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Downton Abbey Gay Scene Censored?!

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Downton Abbey

The word homophobia may come from Greece, but we didn't realize the practice was alive and well there!

NET, the Greek state-run television channel cut out the gay kiss on the premiere of Downton Abbey! The Syriza Party released a statement that said:

"As incredible as it may seem for a democratic country in the 21st century, officials of the NET television channel censored the scene of a kiss between men from the TV drama Downton Abbey.

This is of course an obvious case of censorship, an extreme act of homophobia and discrimination which unfortunately, after what has been happening recently, we cannot characterise as unprecedented."

Totally lame, Greece!

Also, didn't you guys INVENT gay kissing? We're pretty sure we've seen some Grecian urns that you wouldn't be able to air either!

And if they can't handle a kiss, we guess we can forget about seeing a guy go Downton on another!

That's it. We're going back to regular yogurt!

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18 comments to “Downton Abbey Gay Scene Censored?!”

  1. Uruha says – reply to this


    Kudos Lady Who? for having no frontal lobe to provide the slightest bit of cognizance, or any context as to what is even going on in the world. (BTW, ever even watched Downton Abbey? You seem confused and upset by simple, everyday occurrences.)

    Regardless of whether or not Lady Who? and Greece are perplexed by day-to-day normal life, the alleged "kiss" is harmless. Pardon me for spoiling but, in the most recent episode in which Sybil DIES, is this somehow less upsetting to view? I don't understand why someone who was raised normally would think a kiss between two men is "oh-so distressing" compared to viewing a beautiful young woman die on the very same TV show?

    Maybe psychos like Lady Who? and some old, constipated Greek TV council think that watching girls die is funny but two men kissing is…OMG…THE END OF THE WORLD?!?!

  2. 2

    Since the word "homophobia" was not invented until the 1960s, I don't think you need to malign the Greeks.

    But feel free to use the tern "Perezphobia" which is the fear of idiots with blogs.

  3. 3

    Its only Greece who cares? We don't and Im pretty sure the Brits wont either.

  4. 4

    Thanks for spoiling the story line for me, dumbazz. I had no idea this guy was gay on the show as I still have some episodes to watch.

  5. 5

    The demographic for this shows skews for 40-60's middle to upper middle class, and local PBS stations are not going to rock the boat with a couple of men kissing. That's what BBC America is for. It it's plain slow and alot of talking its on PBS, if its sexy alot of action, heavy on plot it's on BBC America. The BBC knows which of the two outlets make to most money, and Cable is the winner. Why is the NEW Dr Who on cable.

  6. stephabooh says – reply to this


    OH GIMME A BREAK. Not every fucking culture is okay with gay kissing on tv. Get over it.

  7. Honor says – reply to this


    This is such a case of , your house is on fire so you make your bed. Poor Greece. If you hold on to Homophobia it will be even harder when another country comes in and you take it up the bum(like you are now w/ the European Banks) and you change your name to GRENLITASPAGER for all the help your getting so your people don't starve. I can understand why a gay kiss may be too painful to watch, but I say watch bend over and lube up…because your country is burning and you are censoring a kiss.

  8. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: marlow – Yeah I wait til the season is over to watch so booo to the spoiler. The demo for this show is 40-60, really?

  9. maria says – reply to this


    I'm Greek… watch Greek television and have watched Greek shows my whole life. It's kind of a shock that they decided to censor this on Greek TV. They show the steamiest sex scenes on those TV shows in Greece that I have ever seen… and they never had a problem showing gay scenes on various shows. It really boggles my mind … it's definitely a first for me.

  10. maria says – reply to this


    @HONOR… wow you talk about discrimination …. yet you're talking a lot of shit about the economy in Greece and the people complete effected by the crisis that are not to blame for what is going on over there. Talk about discrimination you should think about what you type before actually saying something like that. Big deal … tv producers are asses in Greece, yes I get that, but what the hell does the economic crisis have to do with a damn TV show.

  11. Leslie says – reply to this


    Why would they censor a gay kiss now? They had one in Season 1 between Thomas and the Duke. Everyone who watches Downton Abbey knows Thomas is gay, so what would be the point in censoring a kiss?

  12. Leslie says – reply to this


    …or maybe it's the first season they're talking about. Maybe they just got around to showing it in Greece.

  13. duh says – reply to this


    isnt it the americans who say stay out of their political mess? its none of your business whats going on over in your territory. focus on equality in your own country as we do the same here..

  14. daria says – reply to this


    There are everywhere.Help Greece!!!

  15. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: maria – You know Maria< I assume you live in America by the use of "over there" . ..(unless your talking about the euro)"are not to blame for what is going on" Greece wasn't robbed. The people do have some cupability for the economics. Just as Americans, we are partially responsible for our economic failures (more because we have a free market system). I study economics and I do ache for the people of Greece. What bothers me the most is that they have such a distinct culture that I worry about, because of the commingling of their money supply and who will hold the power. That is where my harsh humor was coming from. I also know, because of study not opinions, Greece has traditions rooted in prejudice. Observation. If I had to wager I would say the DA story is watered if not completely untrue, but if it makes the right person turn their head to Greece , Awesome. I am not GreeK, I have been there a few times and the economic insecurity and instability most Americans don't understand. The crisis and all the people it effects disturbs me. If my country was in that much trouble I would quibble less about my blue remarks and be grateful other countries saw the flames.

  16. JessiT says – reply to this


    Yes the Greeks invented everything Perez Hilton! I am glad Greece censored that scene. Its like if they are trying to advertise being gay.

  17. Oscar Wilde says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – actually you're completely wrong here. the victorians were notorious for sleeping around with men. in fact the whole decadent and early modernist literary tradition deal with it quite explicitly. most victorian "historic artifacts" would actually be very homoerotic. so sorry but you're an idiot.

  18. Pedro says – reply to this


    We are from Greece and creating right now a new teen drama Web-series. As an answer to greek Television, we would like to state that we DO NOT censor gay kisses.

    Your's Truly,
    Students from Greece.