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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Seen Back On At Chateau Marmont!

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Kristen Stewart  & Robert Pattinson Seen Back On At Chateau Marmont!

Happiness is exploding out of our hearts!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are spreading their renewed love all over El Lay!

The Twilight lovers made ANOTHER post-reconciliation appearance over the weekend!

After being caught on camera in hipsterville, the couple was seen at Chateau Marmont to celebrating a pal's B-day.

We're told the couple looked crazy in love Beyoncé style, showing off some serious P.D.A all night!

One spy says they spent the evening "whispering very close and intimately," at at one point they even "snuck into the garden from a private side entrance" for a little one-on-one sexy time! Oh la la!

Unlike Jennifer Aniston and fiance Justin Theroux (who were spotted at the hotspot Saturday night) Bella and Edward kept it suuuper casual.

Rob was wearing the baseball cap — the same one KStew seen wearing during their short-live separation — and both sported jeans and tees.

Aw! It's like their split NEVER happened!

Hopefully we'll get to see some of this lovey-doviness first hand on the Breaking Dawn red carpet next month!

[Image via WENN.]

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30 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Seen Back On At Chateau Marmont!”

  1. 1

    I'm disappointed that happiness is exploding out of your hearts… He's going back to the woman who publicly cheated on him?! I have no respect for either of them.

  2. jessie ong says – reply to this


    oh they have to look it so that come the date of twilight, the moviegoers will watch it. despite the pictures, i still doubt that they resume their romantic relationship after the scandal.

  3. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Rob is a fool…this is going to bite him in the arse…

  4. Uhhhhh says – reply to this


    Apparently she's the only fish in the sea full of lovely ladies who would never cheat on him that he wants. Love is bling I guess… *hands Rob a walking cane* You're gonna need this.

  5. 5

    oh pleeeeezzz…It's all for the box office.

  6. frdg says – reply to this


    Re: LouisaP123 – agree.. no respect for both of them.. losers..

  7. teri says – reply to this


    barf…..people need to go to the BD2 premiere and just yell Rupert at both of them. they are both so full of s#*t. rob grow a pair

  8. Sarah says – reply to this


    They are not back together. It was business. Kristen is too young and should focus on her career, go to school, spend time with girlfriend and look forward to a normal relationship. If they get back together and it does not work he will be a hero and she will get it worse than before. Move on Kristen.

  9. Trina says – reply to this


    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Do you all have any sense of love and forgiveness in the space where a heart should be? The girl made a MISTAKE!!! Agh!!! If he was the one that did it, there would not have even been all this hoopla and no one would have thought twice about her taking him back. I applaud Robert for being a MAN!! He is good. He is really a good person. Yes he was hurt, humiliated and embarrassed but through it all, he did not say a derogatory thing about her. He conquered his emotions, the media and the opinions of fans to make up his own mind and follow his heart. Robert is a diamond among mere pebbles. I sincerely PRAY that Kristen knows what she has and never pulls that crap ever again in life.

  10. iCR says – reply to this


    People are so dumb for saying he is a fool for going back to her when she publicly humiliated him. The relationship is between them, it does not and should not involve everyone elses opinion. If they love each other and he is ready to forgive her, then so be it!

  11. Liyah says – reply to this


    Re: iCR – I totally agree…if that's what he wants then all power to them. He is a grown man who can decide for himself…personally i feel that what he has done should be applauded because must of wasn't easy escepically with his over invested fans give there two cents in. Everyone deserves a second chance and to be honest this was blow way out if proportion.

  12. Daisydoglover says – reply to this


    I will have lost complete respect for him if this reunion is legitimate. I had lost the shred of respect I had for her after seeing the pictures of her cheating with a 40 year old, married man and father of two small children. There is absolutely no excuse for that! Everyone that is pro-Robsten keeps commenting on their supposed "true love" status. Does anybody realize that "true love" means you do not cheat on your lover? He can forgive her but unfortunately for him he will never forget nor will the world!

  13. DENEB says – reply to this


    Kristen's photographed mistake was blown way out of proportion for shots of vertical kisses. If there had been more you can rest assured someone would have come forward with the evidence long ago.As for hurting his fan base, only the very young would care. Most adults know it takes a real man to forgive. That love is not quantifiable. It just is. Does one picture prove a true romance? No way. It's too little: too late.
    No way. It's too little, too late. We shall just have to wait and see.

