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Katy Perry & John Mayer Reunite For A Hotel Party Hook-Up In The Big Apple!

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John Mayer Katy Perry Together NYC Hotel

Dayum! If there’s any celeb relationship that can be described as Hot N Cold off and on, it’s gotta be Katy Perry and John Mayer’s!

Nearly a week after it was reported that Katy had called it quits (once again) from John, it seems the two had a little rendezvous this weekend!

Earlier on Saturday night, Mz. Perry took the stage (below) at Comedy Central’s Night Of Too Many Stars in NYC, where she performed Firework alongside a young autistic girl.

Later on that night, however, Katy linked up with John at Hotel Chantelle, where they were spotted getting cozy up in VIP!

Reportedly, the two were seen kissing at their roped-off table near the deejay booth, where Katy’s friend, Mia Moretti, was spinning!

Though Katy showed up at the party with a large group of friends, she ended up LEAVING with the notorious lothario!

Could the California Gurl really turn out to be John’s Queen Of California??

[Images via WENN.]

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32 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer Reunite For A Hotel Party Hook-Up In The Big Apple!”

  1. 1

    A series of casual hook-ups can hardly be called a relationship.

  2. Mona says – reply to this


    I SHIP THEM SO HARD!!!! <3

  3. 3

    Katy's mental illness & alcoholism is getting worse daily…..just being seen with John Mayer is medical verification of INSANITY….

  4. Mila says – reply to this


    couldn't be happier for them. wish them luck!

  5. 5

    Dam! Would love to read John's play book!! The pootang is overwelming and the sex is got to be GREAT!!!! Keep up the good work John!! I could had a few to that hit list!! ROCK ON!!

  6. Monique says – reply to this


    These two have been solid since they got together early in the year. I don't know why the tabloids keep making up break up stories.

  7. reallyrosie? says – reply to this


    Call a hookup what u want rosebud, but hookups with same person is diving into a relationship and leading hearts on, you really think ladies don't read into it as just a bootycall,? Every lady I known that ever go into just sex hookups, always turned out wanting more, good luck with that lie to yourself john.

  8. Whatever... says – reply to this


    There are pics and tweets out there that say they were having an argument in public Saturday night. Heard she likes to pick fights, get drunk, and throw things at him. If that is true, John should dump her.

  9. Emmy says – reply to this


    Who said they every broke up?

  10. Jessica says – reply to this


    I know for a fact John is just using her for sex and has zero romantic feelings for her. She is in love with him and feeling victorious he is by her side, but she is a DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, CLUELESS bitch.

  11. Sarah says – reply to this


    Perez you forgot to mention that he was also with his boyfriend Ricky Van Veen. He will never commit because he doesn't like women people. Get with the program.

  12. Cah says – reply to this


    Getting cozy? They were fighting so hard everyone was staring. Geez.

  13. hola says – reply to this


    John please check babybluezzz tumblr, the name is joy..been trying to contact you for over 2 years now over an issue that pertains to you and even has proof over the claims. Does someone claiming to be your soulmate deserve a minutue of your time? Or do you even care bout yourself to even find out? How can looking into the matter be any worse or as insane as parading booty calls ? Either way you will find out about me when I finish my book because you will be in it the book. With or without my answers I been begging for from you, and you are writing yourself into it right now, and the image you are leaving others to see is not a good one.. so go on keep showing the world how one should lust and you will find yourself waking with more regrets everyday.

  14. 14

    I for the life of me cannot understand how people do not see through the tabloid BS. They are never alone together, they are always with a group of friends. This is a publicity stunt people. I also think you people need to look closer at the pics cause John's boyfriend Ricky Van Veen was right behind him. His publicists have created this womanizing image for him so he doesn't have to explain why he doesn't stay with women. He doesn't like them.

  15. Jutka says – reply to this


    Megmondom őszintén ilyen dologban nem szabad beleszólni a kettőjük gondjában, nekik kell eldönteni hogy megtudnak egymás nélkül lenni vagyis élni, mivel 2-gyermekről van szó!
    Én azt mondom ha az egyik fél megsebezte a másik fél lelkét, azt már nem lehet helyre hozni, mert a lélek nyugalma egy házasságban nagyon fontos,és a hit. A házasság ezekben rejlik! Ha a bizalom már nincs meg, sértett lélekkel nem lehet együtt élni! Ez a gyerekek számára sem jó! Tehát a feleség nagyon szép, még az életben ő helyt tud állni, csak a gyerekeket nagyon kell szeretni,és egyik félnek sem kell mutatni a szomorúságot! MERT EZ NAGYON SZOMORÚ, ( A VÁLLÁS!)

  16. Me Again says – reply to this


    Twinter, you crack me up "They are never alone together."? Say wha?! How the heck should you know? If they were alone, how would we even know about it? I get your point, but candid stars of celebs "alone" are very rare. I just hope they can love each other as people no matter how this whole thing turns out and it's none of my concern.

