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Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez Feuding… And Justin Bieber's To Blame?!

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Selena Gomez Vanity Fair Vanessa Hudgens Feud

Uh oh!

Sounds like the Spring Breakers co-stars are FAR from besties off set!

Though filming has been completed, it seems like there’s one thing Vanessa Hudgens just can’t let go of in regard to Selena Gomez

… and it doesn’t entirely deal with the movie!

Reportedly, Vanessa is “absolutely furious” over the fact that Selenita will appear in Vanity Fair’s 2013 Hollywood issue and NOT her!

A source revealed:

“Vanessa won’t let it go… especially since she has a much bigger part in Spring Breakers than Selena does.”

However, Mz. Gomez DOES have one thing that Vanessa considers to be her advantage — the fact that she’s dating Justin Bieber!

An insider spilled:

“[Vanessa] has been saying that if she was still with Zac [Efron], she would have gotten into the magazine the same way Selena got in because of Justin.”

Maybe so, but Selena’s definitely seen more career success in recent years, though of course, having the Biebs as her BF surely doesn’t hurt!

We hope Vanessa eventually lets the whole sitch go… at least before the promo tour for the flick kicks off in early 2013!

[Image via WENN.]

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87 comments to “Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez Feuding… And Justin Bieber's To Blame?!”

  1. 1

    Van Hud is soooooooo 2009. Zac Efron??? If she was dating Zac Efron, he would have come out of the closet already!!!!

  2. Potter says – reply to this


    I don't believe this is true but, if it was it doesn't make sense. Vanessa shouldn't be jealous I like them both but, Selena has more buzz and accomplishments. She is an ambassador for UNICEF,had her own successful TV Show which won 3 Emmys,has her own clothing line,her own perfume,her own nail polish line and upcoming movies in which she's the lead in and that's a little more than what Vanessa can say(career wise). Sure dating Justin gave her more attention but, Selena was famous before Justin, at the end of the day I think people would pick Selena for her talent/image rather than her relationship because of the money factor of it all.

  3. tiffany says – reply to this


    not that i care much about these tweenies.. but it is not the same thing.. vanessa never brokeout of the highschool musical faze.. she was never recieved well by an older crowd.. selena is attempting to transition into more mature crowds.. and quiet frankly i think if justin and selena broke up.. it would make her more famous, that way she doesnt have little tweens following her everywhere and she can do more shocking and mature roles.. vanessa is just a washup and is feeling it.

  4. abril says – reply to this


    Why the heck are u lying like that. Please, Vanessa will not fight with one of her friends just because a magazine. I think the thing is, that u hate her and all u do is make stupids gossips.

  5. amanda says – reply to this


    vànessa is a muff baring disney ho. shes not in the issue because shes not famous enough. Selena is multi-talented and therefore more famous. she would be hot stiff with or without justin. Vanessa needs to stop being the jealous skank she is and get some press going for herself bavked by vanity fair worthy projects.. then maybe she can get on the 2014 cover. lol… ho's… haha theyre all the same.

  6. mila says – reply to this


    so Selina will really appear in Vanity Fair’s 2013 Hollywood issue ?????? how do you knwo that ?

  7. andrea says – reply to this


    perez your gossips about vanessa are nonsense.. you hate her just because she just zac's girlfriend.. even if zac were gay, he wouldn't look at you at all, because of your horrible personality..

  8. 8

    i love VH's hair short! so cute.

  9. samsam says – reply to this


    you guys are silly to believe this crap. selena and vanessa are friends you could tell that by the spring breakers premiere. even if they werent i doubt she would say this cuz she doesn't really say sh*t (shes a real mute about her personal life). but i do think that if selena wasn't with justin then she wouldn't be famous i mean i knew justin before selena

  10. tami says – reply to this


    honestly Selena's getting more privileges than she deserves and I'm not saying this because I'm a "hater" or "jealous". TRUST ME. i don't hate Selena at all but I'm no fan. just wanted to get that out of the way but yea hosting award shows? getting all this recognition for magazines. she can't even sing yet she's hosting a music award show?? if anyone should've been doing that it should've been demi lovato who actually HAS PIPES, HECK Raven Symone can blow Selena off stage with her pipes and she never got recognized for her singing after Disney. Everyone knows Selena's only still here because she's Justin's girlfriend. now even the celebs themselves are peeking it out. she dated Nick got huge, dated taylor got huge, now she's dating justin who's mega-huge and now so is she when her talent isn't even up there for these recognitions. she can act and she can sing a LITTLE but let's be real she wouldn't be as huge as she is now without Justin. again not saying this ’cause i'm not a fan of her and i DON'T hate her, she's very pretty, I'm saying this ’cause it's the truth, well i feel it is. this is just my opinion.

