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Katy Perry Treats John Mayer To Some Birthday Sex Dinner In The City!

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John Mayer 35th Birthday Katy Perry Date

Looks like somebody was a lucky birthday boy yesterday!

Katy Perry and John Mayer’s relationship has definitely been on and off over the past few months, but on Tuesday, the duo took the Big Apple by storm!

Not only were they spotted out to lunch earlier in the day, but it seems Katy treated John to a little 35th birthday dinner!

Check out the pic (above) of the couple last night!

Guess Katy wore the denim vest to lunch and John got to don his jacket at dinner! Dressing alike already, are we??? LOLz!

Looks like the Mz. Perry really HAS given the lothario another chance at winning her over!!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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38 comments to “Katy Perry Treats John Mayer To Some Birthday Sex Dinner In The City!”

  1. Merda says – reply to this


    AWWW. Idk why Im starting to like this couple. They're both hot & gorgeous.

  2. 2

    I think Katy is a women with low self esteem issues and Mayer is a disgusting famewhoring douche bag. This is the only way he can get media attention. I will never like them as a couple but I'm beginning to see Russell Brand was the better half.

  3. Anon says – reply to this



  4. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: Terri2 – well, maybe you are right. but Russell Brand is a loser so no way in hell he's better than Katy or John.

  5. Gina says – reply to this


    yesssss another power couple in the music industry. i ship them! <3

  6. 6

    AGAIN, didn't you say last week that she was done with him and kicked him to the curb because she respects herself too much to be a booty call. God damn you are a fucking moron who spreads lies and rumors that have no basis. Get a fucking life, in the mean time, we'll wait for next week when you say that she left him again, only to be followed up a week later with you claiming they are out on dates again. HOMO!!!

  7. rih says – reply to this


    I think I love this pair now.

  8. ME says – reply to this


    EPIC COUPLE!!! Best woman he'll ever have. Sex on fire.

  9. Wow says – reply to this


    couldn't agree more. power couple & definitely hot sex. holy shit I approve

  10. Rose says – reply to this


    Perez is just nasty.

  11. joywashereagain says – reply to this


    John, please contact joy on tumblr… babybluezzz is the page.. been trying to tell u something for 2 years now, yep, I have proof I could b your soulmate, various forms of proof, if u even have a heart would you please look into the matter?

  12. Ca says – reply to this


    John is a dog! He will always be a dog and nothing more than a dog. He's also a user. He'll use women until he gets all that he wants whether it's emotional support or attention. And when he's finished, he then looks for the next woman to latch on to. All the good women woke up and left him. They are the ones who aren't speaking to him and never will. Katy thinks she did something brainy by brewing her plan to get John back but truth is that he's not wanted anymore and girls are so over him. Women get tired of him quickly. Sometimes it takes girls a little too long to wake up, but when they do, they're so gone and hate him, that nothing in the world could get them to reconsider taking him back or going back, so she may have him for a while being that a few women have moved on and no longer want nothing to do with him. He likes to think that he walked off, but it's the other way around. I bet he was lusting over Kate Hudson during that diner! He had a crush on her for the longest time. Funny thing is that it's like a dirty joke. Girls who walked away from Mayer and found someone better are like giving their ruins away to Katy. Congrats Katy with that because John is a manwhore!

  13. uarewhatucallanother says – reply to this


    So sorry people are so evil and treat u like I see above comments perez, it almost looks like john lashing out at you for some reason, his life is full of lies and he has the nerve to come here acting like a immature child , calling names and getting all ugly, he can't help it , he don't like himslef right now, coz he is blinded by evil and lies.. he lies to himself all the time. As you can see both of them been on your pages trying defend their lies..and pat themselves on their own backs.. Have a beautiful day perez. I didn't see you being mean in your post about them, right now I don't see how either of them can look in the mirror at themselves.

  14. Me2 says – reply to this


    He's with her still because the good ones woke up and left. He didn't leave them. They cut him off. Sure Mayer will brag or boast to Katy and friends that he walked away from a few, but not so. John has his own personal hate club of women who can't stand him for a hundred thousand reasons. Mayer can't fathom the thought that anyone would really ever walk away from him for good, even the ones who vowed and promised to wait on him to play around with Katy. After a while, a few smelled the rancid shat in the java John was brewing and had been brewing for years now and hightailed it away. Katy can smirk all she wants arrogantly and think that her brewing plot to take him back has worked. In reality, she didn't take him, she was gifted him in a funny arse way. Women walked off. She's his only option left. He's no longer wanted, praised or cherished by the good ones and its his fault. Girls are sick of Mayer and no longer think he's hot, cute, handsome, a guitar god, rockstar or whatever the hell he called himself. No one is scorned. They're more like fleeing and grossed out and nothing he can do or say will change that. His lithario ship now has boat rot and is sinking quickly, along with his career……… Oops, that's already long gone.