  14. A says – reply to this


    Grow a pair Rob, no wonder she cheated on you because she can do anything she wants and you will still take her back.

  15. I've says – reply to this


    Everyone makes mistakes. Good for Rob for having such a big heart, and good for the both of them for surviving the media craziness over their personnel lives. I wish them nothing but happiness in their relationship.

  16. Regina Johnston says – reply to this


    Cute couple. It's the White Professional tooth whitening.

  17. 17

    How convenient. They got back together one month before the premiere of the final Twilight installment. Let's see if they're still together in 2013. ;)

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Those are some sleepless under eyes, or photoshop.

  19. L says – reply to this


    People are overly invested in these two. You seriously lose respect for someone you don't even know and whose relationship details you are not privy to? Cheating is as shitty thing to do, but it's not a crime. It's not uncommon in Hollywood/Celebrity either: Sienna, Jude, Brad, Angelina, Tiger, Barbara Walters, Liz Taylor, Ava Gardner etc. No one knows the details of their relationship (if there was one at all) either. Maybe she has serious mental/drug issues that contributed to her crazy behavior (cheating in broad daylight) and he took her back because she agreed to get help. Maybe they were in an open relationship. Maybe it was on and off. Maybe he had cheated in the past. Point is, the only people who know what's going on are the people involved in the situation. I think it's usually not a good decision to get back with someone after something like that…but people often have different ways of handling things and different views. If people boo them, or scream Rupert like the person below suggested, then that's just pathetic. Why spend so much time on negative energy to the point you would show up at the premiere and act like a fool.

  20. Kasey says – reply to this


    All respect gone. Not for the getting back together,which I don't believe. But that he would cave in to the publicity stunt that this is going to end up being. It makes you start to wonder if the whole supposed relationship wasn't for publicity.

  21. Mitch says – reply to this


    I wish I could say that I would tell her "no way" to a reconciliation, but I'd probably take her back too.

  22. Melania says – reply to this


    Please people, they NEVER broke up, it's all a publicity stunt!

  23. terry says – reply to this


    Great idea or better yet- no one go, since this scandal can"t stand the sight of them together, one has no morals and the other is a moron . Please ! , If doing loving couple display for your public, don't bother.

  24. terry says – reply to this


    Melanie, is it just me or did kristen not get the memo, not polite to wear black or dark underware(panties,thongs in her case i"m sure, and bra ), with white, sheer clothing. I know anything goes these days but this just screams NO CLASS. I know i sound like picking on her personally but hell just go braless if can't find correct undies

  25. sisi south africa says – reply to this


    Re: Trina – aand i suppose he would not be dispkaying being a MAN according to you if he did not go back to her right.Kanti what makes a man na?I think Kristen and Rob are not good for one another their relationship is toxic it has lost a lot of substance it cannot go back to the way it was that is guaranteed thats just human nature Rob is not taking her back the more arguements about this i read here the more I beleive it A MAN is someone who would protect his honour no matter what and in this situation he did by maintaining military scilence about this no matter what but kristen kind of stepped oneverything that rob has built with her over the years which is that special privatness that sent all of us searching for more on them but now she has blown the lid on everything and opened all these doors for people to see inside of their relationship and discuss it on sites like these she definitley turned this whole thing into an EASY target for all.what a shame because no matter how this goes from here she will always be remembered as the cheater .even rob will be remembered for the guy who accepetd it .

  26. 26

    EW…what a fucking idiot. Wow, he needs to grow a pair.

  27. 27

    no sign of the scam they pulled hey??

  28. 28

    Re: terry – shes half australian u want class HAHAHAHAHAAAA

  29. Lil.Hottie10 says – reply to this


    Oh please!this is all a fucking PR stunt people to promote their shitty crappy movies.and I agree with @louisaP123,@mrs.momoa,@mattressjock,@teri,@sarah,@daisydoglover,@a,
    @netopia,@kasey,@melania,@terry and @suggitya'll.and all you Robsten lovers can suck it and shut up.they were never together.IT'S ALL A STUNT!

  30. charlie says – reply to this


    oh please. this makeup, like the breakup and the whole relationship is 100% fake. So was the whole 'affair'.

    Stewart is a total lesbo, everyone in hollywood knows this. The whole thing has been made up to cover it up because Summit was so scared that if folks found out that she prefers carpet they wouldn't go see the movies.