  11. sam says – reply to this


    lol star magazine had to apologize to Vanessa Hudgens and Nicolas Cage because they started the rumor about Nik stalking Vanessa.. probablly this is the same bullshit…

  12. 12

    Great, 2 nobodies fighting over a gay man.

  13. 13

    This story is complete BS. Ashely Benson regularly posts photos on instagram of the three of them hanging out, outside og premieres and such. Just another story that tries to sell magazines.

  14. meeshelleee says – reply to this



  15. Ouissal2005 says – reply to this


    If selena never would have date justin she would be more famous because before she dated him everyone whas like selena gomez ow she i love her and when she start dating him that changest and ama's always wanted selena to host the ama. And let not forget her show have got al 3 ammy's and she is disney princess and without him she would be mkre famous because tham she woudnt have so much hate and this comes from someone who isnt even a fan of her

  16. anon says – reply to this


    this is absolutely bullshit. Vanessa would never say something like that. we all know Perez hates Vanessa. I agree with tami though. Sure, Selena was famous before Justin. She is pretty and she can act but she wouldn't be as famous as she is now if not for Justin.

  17. Leslie says – reply to this


    Wow!!! Where did you find this OLD story? It came out back when they were filming Spring Breakers. Both Selena and Vanessa's reps said it was a bunch of crap made up my that gossip magazine.

  18. Wtf says – reply to this


    What a crock of shit! Perez you really need a new day job… Or maybe just get laid? Focus on your own life already and stop making up ridiculous crap!

  19. lena says – reply to this


    omg what the fuck, vanessa is such a nice girl, why would she be jealous of one of her best friends? omg, shes in love with her boyfriend austin, omg you guys how can you believe that???? and vanessa hudgens is one of justin's best friends, so that's so fucking false. Shame on you perez hilton

  20. jenn says – reply to this


    WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selena is gonna appear in vanity fair hollywood issue?? OMG I CANT WAIT!!! AND AS FOR VANESSA, Selena has more talents. vanessa is a horrible actress. selena deserves this more than vanessa.

  21. Erica says – reply to this


    Re: tami – THANK YOU!!! I've been saying the same thing since they got together. She wouldn't be shit without Justin since her show is off the air. Yea she can act, but ain't non of her movies been #1 box office movies, hell they don't even make it to the top 10 list. She cant sing to save her life, the only reason why ppl buy her concert tix cause they know Justin's going to be there. All the success she's been having since she got with him isnt because of her talent, its because of who her boyfriend is, cause before they got together nobody gave a fuck about her. Nobody asked her to host shows or do magazine photo shoots or perform at shows or got nominated at award shows for her music, non of it would have happened without Justin. hell i didnt even know her name, i called her the girl from the wizard show.

  22. anon says – reply to this


    i don't believe it :-)

  23. anne says – reply to this


    haha kind of funny if you think about it and vanessa isnt jealous i mean they look like they could be the best of friends from the pictures i've seen but atleast someone that is also famous is stating the truth about them i love justin bieber and selena is an amazing actress she just isnt my favorite i perfer demi lovato but anyway at lwast someone finally said something NOH8! my own personal opinion

  24. anomynos says – reply to this


    Re: jenn – umm yeah okay vanessa has been mulitiple movies and selena has been in like one! one was a wizard thing for her own show and now this one and vanessa has gone very far in her career…since i have a say i would that vanessa has soooo much more talent then selena…selena's okay but! she isnt amazing atleast not how vanessa is no offense my own opinion

  25. anomynos says – reply to this


    Re: tiffany
    vanessa actyually has grown out of her high school musical faze i say the washup would be selena because i mean vanessa had been picked for so many more movies and is an amazingly beautiful actress selena is okay but if selena really was as great as people say she is she would have been asked to be on so many more movies and shows then what she is doing now. sure selena is going into more mature stuff but vanessa did the exact same thing… after high school musical she went straight into more mature things yeah sure some of them are still a for ids like bandslam and stuff but she didnt just hop right into a mature movie she took her time getting there knowing that she had just gotten off of disney and kids would still be looking up to her unlike selena who jumped right into a highly mature movie when alot of kids look up to her…and if they see her doing that it kind of upsets some kids knowing that she just jumped right out of disney my own opinion sorry

  26. anomynos says – reply to this


    Re: Potter – well i wouldnt say that vanessa is jealous really she is just stating her own opinion and stating a little bit of the facts no offense my opinion so yeah sorry

  27. lola says – reply to this


    Re: andrea – umm news flash there not even dating anymore

  28. angie says – reply to this


    Re: samsam – yes! i totally agree with you!

