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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Liberty Ross Don't Care 'Bout No Stinkin' Reunion!

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Remember the scorned woman whose husband cheated on her mere miles away from their home?!

Oh YEAH! It's Liberty Ross, the woman who played — in a horrible, ironic twist — Kristen Stewart's mother in Rupert Sanders' film, SWATH!

Well, it seems that even though Liberty is reportedly willing to forgive her wayward husband, she's not willing to spare a thought on her onscreen daughter, or Kristen's newly rekindled PR stunt romance with Robert Pattinson.

One insider reveals:

"Liberty doesn’t care about Kristen or Rob or what they’re doing, really she doesn’t. It’s not mean spirited or anything like that, it’s just that she’s a grown woman, not a child, and she understands that these actions have ramifications. She’s 100-percent focused on her children right now. That has been, and will remain to be, her top priority."

Yep, you do you girl!

And don't focus on the fact that Kristen may or may not be up for the role in your husband's next film… HA!

Holy sh*tballz if that casting were to happen, then we know for 100% sure that the whole "cheating" scandal was a stunt to boost the careers of all involved!

What person in their right mind would allow the girl their husband cheated on them with to star in ANOTHER film directed by said husband?!?!

No one, that's who!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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16 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Liberty Ross Don't Care 'Bout No Stinkin' Reunion!”

  1. 1

    Why are we still talking about her? She has no relevance in the celebrity world outside of Kristen Stewart so how about we move on to the next scandal.

  2. nathiest says – reply to this


    Don't get me wrong I hate Kstew but seriously who da fuck cares what this nobody model thinks? Her 15 minutes are up.

  3. 3

    Kristen Stewart's a dumb whore

  4. Daily says – reply to this


    A f-ing ho was humping her husband that make her and her kids very relevant. If I were Liberty I would not give a shit about these two asswipes reunion either after she shitty up her marriage.

  5. Uhhhh says – reply to this


    If Kristen gets the role in Rups next film (who the hell was dumb enough to hire him?) I'm going to laugh my ass off! If I were Liberty I wouldn't care either… Protect your children woman, cause your hubby will always be "That guy". Gross!

  6. 6

    Nothing against the woman, but why is she so smug? Her husband cheated, or has she forgotten?

  7. jessie ong says – reply to this


    i doubt about the info from what you call insider…. reunion or not it doesn't concern her and i believe the only thing she is concern about and remains her priority is her two children. although it is obvious that scandal has affected her emotionally, i can see she is a strong woman.

  8. jessie ong says – reply to this


    her concern and priority is her children… the scandal has really affected her emotionally but i can see she is a strong woman.

  9. 9

    Re: Uhhhh – maybe you should start reading the actual post instead of just perez's misleading headlines

  10. Twist-'o-Fate says – reply to this


    I'd do her… in the !@?%$

  11. 11

    I hope she got an AIDS test.. U know her husband hit that nasty piggy, Stewart raw and you know shes a filthy little nasty PIG who's probably bangin any guy that might give her a shot in a movie. How else would a little disgusting pig who bitches and complains to no end get a real job? She whored her way onto the big screen. Lets just hope she didnt infest poor Liberty. HERE PIGGY PIGGY! HERE KRISTEN YOU PIGGG PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY!!

  12. 12

    Re: SteveIsHot – that's a little disturbing.

  13. 13

    Re: violethill – no, that's a little hysterical.. hehehe. She just annoys me and I love when people go nuts on message boards so I wanted to have fun with it. Oh and Perez is a douche.

  14. sisi south africa says – reply to this


    Ofcourse liberty doesnt care what happens to kristen she doent care about liberty too she tried to steal her husband and destroy her home HAWU!itvwas a different case with Rob but now that he has bend over for his slut girlfriend an taken her back he now falks in the same category as her so yes she doesnt care for both and frankly I could be headed that direction as well after what happened.I am just dissapointed period.

  15. Kksd says – reply to this


    Ugly bitch needs to eat a cookie! Damn bitch is boney.

  16. iAdore87 says – reply to this


    Seriously? Are people discussing this affair?? It's clear as day that it was a complete publicity stunt. First Rob and Kristen are back together now Rupert and Liberty were spotted hugging. If it was really that serious do you think they would have gotten back together in two months time. It's a joke ppl. Call it what it is (a publicity stunt) and let it go. Move on to the next Hollywood lie.