  17. 17

    Re: Me Again – If it is none of your concern then why are you commenting. Also what I meant by alone together was alone on a date together, like just the two of them having dinner. Its always a group of friends that are dining together. There are countless celeb couples who probably had dinner that night as well and these two just happened to get photographed. It is staged, they want you to believe it. Publicity stunt!

  18. 18

    Re: Emmy – Who said that they were ever dating?..Hmmmmmm ..noone!

  19. DJ says – reply to this


    I wonder what they were fighting about in public on Saturday night.

  20. 20

    Oh well, looks like Katy wanted to get on the John Mayer merry-go-round again. I don't understand why Katy likes him so much. Katy could get almost any guy in Hollywood or anywhere if she half tried to get out there and meet some of them. Are John and Katy going to do some songs together for her next album?

    Sometimes I wonder if Katy even wants a real, long term relationship like she seems to want in the lyrics of her songs. I bet 95% of Katy's fans think that things will end badly with John Mayer.

    Why waste time with him? John is a lot like Katy's ex-husband Russell. They think of each new woman they're with as if they are a new flavor to try at an ice cream store … for a little while. Then, it's "see ya" … on to the next one.

  21. 21

    Katy seems to love those "bad boys" even though they inevitably end up screwing her over one way or another. If she doesn't like "good boys" then maybe she should try to find a combination of both.

    Maybe she could find a guy who likes to drink a little, have fun, go out on the town a lot and so forth but he's NOT a jerk who will cheat on her, play games, use her for sex, be inconsiderate to her, take her for granted, etc.

    Those guys are out there Katy! Katy should go to more social functions where there's a bunch of single guys or something. Who knows, maybe a guy who's perfect for her will offer her a drink, ask for a dance or whatever and she'll live happily ever after like in her song "Not Like The Movies".

  22. wrongsideofthetracks says – reply to this


    I feel bad for Katy. He was with some woman last week and I saw them! I am sorry but I NEVER see famous people and we went into the city for dinner and music and there he was. And they were together. I love Katy. I think she is very sweet and people have always said that about her. To go from Travie who loved her but was on drugs, to Russell who I have no idea how he felt, to John Mayer the Player? It is just so sad. I guess her father is a real piece of work, or so I read. ALSO, to the person about Ricky, he dates Allison Williams, you know, the gorgeous one on Girls? Brian Williams' daughter.

  23. Eve says – reply to this


    I can do that too.
    Did you know Katy and Rihanna are secretly in a romantic relationship? An insider told me.
    So SHUT IT.

  24. Same ole Johnny says – reply to this


    Heard that he did much more last week with the other woman in NY. He'll never change.

  25. Jack & Coke says – reply to this


    Re: wrongsideofthetracks – I heard about that hookup too! Wasn't it with the dancer from NY? Mayer is infamous for meeting up with chicks and taking turns talking and secretly meeting up with lots of his ex's. He can't seem to stay away from them, from what I hear. He never cuts any of them off because he wants to keep in touch and remain open to the possibility of hooking back up. He's not sure of who he wants to be with. He juggles women at a rotation of a few weeks at a time or about 3 weeks to a month and has a way to contact them all and he will always do this. I don't blame him. He keeps tabs on all of his girls and he's very possessive. He just can't let go. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He's a bachelor, not married so all is fair in love and war…………

  26. Simone says – reply to this


    Re: Jack & Coke – I agree! Why should he force himself to just see only one woman at a time if he still has emotional connects to possible ex's? He's not bound to any one woman. Dating still means you're single with the choice to part. Bachelors should keep things open. I heard that Johnny boy does get attached to his ex's too. Some men just can't let go. He has to remain a little more than friends with these girls, so he comes around little by little, checking up on each one. What's wrong with that?

  27. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Ugh what to chicks, let alone celebrities see in this tool. I'm guess he has nimble fingers from guitar playing which makes for good foreplay cause he has a major fug face and a shit personality. He's no doubt talented but any interview I've seen of him I just think he seems like a douche canoe. I wish Katy all the best, just wish she'd find a good guy and stop going for these dirty looking dudes. I mean he is known for hitting it and quitting it, come on girl wise up!

  28. justicewillbeserved says – reply to this


    Karma is a bitch john, enjoy that merry go round.

  29. 29

    gawd shes gullible

  30. 30

    yes he seems to screw it up then goes on about how great they WERE….

  31. 31

    Re: wrongsideofthetracks
    Ok so people who are gay and have or want to appear like they are straight for whatever reasons , business, money, fame, whatever it is always have a "girlfriend". So Ricky Van Veen and his girlfriend appear fake as hell too. She needs publicity and he needs to appear straight. Men especially do this a lot in entertainment industry and the media. I personally could care less who they prefer. I would just prefer that they don't go to great odds at lying to people about it. I won't lie I can't figure out Mayer but I just think he's hiding, from himself.

  32. 32

    Re: Jack & Coke
    So he couldn't have been out and about with a friend that was a woman? and how do you know that they were intimate?