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Man Who Confessed To Stocking Nelly's Bus With Heroin And Weed Pleads NOT GUILTY!

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brian keith jones pleads not guilty to heroin weed charges nelly tour bus


Sounds like someone is trying to backtrack on his confession!

When Nelly's tour bus was pulled over by authorities in Siera Blanca, Texas Thursday and was discovered to be housing 36 baggies of heroin and over ten pounds of marijuana, it was Brian Keith Jones who admitted to being responsible for them…as well as possession of a loaded .45 caliber pistol!

However, now that he's been arrested, the rapper's staff member plans to fight the charges, and was released on bond this weekend after pleading NOT GUILTY to the multiple felonies.


Seeing as he's already admitted to the crime, though, we have to wonder how on Earth he's going to argue in the courtroom that he's not responsible!

Unless there's other factors we're not aware of, of course!


Regardless, we'll be curious to see how this one develops!

How about U??

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9 comments to “Man Who Confessed To Stocking Nelly's Bus With Heroin And Weed Pleads NOT GUILTY!”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    Patsy for the rest of them, until he found out what kind of hit he'd take. It's not rocket science that he is backtracking is it PEREZ?

  2. Bubble says – reply to this


    It's pretty standard to plead "Not Guilty", then get an attorney and hope for the least possible sentence. Very few people who confess to a crime actually plead guilty, unless they just want the maximum sentence. Even I know that.

  3. Mitchell Alexander says – reply to this


    This is why I would neverrr buy a rap album . . . I'm not giving them money to pay for their bullshit

  4. u retard says – reply to this


    just cause he pleads not guilty doesn't fucking mean he's saying he didn't do it. lawyers usually recommend doing that its not fucking weird get a fucking clue

  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Bubble – I actually had a judge tell me to plead Not Guilty when I got busted for DUI a LONG time ago.

  6. DEANTHONY says – reply to this


    The entire bus should have got tested for the drugs found and results posted. esp. the heroin, CURIOUS

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  9. stlkid says – reply to this


    Nelly is a fucking dumbass he raps about selling drugs and how much weed he smokes he knew that the shit was on the bus he was probally high when the bus was pulled over nelly used to sell heroin in his early 20s. This guy is a dumb ass who can barley afford his house in euereka. He had alot of money but blew it away why would the police let him go. If me and my friends had a our bus and got caught with ten pounds of weed and nearly a half oz of h im sure we w ould all be arested let this guy go to jail. That half oz of heroin would definetly caused at least one person to od. This is sad what society had diminished to. Just because hes on a dumb tv show so he can afford his house payments. So my question is why isnt he in jail. Just beacuse hes nelly he gets of scott free thats bs. Fuck nelly I think he sucks.