  29. 29

    Re: anomynos – Uhh Selena's a very busy girl. On top of her clothing line, UNICEF position, her music (if you can call it that), and occasional acting gig, she might get offered a lot of movies, but that doesn't mean she can take them. Yeah, she's not the best singer, but at least she's going places.

  30. j says – reply to this


    Considering her role in the film is much bigger than Selena's I'd say she deserves it, but this article is complete crap. She and Selena have been friends for years. They have the same publicist and a lot of the same friends. Zac even invited Selena to the surprise party he threw for V back in 2009.

  31. millie says – reply to this


    this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true. I'm someone finally said it. Selena would not be where she is today if it wasn't for Justin.

  32. idelenagomez says – reply to this


    this is SHIT, Perez please leave delete your website. YOU'RE FAMOUS BECAUSE WE HATE YOU. Stop creating fake news stories for attention AND the whole Taylor Swift thing, WTF how dare you? PRETEND to be her friend then tweet the link to her leaked album? YOU ARE STUPID.

  33. Jayde says – reply to this


    Re: anon – Completely agree. When her show on Disney finished, her career would have just about finished to had she not started dating Justin Bieber. It's ridiculous that the spotlight goes to people like Selena Gomez when there are hundreds, if not thousands of people, who are more talented and therefore more deserving.

  34. george smith says – reply to this


    Please they are not feuding they might be a little jealous of each other but what can i say
    both of those young ladys are exceptiionally gourgous i would love to be friends with them both of them

  35. jessiebabie says – reply to this


    vanessa certainly isnt still in her high school musical rut, she leaped out of that when all those pictures of he tits got leaked online, selena is a great rising star who doesnt need a man to define her unlike vanessa. whether the story is true or not, vanessa is nothing but a pretty face with a bad reputation whereas selena has a talent and is a fantastic role model she deserves to be in the hollywood issue and vanessa needs to start proving herself

  36. valent says – reply to this


    This article is the first time I've even heard of Vanessa Hudgens. Selena is definitely more famous (and much more attractive!).

  37. mkmille says – reply to this


    Check the other articles on this aledged feud. All the sources are some of the worse lying rags out there. Enough said. I'm sure Vanity Fair has it's reasons, but I would say that besides the fashion side, of which they are both elegant, Selena's career has continued to explode, acting, music, charities,clothing, perfume, beauty products along with her savy tech investments and her own production company that has options on three books being turned into movies. The new WOWP special was her idea that she started on before the show ended. Working behind the camera with creative input and also as executive producer. She is becoming a mini mogule. Following in the footsteps of others like Jlo, Heidi Klume and Reba McEntire just to name a few.
    It seems that Vanessa's sole focus has been on her acting and that's great too. It just how they have chosen to go about moving themselves forward. Look at Ashley Tisdale she is acting but also developing projects and producing them she has her own company.

  38. Iris says – reply to this


    First this isn't confirmed and we can't say if it is true or not.
    Second, if it was true, I doubt Vanessa would say it just like that knowing media these days, and especially for one of her friends.

    We should not forget how she postponed Beastly's Premiere for Charlie ST. Cloud.

    Third, just because Selena has a perfume and a clothing line or is the ambassador of UNICEF that doesn't mean anything to her as an actress, it can make her very popular, but as a person, not as an actress.

    And last but not least, Vanessa has some serious movies coming out, so she maybe deserves to be on that magazine, who knows…

  39. Balls says – reply to this


    fuck em both

  40. Sashamonique says – reply to this


    Vanessa looks like a much younger and much hotter version of Mila Kunis. Selena is beautiful too and has such a sweet face.

  41. Sky says – reply to this


    I love SELENA for her not for her boyfriend. I'm hoping for a breakup soon so his hater fans can shut the hell up and "try" to get with him. Not everyone likes Justin Bieber!! Some people thinking the world revolves around his ass!! Fkn delusional, I swear ..

