacy clause would mean hiding abuse. That's just creepy. I'd be pissed if I was a neighbor.

    second claim.. she locked them in their bedroom for nap time. *GASP* what parent DOESN'T?? NONE. She NEEDS sleep. If this is how she has to do it to be a good parent then there is NO problem with it. Especially if the child has special needs. I have one of those.. there comes a point where you HAVE to sleep even if it means doing things not perfectly and it is MUCH better to have them in their room than playing in the knife or fork drawrer while you sleep!

    tying kids with cheese cloth. I guess this is actually common practice. I was told to do this myself since my child doesn't sleep through the night and I NEED sleep. I couldn't bring myself to do this and instead just stay up 24/7.. but most other people have to work and can't do that. And I was told by a very nice person to do this not some meth head but wife of a judge.

    But as for sexual abuse… that's the only part that triggers my WTF response.

  2. 2

    The nannies should have called CPS immediately! Don't they have some rule that folks in that position are mandated reporters?

  3. 3

    First I wanna say that I understand people's initial hatred of this women. When she made such bad decisions to begin with I was outraged as well.

    However, I do think that because of those decisions and the response of the public people see her as an easy target. I do think she gets unnecessarily attacked and accused of things now and really that is only more harmful than helpful.

    I hope that she is doing her best to support these kids and be a good mother to them.

  4. 4

    Those nannies that made the false claims should be put in jail! They are hurting those poor innocent children by making such disgusting claims. I've got to say Nadia must be a pretty strong women to get through all the shit people have been throwing her way.

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