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Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion: Teresa Takes Jacqueline To Strippergate Court!

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Everyone was a stripper… except the angelic Teresa Giudice!

The totally "innocent" Real Housewives of New Jersey star devastated her family by claiming (on camera) that her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga was a pole dancer before she married her baby bro Joe.

Last night, on Part 3 of the RHONJ Reunion , the queen of denial brought Strippergate to a whole new level by accusing ex-BFF Jacqueline Laurita of taking if all off for $$$.

This time Tre's hubster, Juicy Joe, got in on the gossip!

On Part 2 of the Reunion special Joe announced (out of nowhere) that Jacqueline's husband, Chris Laurita, said he and Jac met while he was married to someone else AND she was a stripper in Vegas.

Let's just say, Mrz. Laurita is NOT having it in Part 3!

Press Plaaay (above) to see Jacqueline get all Diaries of A Mad Jersey Woman on Tre and her J.J.!

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35 comments to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion: Teresa Takes Jacqueline To Strippergate Court!”

  1. jack says – reply to this


    iI hope Andy Cohen gets rid of tree tree …. understand that drama is the draw on housewife frachise but I've lost all tolerance for for this crazy bitch and will be tuning out bravo if she remains on

  2. 2

    How horrible was Andy's spray tan?? He looked absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Jas says – reply to this


    Joe Gorga admitted he was a stripper for Chippendales, so what's the big deal? Joe Gorga offered to Tree to bury the hatchet but instead, she just stewed. She HOLDS grudges and she's just a pathetic ugly beotch of a daugther, sister, sister-in-law, mother…

  4. sm87 says – reply to this


    Honestly, this was almost unbearable to watch - the entire three-part reunion. Teresa is annoying as shit, and her points are never valid and fuelled by lust and greed for fame. HOWEVER, I have to point out that Jacqueline was being such a bitch about everything too - she wasn't making many valid points, she just kept throwing stupid childish digs out at Teresa, which makes her no better than Teresa - she was being annoying about everything. Jack has it right - we need a new cast, seriously.

  5. 5

    I can't stand any of them but Jaquelin and caroline are like two fucking demons in disguise.

  6. 6

    COMMENTS ON AGAIN: "Willow Smith Takes Her Tie-Dye Pooch For A Stroll!"

    where is PETA when they should act?

  7. 7

    Re: LAgossipwhore – As bad as Mitt Romney's spray tan.

  8. 8

    why do any of you watch this SHIT. What few minutes of it i've ever seen, insults my intelligence.

  9. 9

    who is the hog in the red dress? do they call her babe?

  10. YoMama says – reply to this


    The only reason I would suggest getting rid of Teresa is so the world can watch Caroline and her sheep gang up on someone else. Theresa is just as crazy as they are, but not smart enough to compete.

  11. actright says – reply to this


    Bravo, time to wrap this show up for good. Nothing good is coming out of it but tearing up families and exposing children to adult situation. This has become vile and sick. There isn't any entertainment here just people thinking they look all fancy, yelling and screaming at one another. This group is done!!!!!

  12. 12

    I watched this, ugh. Here's the thing, Red drunky Joe never called, the round one that acts victimized all time, a stripper. That they aired. Tre is nuts, yes. The Red headed Bull's, who's husband is more crooked than Lombard street, her kids are over well over 21 so I can say this…they seem slow.

  13. Stephanie says – reply to this


    That never happened Joe Giudice said Chris told him he met Jac in Vegas, Joe never said she was a stripper! Teresa never said Melissa was a pole dancer denied thru the whole reunion that she didn't't call her a stripper let alone a pole dancer. Teresa never said at all that took it all off or even said Jac was a stripper! Why are you spewing all these lies about Teresa? People can just watch the reunion themselves and see that everything you said was a lie!

  14. Nj losers says – reply to this


    Theresa is over. She has zero credibility and every time she got caught in a lie her voice would get all high and crazy. She has totally sold her soul and the only people that still believe she is being bullied are dellusional themselves. Even Kim D, (that nasty old fart) said Theresa knew about the set up of Melissa. Theresa is a disgusting human being and her husband is a loser. Those poor children! And Jacqueline decided to grow a set, but has no clue how to defend herself. She is just a moron.