  42. esteban says – reply to this


    Re: tiffany – selena became famous because of bebier ! she was nothing until she hooked up with beb.

  43. george smith says – reply to this


    Come on girls what are you fighting about stop it you dont need to fight ,no need to fight so what thats selgo is going with jb big deal its not like they re going. To get married.
    And whats the big deal that selgo is going. to appear in this mag .dont destroy your friendship over bullshit

  44. jenn says – reply to this


    this is complete BULLSH!T. they are really close and you can tell. perez just like starting drama. justin gave selena more publicity true, but he didnt give her talents. she gonna prove that with springbreakers.

  45. Danielle says – reply to this


    Re: tami
    I agree. Selena doesn't deserve all the attention that she is getting. Everything is because of that Justin.

  46. Danielle says – reply to this


    and Vanessa is gorgeous =)

  47. taketwo says – reply to this


    For someone who doesn't hate her you sure sound like you do. The majority of your comment was on bashing Selena and her faults. It takes more than having a good singing voice to make it in hollywood. Her personality for one helps her tremendously along with her good looks. She's barely getting started in hollywood and she's already got fellow female actresses jealous of her. That's one area that Selena has never gone to. She has never publicly insulted anyone in show bussiness. Then we got people like you who probably doesn't have a life or any talent trying to bring her down. Many have tried and failed. You're just another know-it-all behind a computer.

  48. Kelsey says – reply to this


    Vanessa use to be the all American girl next door actress while she was dating Zac Efron but now since she doesn't have all eyes on her anymore and Selena does, she's trying to be heard which it's not going to work. Sorry VHud but your days are over, step back and let Selena shine cause she deserves the spotlight just like you did.

  49. adhkadw says – reply to this


    Re: Erica
    hotel transylvania was number 1 box office so shut the fuck up and get a life instead of hating

  50. grace says – reply to this


    actually selena recent movie "Hotel transylvania" was number 1 at the box office, it also broke records. vanessa is a nice girl and for haters to imply that selena doesnt deserve anything is wrong, selena has been nothing but nice to beliebers, and haters and yet they try to bring her down. selena also has talent, and you cant deny that. and the person who doesnt deserve all this attention is justin bieber. that little boy is desperate to stay in the media is annoying, that whole publicity stunt that he'll pulled for his stupid video. he is not humble at all. he a little jackass and if anything justin dating selena, olny makes him look better.

  51. just saying says – reply to this


    why would vanessa be jealous of not being featured in a magazine she was already featured in ???????? and plus how do they know selena will be featured in the 2013 hollywood issue since the magazine didn't make any statement about this ??????????

  52. jonnie says – reply to this


    i dont think this is true, they looked really close. and why would vanessa be jealous of a magazine spread?? a magazine doesnt define you. this story is fabricated and the media just want to start drama. and doesnt the hollywood issue comes out next march? i doubt vanity fair even started picking girls.

  53. 53

    selena only dates the biggest celebs. if bieber isn't popular anymore, she'll move on to the next popular teenager. look at how she stuck to nick until the jonas bros got old

  54. Yolossaur says – reply to this


    Seriously, Perez? You should get help! We all know you hate Vanessa, but start to make up these ridiculous rumors to put Selena fans against Vanessa is the most ridiculous thing ever! V is doing tons of magazines covers! And I bet she's so happy for Selena. We all know that Vanessa is a humble person and she would NEVER do something like this to a friend. Seriously, if you're going to talk that shi*t, than you should shut the f*ck up, close this trashsite and GET A LIFE.

  55. random person says – reply to this


    Wow even though im not a fan of either one of them but I think selena does have an advantage dating Justin….. Umm gonna agree with this one

  56. Dash says – reply to this


    Re: Erica – Actually Hudgens has been a huge star internationally for years. Spain, all over Latin America and more. Shes More popular than Justin Bieber in some countries. She's a multi-talented hard working young lady & that's got nothing to do with the Biebs

  57. Matt says – reply to this


    Re: grace – YOU ARE A DUMBASS AND YOU STATEMEMT PROVES THAT. Selena is just for you little tee emir twats. I don't like any of these little kids but you can't say Selena Gomez is more talented that Justin bieber. The proof is in the pudding for that KID. and publicity stunt? All Gomez lives on is publicity. Hence why he uses other people for it. And Justin's laptop really was stolen. He took the idea and pranks his fans. Something Selena can't even do. Hence why she doesn't even communicate with you guys u less shes telling you to buy her autotune shit. And hotel Transylvania didnt break any records. I checked being that I OWN a film theatre. Hence why that movie is not even in theaters anymore but got pushed to DVD release and hence why critics rated it a SOUR 44 percent. So if you want to keep spewing bullshit fine but let it be accurate. And it wasnt Selena movie it's Adam sandlers and MILEY CYRUS was giving the role but she denied it to focus on her music ad wedding. Selena just got her sloppy leftovers.

