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21 comments to “LeAnn Rimes ASKED Followers To Bash Brandi Glanville? More Crazy Deets In Twitter Lawsuit!”

  1. 1

    LeAnn did and said some nasty things herself during the time her and Eddie were cheating on their spouses and when they got together. She should have let this all go. I can see this absolutely backfiring on her, but since she's got the money for good lawyers, likely she'll get a gag order against a whole lot of people. I don't get why she is so obsessed about this.

  2. 2

    She was never able to relax, because she never really won Eddie. LeAnn has been warring with Brandi since day 1, and most of the public is on Brandi's side! LeAnn stole her husband, and couldn't leave well enough alone, she went on social media sites and fought with Brandi. Now, I bet Eddie's cheating again. You reap what you sow LeAnn, karma's a bitch and so are you!

  3. 3

    LeAnn is yet another example of a child star who as an adult has trouble functioning normally. When you put a child in the spotlight so young they get a warped sense of self, and a warped view of the world. I just cringe when I see these very young kids on shows like X Factor. Their parents need a slap.

  4. Daily says – reply to this


    She is a crazy bitch and should shut her f-ing mouth. So surprise that douche bag is staying with her.

  5. Judyluvs says – reply to this


    Love you Perez but you don't know all the background. The lawsuit is for the ILLEGAL recording of the phone call in a 2 party consent state. And the distribution of the illegal phone audio online. There's tons of documentation for this case to win. Brandi Glanville MEETS AND PHONES AND TEXTS Leann Rimes harassers. Screenshots of Brandi Glanville meeting in New York City with a big Leann Rimes harasser. Brandi Glanville and her friends are well documented with feeding information to Leann Rimes harassers. Lawyers know what they are doing.

  6. 6

    Did the INSANE ASYLUM already let this Bulimic Home-Wrecking Adulteress out?

  7. 7

    Hey Leann, it's that time again….you need to write your Unemployed & Dead-Beat Loser husband's Alimony & Child Support checks…

  8. 8

    I'm so glad Dean Sheremet got that $40 million payoff & is living his unbelievable life with his new wife…and she's not CRAZY!

  9. 9

    Hey Leann, you better make sure Eddie wears a condom whenever he fucks you; he's getting to the point in his life where he'll fuck any Hollywood whore.. PROOF? He did you didn't he?

  10. MichaelWhitney4Ever says – reply to this


    Leann is a stupid fkn homewreckingwhore who has created all this BS by her damn self. Nashville has never been fond of Leann Rimes. What's done in the dark always comes to the light. You mean to tell me this bitch is so broke that she has to resort to sueing school teachers?!? REALLY! She is known for these types of bullshit games. She LOVES using people that she really don't know to get CLOSE to so she can use them to do her dirty work, so her hands are always clean. Don't believe me, ask around Nashville. LOL! On another note, her teeth wouldn't be givin her so many issues if she would lay off the cocaine. If she ate a few Big Macs she may gain a little weight. She looks worse than Whitney Houston ever thought about looking on her BAD days EVERYDAY! Please do us all a favor & quit the bikini competitions with Brandi, cause you are LOSING REAL Bad! You look fkn pathetic Leann! What a sorry ass excuse for a human being and an anti bullying campaigner. You Waste of oxygen breathing moron. Get a fkn life, you're gonna need it, cause your career is TOAST! You're an old worn out has been. Reason Leann hates Underwood, Aguilera so bad, is cause they KNOW first hand what kind of person she is! lol

  11. MichaelWhitney4Ever says – reply to this


    I remember the days when Leann was fuckin Kid Rock and doin up more Cocaine than you could shake a stick at! LOL! Now her teeth be rottin out of her damn head. LMAO! Leann LOVES when it snows. And furthermore she called Smiley. You can record someone if they call you. Kimberly certainly didn't dial her digits. She had no fkn business callin her anyway. What was her motive in calling this school teacher up?!?!

  12. 12

    FUNNY steal the husband then what the wife just disappears into the mist NO not how it goes at all …reality kicks in the wifes still there and shes mega pissed off …

    this is getting funnier by the minute

  13. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: Judyluvs – Actually, no. It's Leann who flew out Brandi bashers to concerts. It's leann who tweets and meets with them, rewards them for bashing Brandi. It's Leann who made a call to this lady to bash Brandi, while in a public restaurant, with a group of fans. It's leann who has been so obsessed with Brandi's life that she has lost control of her own life. Leann has only herself to blame for the mess that is her life.

  14. 14

    "I'm gonna buy a one-way ticket on a west bound train
    Gonna have my breakfast with some pink champagne
    I'm gonna sail the ocean, I'm gonna spread my wings
    I'm gonna climb that mountain, gonna do everything."

    Hey Leann, how the trip going so far? I haven't read about you doing THOSE THING; and the ONLY thing you've SPREAD out west were your legs….

  15. DC says – reply to this


    She is SERIOUSLY unstable

  16. ravencurls says – reply to this


    Re: Judyluvs – Two points: 1) Not sure the Smileys distributed the audio of the phone call online. Don't believe they did. 2) Also, regarding the phone call itself … it was made by Leann to Kim Smiley, in a public place and on speakerphone, in a restaurant, I believe where anyone could have recorded it along with other sounds in the place. Point one is a legal matter and if the Smileys are being accused of "distribution online," then I don't think Leann has a case. Point two will never play well with a jury.

  17. PoopyJoe says – reply to this


    What do these texts have to do with his lady illegally recording a phone conversation? LeAnn's relationship with Brandi has nothing to do with this lady breaking the law.

  18. PoopyJoe says – reply to this


    The phone conversation was recorded by the teacher. If you heard it, you would know that the teacher's voice is clear while LeAnn's sounds muted like she's talking on the phone. The recording came on the teacher's end. She illegally recorded the tape. Her daughter illegally put the recording online. This case is closed. It doesn't matter what LeAnn encouraged anybody to do over texts. That has nothing to do with what this lady illegally did. God, so many of you are so stupid.

  19. Poopystinks says – reply to this


    PoopyJoe-you need to get YOUR facts straight cowboy. Her daughter did NOT post the recording online. I DID. I am The Curious Case of Leann Rimes. Posting a recording online isn't illegal. RECORDING a conversation isn't illegal either if there isn't an expectation of privacy. That would be why Smiley wasn't arrested and Leann is suing her herself.
    Her daughter recorded the call after her mom asked her for help when Leann began cussing at her.

  20. Forte2005 says – reply to this


    Re: Judyluvs – This lawsuit is not about Brandi. Leann should have never made that call. She is embarrassed and exposed for the insecure self centered child she is!

  21. smichelin says – reply to this


    LeAnn should let this go, she is coming off as very immature, acting like she is still in High School. She had no business calling that woman anyway, what did she expect??