  15. TickleMeToo says – reply to this


    Re: Ca – Truth! Katy didn't win anything or any golden ticket by being with John. All the good, truly and naturally pretty ones who don't have to pile and cake on layers of makeup with a spatualla or wear spanks under their clothes to hide pot bellies ran off and found good men! Believe me, Mayer isn't all that at all. I think it's true about women wanting nothing to do with him because he's just foul. He's not an upstanding man and he's a massive liar. Every woman who was with him and had a one on one with him for a period if time can vouch for this. So don't come at me like I'm being mean to him. If you heard the stories I've heard and seen all the truth and evidence that several have seen, you'd keep mum and shake your head. Women aren't stupid either, it's just that I've heard and seen Mayer romances these chick, promises how he won't do it again and tells them how he's a changed man and how he won't be a repeat defender, but give him time because he repeats!

  16. Happy says – reply to this


    Wow the girl has some huge feet compared to John. She wears like a size 11 and John only wears a 9 (small feet equal a small something else). She's like big foot in a dress and I see she's sporting her hair parts or extensions for her hair company. I wonder if John has tried to feel through her hair to feel the tracks yet? She's wearing a full body girtle underneath or the famed spanks to hide that beer belly. She cakes and piles makeup on too. I'd like for Mayer to suggest she go without any makeup whatsoever and watch what happens next.

  17. epicridetohell says – reply to this


    Perez, did you see the blog where john broke up with himself? I think he has something to do with that blog, and it is going to come back around and bite him in the a$$ in both worlds

  18. CoughTruthCoughOuch says – reply to this


    Re: TickleMeToo – Right on key with your comments ladies! A very strong rumor has it that there's truth to this. I think that I can vouch for that and point out specifically one naturally - just gorgeous lady who "recently walked away from him as of this last week and this past weekend". She has a hot new boyfriend, who's 6ft. 7 inches tall, who treats her so good. I hear that the sex with him is out of this world. Mayer can't compare with him at all, not even close. The new guy is phenomenal, has her name tatted on his arm, and ripped from the pics she posted but she removed them. I seen his photo this weekend. A whiz kid too. He's packing 9 inches of tasty sausage when limp, so I can't imagine him erect. I'm happy for her ;) Hopes she has lots and lots and lots of sex until she gets preggers when she sees him again!

  19. backstrokes says – reply to this


    From what It all looks like to me, it looks like she contracted him an he wanted out and she threat a lawsuit, did u notice no matter where they go, the paps happen to b there? Almost like someone is tipping them, that is why john don't look like he is never into her really, he must of ran off the fans with the lies selling himself and now she is wanting him to live her lie. He has really gone backwards in life and really hurting himself in the long run.. does anyone else see it this way?

  20. TruthHurtsButIsFunny says – reply to this


    Re: backstrokes – idiota! Mayer is a liar over all. There was no contract. Casual booty call. Katy wants more, and can have him now because she's now Mayer's only option, besides the sad women online on tumblr who will let Mayer smear crap all over their faces by constantly letting him disrespect them. The good women no longer want him! He's finished. He's stuck with her now and not by choice! Katy only got him because one main woman walked away. Karma's a smart, talented, hot and beautiful woman who won't put up with Mayer's bullshit anymore, who walked away and found another good man!

  21. please helps says – reply to this


    Re: CoughTruthCoughOuch – . I pray and wonder if your friend since she has moved on now and doesn't care bout john nomore, if she would pass the message to him joy neds to speak with him? I tried to email over 17 people over 2 yrs, and called mick mngment and nobody will pass message, I have proof I want to show him and talk about this soulmate issue I been going through for over 20 yrs, it is real and it is happening to me, things have led me to him and I need answers to write a book to help others, I started my pursuit to talk with him when I seen the 77 tattoo on a mag in feb 2010 after I seen it in dreams before that and didn't know who it belonged to, have google history on a old hard drive as one of proofs to proove this. Even if he doesn't know a joy as a soulmate I still need some answers from him , this is only one of a few things that led me to believe all of this has to do with him somehow.. please,if I was a soulmate don't I deserve to find out? I have bicuspid aeortic valve and. enlarged heart and this is all taking a toll on me. People have been cruel to me trying to find answers, If nobody wants to see him with anybody , then would they be ok with just a chat with somone that has proof of being a possible soulmate?y is everyone treating me so bad? Soulmates are very real

  22. Random Passerby says – reply to this


    Re: please helps – Joy I don't know you, never heard of you, feel sorry for you, and can't understand what it is about you……… But even in your disturbing state, you should forget about John Mayer completely. The only creature that could be his true soulmate is satan-lucifer-azazeal himself. I believe that the man was really sired by the devil and that no human could have anything to do with his birth, existence or creation. That's how terrible the man is. He's bad news. He's really a awful man and not good enough for any decent or god fearing human. Very few people in hollywood are focused and haven't sold their souls to the devil. You wouldn't understand this unless you've dealt with him. He's tainted and looks as if he's lost his soul and I think he has. It seems that every good person that he had in his life that kept him grounded, has left him and it's his fault because of his actions. No one is to blame but John. A truly smart person wouldn't get themselves tangled up with him, regardless. People are starting to separate themselves from the guy. You should do the same. I'm sure he's lost fans already!