  58. Matt says – reply to this


    Re: adhkadw – actually it was number one for the first DAY . Not in box offices period. looper got that award and it wasnt her movie it was Adam sandlers and Miley Cyrus had the part Selena got her left overs. Get you facts right please.

  59. David says – reply to this


    Re: Kelsey – NEXT DAMN JOKE. tw not reason people give a shot about Selena is because of the drama circled around her. Selena is the GROWN actress dating men. Not dry huming underage boys on the beach for press

  60. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: taketwo – no the only know it all behind a computer is you clearly . Selena has bashed people MORE than once publicly. Especially nick Jonas on more than one radio station. Check your facts LITTLE GIRL. She can't sing for shit and she looks like the crack of someone's ass without makeup. Her personality is as dry as a Sahara desert and she couldn't book one movie without Justin's me behind it. You just spent YOUR whole comment reason a GROWN classy actress like Vanessa with invalid facts.

  61. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: taketwo – fail. Vanessa got famous just in a matter f seconds you look stupid saying he just started Hollywood when she's been acting since a little girl and got no damn where with it other than Disney channel and tween is flop movies that hold the power of a bunch of preschoolers.

  62. DUMB says – reply to this


    Re: jenn – the only thing Selena does in spring breakers is finger herself and drink the a teen flop. She doesn't even stay the entire film.

  63. Lucas Andrade says – reply to this


    Damn, of course that's fake, you guys think that vanesse would ruin a friendship for a cover magazine? And there's more, i don't think vanessa would say that about "dating zac efron", because zac is not that famous on hollywood and even because she's really happy with austin. Perez is always trying to expose vanessa, we don't know why, but maybe a "girl crush" on zac could justify. DON'T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, GUYS, vanessa is such a sweet girl, that's not what she would do or say, and selenatos, don't be angry with vanessa, that's not the truth, selena and vanessa are best friends, that would never happen between them.

  64. 64

    GUYS, TAKE A LOOK ON THIS: and Perez, stop telling SHIT about vanessa and selena, that's an insult for both of them.

  65. Sasga says – reply to this


    Vanessa looks like a much uounger and hotter version of Mila Kunis, Selena is beautiful toom

  66. youaresoright says – reply to this


    Yes I never noticed before. Vanessa is a younger prettier Mila.

  67. natalie says – reply to this


    I don't really know if this is true. But it is at the same time. I mean, sure, Selena was famous back then. But her fame got a huge boost when she started dating Justin Bieber. If she didn't date him, she'll just be an irrelevant Disney Star. Nothing more, nothing less.

  68. ii says – reply to this


    this soo not true!!!!! they are so alike, have been through the same things and know how it feels with the whole Disney thing. Vanessa had an amazing start of her career in hsm and so did Selena with wowp!! they (paparazzi) have nothing against them so they create stupid rumors!!!! anywayz they're both amazing and Selena was famous before she met Justin!!, it hasn't changed the course of her career in any way she still sings and acts beautifully!

  69. 69

    come on they are both great this is fake than an for that jazzpussin nick broke up withe her after year dating. and Matt relax its not the end off the world. the are famous the make their fans happy they dont do someting wrong they are just like as human so stop with all the hate it dosnt make you a better person off is or smarter

  70. 70


  71. 71

    Re: grace – it is true what you are saying about justin that since he start dating selena everyone is like he a good boyfriend but before it was like he is such a player he fucks every girl and is a shitty guy that has to pick up his game

  72. go says – reply to this



  73. denise says – reply to this


    Re: DUMB – have you seen the movie dumbass? NO it havent even came out yet so you can shut the fu%k up. the movie is 1 hour and 30 minutes long selena is in the movie for 1 hour and vanessa is in the whole movie.