  15. Nikki says – reply to this


    She is a stupid, no talent, monkey faced BITCH. Her Fabellini is too expensive, her crook books are filled with recipes everyone already has & her hair products are a rip off of Agadir Hair porducts & about a dozen more that use Argan oil. She is a Famewhoring Hack who would whore out her kids to make a buck. She doesn't lover her family she loves money & fame. She is jealous that her brother and sister in law are gorgeous enough to have stripped because Teresa never could. If I want to see a monkey with no clothes on I'll open National Geographic. Oh hey it looks just like TreApe Giudice!

  16. 16

    whether we like it or not…Teresa is the star of the show. Jackie sounded like a mean Jealous, high school girl. She kept slinging crap all night but nothing stuck. Jackie knows she is not coming back so I guess she was throwing all confidences in the wind. Wow…shocked that Jackie stooped to such a low level of spewing ANYthing on Teresa and Joe. I wouldn't trust that girl with a bible. Wow Wow Wow. Caroline kept sticking her nose in everyone's business as usual because she has no interests that anyone wants to know about. My my how the mighty ginger with a sour puss has fallen now that her trouble-making, meddling, control-freak ways have been revealed. Hopefully Teresa has learned what it feels like to be "jumped on."

  17. Nanam says – reply to this


    Re: LAgossipwhore – how horrible is Andy for setting up Teresa

  18. Judge jones says – reply to this


    Re: Nj losers – She is the best one on the show. i usually mute or change the channel when the others are on especially melisa

  19. Gessie says – reply to this


    I'm surprised at you Perez, Teresa has been bullied by these hags all season and I thought you were anti-bullying. Why do you have it out for Teresa and let these other hags off the hook?

  20. 20

    I don't understand why there is still this stupid debate on Melissa's past- who cares. She must be loving all this attention thats the only explanation i can see for why she is holding on to this bs strippergate topic. I think Melissa's character speaks for it self she seems like a user.
    Apparently JOHNNY THE GREEK AND PENNY have finally revealed her past. I think karma is going to bite her in the ass

    Jac doesn't seem so loyal to Teresa she turned her back so easily and fury erupted once she found out dina was invited and she wasnt

  21. Bash_Da_Real_Bitch_MEL says – reply to this


    Really now, we see the game Andy, Kelly, Wendy & you got going….Teresa's star got to big. Whatever you say about her and her hubby that's their private lives. Al Manzo is boning down someone named Jill for years! Joeeey bones down whatever is willing, what about that rape allegation against him?? Mel, well we all know what she did for dollars, knee pads and all. sMelho and Joeeey need to come out and be proud of being bi-sexual, that would open the door for other couples who are into the to come out as well. Chris Laurita, well we all know about his side boning adventures and Jacoholic, the cash for ass flipping woman…. So, Teresa is the sweet child lick woman who is funny and silly. Now, everyone is trying to take her happy happy joy joy? She is the only one who is making it big time … she is the most liked #RHONJ housewife that people come back season after season to see. What has she REALLY done that is SO terrible that the whole 2nd rate cast must jump her so hard? This is a dumb ass show for them to come down so hard on her. Perez, remember you were the heavy hater, you then got a taste of your own treatment of others, you said that you promised to stop the bashing….Do you still feel the need to bash on her and not the others for their past and present actions? At least be fair with your bashing. Let's see if you are a leader or follower….I see you are a follower of Andy kiss kiss.

  22. ExtrasOutted says – reply to this


    I can't wait for KatFish and sMelho to get the boot. They have ruined the past two seasons with pure lies and SUPER jealous ways. I totally agree with everyone, they brought the show to ghetto trash with JacoWaco. MadCow&Company are just annoying and too busy trying to get their spin off for her uneducated nerds. Teresa has her faults she followed Caro's lead, then broke away and did her own thing and became a super star housewife over night when she started building her own empire. So, it's time for the extras to exit, Melho, JacoWac, MadCow, Katfish CIAO! Bring on Dina Teresa Sheila KimD PDKhair (?) and a few more extras. CAN'T WAIT!

