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Blink-182 Is Back!

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Blink-182 New Album

Time to get ready for Blink-182.0!

The pop/punk band that dominated the radio back when people listened to the radio is coming back with a new album!

Bassist Mark Hoppus revealed the exciting news, saying:

"Early next week I go back to Los Angeles to record an iTunes session for Blink-182, and we're starting to write the new record right now."

Totally stoked! We went through such a long time without Blink, our eyes totally dried out!

For real though, Neighborhoods just wasn't enough! So how long is this whole thing going to take? He says:

"We're going to tour Australia in February with Blink… the new album probably won't happen for about a year."

A year??? Well why tell us about it now? That's like asking us what we want for our birthday NEXT year!

When we turn 22. Again.

What?! No one likes you when you're 23, remember?

[Image via Intertopics/Retna LTD.]

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5 comments to “Blink-182 Is Back!”

  1. 1

    Nobody likes you when you are 23 because you are too young and immature. Joke would have been funnier if you had said 24.

  2. Scott says – reply to this


    Radio listenership is up FYI. People are listening to the radio more than they are watching TV !!

  3. Jeff says – reply to this


    8 years since what? there was a new album in 2010 and they have already played shows this year.

  4. hoppusfan182 says – reply to this


    Re: MntDew – the joke wouldn't have been funny at all had he said 24. You just don't get it obviously and I'm not trying to be rude either! Re: Jeff – they released neighborboods in 2011 andd perez said "neighborhoods just wasn't enough" it took 7 almost 8 years to get neighborhoods and I agree it wasn't enough, even seeing them twice since the reunion.I want and need more. If you don't feel that why read a post about blink182?

  5. 5

    they JUST released an album in 2011, so they've been back for a while now… love them though! excited for a new album & tour!