  23. Amen says – reply to this


    Re: please helps – It is not the spirit of God that's leading you him. It's the devil! You need to pray about this. God protects his children from harm, evil, and sinners and John is nothing but harm and damning. So consider yourself protected, lucky and blessed that you havent connected with him in any way. The good girls got away. Some will say that John didn't want these girls, but in reality, God's grace and love is what protected these girls from getting with John completely. This even goes for Taylor Swift!

  24. joy says – reply to this


    Re: Amen – vvRe: Amen – born again here, pray bout 3 times a day, my guardian angels r ones been telln me to not give up, recall when john said few yrs back he felt guilty for dating,? That was coz of his soulmate getting mad at him coz I could feel him having sex, john knows he has a soulmate but unsure what exactly is going on, like I was for a few yrs, very confused, he still has good in him , he is a sweetheart soulmate and even prayed with me before, but gets ugly when he hooks up coz he is battling within defending his wrong actions, he can still be saved, he probably needs answers as bad as I do, he battles demons like everyone else, he is not very smart in the spiritualtiy dept, angels are ones that woke me one night to pray for him when he had a dark angel on top of his bus and I told him to put a cross on his bus..I know coz I been battling bad spirits trying to keep me from finding soulmate to get info to write book to help people and get truth out bout bad spirits. My angels have saved my life a few times coz of it, I am protected, I can tell u he has talked with soulmate since he used to hang in his bedroom when a teenager, I know coz it was me he was talking to, it looks like u all believe in evil and bad john, but nobody believes in good of god, and soulmates trying to help save their soulmates soul. He has good things on inside,

  25. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: joy – Try using punctuation and paragraphs, I gave up reading your comment less than half way thru. TY.

  26. jalons says – reply to this


    Re: uarewhatucallanother – i think so..he's a dog coz he is always behind katy perry following her while they are walking lolzz!

  27. 27

    KEEP PAYING GURL anniston said he got moths in the wallet i guess he likes rich woman

  28. 28

    Perez, please do something about the psychotic nutcases who are posting on your site. There is at least one person renaming herself and going on about being John's soulmate and claiming she needs to talk to him. She posts everywhere. She is batshit crazy and needs help. Anyway, I don't know why you posted the one picture where John's not smiling. They were smiling at each other and laughing with John's brothers and his father. These two are solid as a rock and are not on and off. They're only on. But they hate pap pictures when they're not working and that's why they're expressionless for pap cameras.

  29. Sickworld says – reply to this


    Joywashereagain, CA, uarewhatucallanother, Me2, Ticklemetoo are probably the same person. it's scary. GET SOME HELP GURL. YOU ARE MENTAL & JOHN WOULD NEVER DATE YOU. kbye :)

  30. joy says – reply to this


    Re: Sickworld – I been using my real name, where is urs? None of those people u posted are not me

  31. Thewiseone says – reply to this


    They are not going to last…i believe russ and katy were ment to be. (Kindda like chris and rihanna) I feel she is really sad and desperately wants to move on so bad. Russell i feel he just continued what he used to do before because its what he thinks will make him happy, when really they should have just given their marriage a good try. I feel that katys career really took off and well, its her dream and she wants to live it out, russell wanted to settle down

    But really you people are fucken dillusional if you think john mayer and katy are a power couple!

  32. 32

    russell is way better than both of these people by farrrrrrrrrr

  33. joy says – reply to this


    Sam, get a medical degree bfor u go and label someone, I heard u been around harrassing ppl over john for some time now, I even know ur name

  34. joys says – reply to this


    Say what u want sam, my last resort is to get a attorney and specalist in this matter and get a talk that way, I wouldn't b makn a fool of myself if I didn't have proof and witnessess, so what u think matters not at all to me or my matter of the issue. U have no idea what I been through with past 20 yrs of this.

  35. joys says – reply to this


    As for my typing , sorry, I use a cell phone peckn at a keypad, can't be fancy on it, very hard, and to the one that said he wouldn't date u, grow up, I never wanted a date, I need answers, I get plenty of date offers here where I am, thank u and with ppl makn comments for john, have u noticed u speak negative to ppl, no wonder he has ppl saying he is evil, you are of no good rep for him, go call jesus crazy, like u do me coz he is different and spiritual , then come back n tell me how u fare

  36. joys says – reply to this


    Anybody ever bother to ask john bout this soulmate thing? Coz if he knew I think john would b sweet enough to respond with class and not attack me like others.. I believe the good of john, ask him how when he was a teen he was told not to talk to his soulmate or whatever they thought I was. ,coz nobody understood what was going on, that was around time he was hangn in room tending to himself and ppl were worried..

  37. joy says – reply to this


    So sam, go sit down in the corner with your pointy hat, coz my brain iis way too much for you

  38. yeah says – reply to this


    Most ridiculous posts ever. I really believe Katy has very good heart and will continue to believe this until proven otherwise. As for mayer, I'm not sure what to think. Let's put it this a, I think he means well and can be very kind. He's just competitive, likes a challenge, loves women and can be a real charmer…perhaps even a major BSr when it comes to the ladies. I don't know, just a hunch. I think in his mind he may have reasons or excuses for everything he may have done. All in all, I like them both very much…especially Katy.
    As a guitar player, Mayer rocks.