  23. NoMoreCrap says – reply to this


    I am going to follow all my friends who already gave up on #RHONJ when Andy added the twist from hell — JoeGO & MelGO and Kathy & Dick to the show. Most of my friends know nothing about it at all—really they have no idea who these people are. LOL I will tune in once in awhile and read the comments, then I want to talk to my friends and they say they don't watch anymore, it's played out now I see why. Andy turned it into a slutty, drunk, RX pill poppin, grab for (cableTV) attention. EVERYONE OF THESE WOMEN SPOUSES HAVE BEEN HAVING AFFAIRS ON THEM. WTF? ALL OF THEM. ALL THEY CAN DO IS POINT TO ONE OF THE WOMAN AND SAY IT IS HER FAULT THEIR LIVES ARE NOTHING? SHE MADE THEM ALL BROKE? I KNOW THEY ALL ARE TRYING TO GET MONEY OUT OF THE GIG AND GOING ABOUT IT THE WRONG WAY. TERESA IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS MAKING A GOOD LIVING OFF HER BOOKS. THE SINGING THING IS GOING NOWHERE FAST, COOKIES NOT GOING TO WORKOUT, AUTISM SPOKESPERSON NEVER, SPIN OFF OF THE OLD UNEDUCATED 3 GIRLIES YAWN. —- WHO CAN GO ON WITH OUT THE SHOW OUT OF ALL OF THEM???? UMMMMMMMMMM TERESA!

  24. connersj2 says – reply to this


    OMG!! Anday are you listening?? Why on earth didn't BRAVO show clips that proves Teresa is a total liar and nut job. Please please you let it get toally out of control. Truly not fun to watch Teresa's hysterics, especially when the viewing audience knows better. TIme for her to go and time for Andy to get a hndle on the reunion shows.
    Truly almost unbearable to watch. I think I'm done with this show as are a lot of gals I know. Name-calling and screaming denials are really getting old!!

  25. connersj2 says – reply to this


    Feel sorry for those little4 girls~ SUCh charming parents

  26. housewiveskitch says – reply to this


    Kathy and her husband are truly disgusting- get them off the show. Kath offers absolutely nothing,and her husband is SO annoying. We change the channel when Ritch is on. Kathy- are you seriously fine with what he says? GROSS
    Andy- retire Nj for a year or two- we've had enough of the screaming, the stupidity
    Where's the fun??

  27. CB says – reply to this


    Hey Perez.. just curious why you pose like your friends with Tre and than call her the Queen of Denial.. i saw the reunion… she said she heard rumours which by the way ALL OF NJ KNOWS of Melissa's past.. just because Bravo wants to bash the Giudices .. well they have their agendas… Do you think its funny when a gay woman… ROSIE screams "i want to cut her tongue out.. i don't care if i go to jail!!"… and then is NOT USHERED out of the building.. since she went psycho.. and then Andy still interviews her and HARDLY MENTIONS.. what went down? So do the Giudices have to become bisexual for Andy to treat them fairly on national TV? Seems like Bravo is the greatest promoter of Bullying…

  28. CB says – reply to this


    Re: Bash_Da_Real_Bitch_MEL – Your absolutely right.. Andy has Perez and Wendy Williams etc. in his pocket… i can't BELIEVE anyone with any intelligence could watch the most disturbing housewives season and end up wanting to bash Teresa.. the attacks and agendas were out of control.. shame on you Perez… for not standing by a person who clearly was mistreated by Bravo and this motley crew cast.. i hope to God lots of them get fired..

  29. CB says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki – Sounds like your brain dead…. and have cataracts.. go see a doctor before its too late!

  30. Just sayin says – reply to this


    Re: Jas – I don't see Tre holding grudges really, how is she supposed to just say oh yes I forgive you for all the ugly names you called me, how you talked behind my back, how you tried to make me look foolish on national TV? How can she do that with that B?tch of a sister in law. I am sick of watching those two (Joe and Melissa), wish they were off the show. Tre is fine and was entertaining even before they ever came on.

  31. Just sayin says – reply to this


    Re: CB – You are right, Bravo does promote bullying and Rosie should have been escorted out, glad I am not the only one who felt that way.

  32. Just sayin says – reply to this


    Re: YoMama – No she is only smart enough to be the most successful HW after Bethany.

  33. Just sayin says – reply to this


    Re: Nj losers – sigh, Kim D said Tre, Caroline and Jaco all knew something was going to happen but did not know what. When Tre met that creepo she probably had strong suspicions but seeing what a Be-och Melissa is and how nasty she is to Tre, I can't blame her for not mentioning it and waiting to see how it played out which is all she really did. Go Tre!! smart move on her part cause Melissa ends up looking like an ass.

  34. Just sayin says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki – judging from how nasty you are in this post I would have to say you are one of Melissa's sisters, btw, Thanks for clarifying that Melissa was a stripper. BTW the reason strippers are not a good thing is that there are hundreds of single moms trying to earn a descent living to support their children and people like Melissa make it harder to be taken seriously.

  35. Just sayin says – reply to this


    Re: connersj2 – because those clips don't exist, Tre did not know anymore than crazy J or Caro