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Awkward By Bravo! Jill Zarin Grills Andy Cohen About Her RHONY Firing!

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Shiz got REAL in the Bravo clubhouse!

Things definitely felt a bit awkward last night on Watch What Happens Live, when ex Real Housewives Of New York star, Jill Zarin, stopped by!

While there was no reunion-esque name calling or even Ramona screaming about calming down and taking a xanax, things between Andy Cohen and Jill got WAY uncomfortable!

During the sit down, Andy brought up the moment when Jill got let go from the show last year — or as Mz. Zarin blatantly put it — FIRED!

Check out the clip of the SUPER awkward convo (above)!!

Aw! Even her dog Ginger got thrown into the mess of it all!

It seems that although Andy initiated the discussion, he felt some type of way about Jill’s realness!

After the show, Cohen tweeted:

"I can't think of another instance of a fired employee confronting the network abt her dismissal. On camera. #MetaByBravo #WWHL"

As for Jill, it seems she’s still feeling sensitive and hurt over the producers “favoring” Bethenny Frankel — and though we love both ladiez, we can't really blame her!

Now that it’s all been put out in the open, we hope everyone can just get along and move on!

We think Jill is better off, anyways! Upwards and onwards!

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14 comments to “Awkward By Bravo! Jill Zarin Grills Andy Cohen About Her RHONY Firing!”

  1. 1

    What an ugly self absorbed woman, who care's that Heather isnt jewish…I hate people like Jill.

  2. Correct Assumption says – reply to this



    You called it right on this one. I find you disgusting, but strangely appealing.

    Dr. Phil

    PS. You make me hard

  3. 3

    I wish this whole ridiculous franchise would just go away.

  4. Connor says – reply to this


    I don't think Andy likes you, Perez. Just a hunch. But nonetheless, Jill made a fool of herself by even doing this. She basically admitted her was still in the show and that she's desperate for the same sort of attention she got while she was on it.

  5. 5

    Jill Zarin deserves credit for owning up to missing the Housewives gig. Also, some of her opinions about producer manipulation of the show seem quite plausible. Andy and Jill both had a chance to put forth their positions and I think it was a draw. They are to be applauded for keeping it cordial.

  6. 6

    Tell us again, what's the friction between you and Andy, Perez? You were so sweet and candid on his show. Is he still not feeling the love?

  7. 7

    I was semi-interested and watched it. It was awkward, but I thought Andy handled himself well. Jill was so contrived and self-absorbded, basically listing all the reasons she should still be on the show or how the current women were emulating her. Ridiculous. She all but got on her knees and pleaded for her job back. What I did find interesting was when she spoke about the behind-the-scences info - like her pitching bravo on fights/storylines, that the Bethenny fight was for ratings in her mind, the favoritism in editing, and that Andy gave his opinion on her "fight" with Bethenny. Further proof that the whole thing is BS.

  8. 8

    She must be joking! At the end of her fight with Bethenny no one was on Jill's side! She is such a self-centered child! And Jill's mother wanted to take Bethenny in as her own child! Bethenny is better off on her own, mothers like Jill had create MONSTERS!

  9. 9

    you're right..it was very awkward…woah.

    the thing is, jill was annoying. self centered, mean girl, etc. viewers saw that, and they wanted smthg different.

    andy handled himself very well.


  10. cher says – reply to this


    i am glad Jill is gone.

  11. Jenn says – reply to this


    I can not believe that Andy/Bravo gave her one second of there time. I have never been a Jill fan but by the end of the show I felt sorry for her. She was so delusional and her thoughts are just sad. The way she blamed Bravo, Bethanny, the cast, the plummer for her own actions was just sad. The entire time she had convinced herself that Bethanny had done something wrong, that there friendship was a business move, no Jill you were mean and told her to go away. So she did. The fans choose the other cast member or a different show to watch. We didn't want you or your dog or your family any more. And you think we now want a show with you only and your family. NO thanks

  12. boston61 says – reply to this


    I hate Bethenny but this Jill is so unlikable. She really believes she is so much more than she is. Which is an average woman with no talent who married an ugly rich guy. That's about it.

  13. Anita says – reply to this


    I was happy that Jill didn't bite her tongue. Tell it like it is. Sincerely, I stop watching the show because of her departure. I tried to watched this year's reunion and almost went through the screen. I had to turn away until Live Bravo show with Andy. In my opinion, the executives need to get rid of that crazy-eyes, over-dramatic, dilusional, drunkard Ramona. She's toxic!

  14. fancy says – reply to this


    Who (besides jill z.) would give up a "13million dollar" home in Paris? And for what, the pipe dream of going back on Bravo & perhaps even having her own show??? "Like Seinfield" none the less LOL.. Am I missing something cz I never found Jill to be remotely funny? For her to gain some sort of the public adoration she appears soooo desperate for, would be for her to pkg. & sell whatever she must have been smoking before going on w.w.h.l..