  74. jake says – reply to this


    Re: grace – i agree with you justin is a little prick, he is so lucky he has selena, because people would see his true color. he acts like a lilttle kids for someone who considers himself a man. that stupid prank with the stolen laptops was really lame. selena can do sooo much better than him. shes needs a realy man

  75. Laine says – reply to this


    Whatever Perez!! & can't believe girls are still hung up on her past relationship w/ Nick .. it wasn't even public because of HIM. I would support her w/ or w/o any guy she dates. Although, she deserves someone better than bieber … He is so into himself, he should just date himself.

  76. Fantypes says – reply to this


    Im not a fan of selena but i like vanessa but i dont really think vanessa would do somethong like that fueding over a festival and a magazine is just pathetic and why would selena want to fight about something like that

    P.S selena better do no shit at vanessa

  77. irobelieber says – reply to this


    she's right…selena is famous because of Justin…#truestory

  78. Wowwie12 says – reply to this


    Trust me believe it or not I think Vanessa is little more known because she's in more movies than Selena was ever in not trying to bash Selena but like a few peopl said she wouldn't have been as big as she is now because after wizard of waverly place ended I didmt really hear about her until she started dating jb. And also Selena and vanessa are friends so what the hell

  79. ThatGuy says – reply to this


    Vanessa, do the world a favor and crack that bitch in the face…. 3 or 4 times, please. She's right there beside you. Give her a a backhand

    For the record, I don;t even know Vanessa's work, but judging by Selena's work and looking at them both here, Vanessa would've been the better choice for Vanity Fair :)

    Vanessa is definitely more physically attractive iMO.

  80. brittany says – reply to this


    lol if this is all true, where's the fucking evidence?

  81. Karima says – reply to this


    You know what the thing is. People should stop bashing Vanessa for telling the hardcore truth. People say this all the time, especially Beliebers because you can't deny it. She's not mad at Selena, nobody should be mad at Selena. But just can't deny that Selena gets more fame thanks to Justin. Of course she had her own fame before him and will still have it after him, but she its obviously more important because of Justin. There is no denying it. It' not Selena's fault and I'm not saying she doesn't deserve this fame or attention. I'm only saying that if Vanessa really said these things, that she is completely right.. And it's kind of unfair. The attention and fame she gets because of Justin is not deserved. It's also sad for Selena, because I don't think she wants attention because she's dating someone. She wants to earn her own fame.

  82. Dumb says – reply to this


    Re: denise – I've already seen the movie dumbass at the movie festival. So I know what the hell I'm talking about seek a said herself she's only in half I it Vanessa is there the ENTIRE film. Your argument is invalid especially by you just repeating exactly what I said. Bitch

  83. Matt says – reply to this


    Re: jake – the onl prick is Selena. There isn't shit about Justin that's a prick and that's show clearly in his everyday life. I've met Justin. YOU clealry haven't . And I've met Selena. She is a prick and a damn brat and everyone in Hollywood knows it. Funny you say Selena deserves better yet Justin is better than Selena in every aspect possible. Selena wouldn't be relevant at all right now if it weren't for Justin so you are highly misinformed.

  84. Matt says – reply to this


    Re: graceRe: jake – the onl prick is Selena. There isn't shit about Justin that's a prick and that's show clearly in his everyday life. I've met Justin. YOU clealry haven't . And I've met Selena. She is a prick and a damn brat and everyone in Hollywood knows it. Funny you say Selena deserves better yet Justin is better than Selena in every aspect possible. Selena wouldn't be relevant at all right now if it weren't for Justin so you are highly misinformed.clearly HIM dating Selena is making her look errrr and not like te fame seeking whore she is known for being.

  85. Matt says – reply to this


    Re: ouissal1999 – Re: jake – the onl prick is Selena. There isn't shit about Justin that's a prick and that's show clearly in his everyday life. I've met Justin. YOU clealry haven't . And I've met Selena. She is a prick and a damn brat and everyone in Hollywood knows it. Funny you say Selena deserves better yet Justin is better than Selena in every aspect possible. Selena wouldn't be relevant at all right now if it weren't for Justin so you are highly misinformed. Clearly you're dumb as hell cause lets name how many girls in the industry Justin has dated… ONE. now lets name the guys within ONE year before she met Justin that Selena dated… FUCKING FIVE. Justin does "fuck other girls" you don't even know him. You're an idiot clearly the only whore that needs to fix their game is selena including her cheap ass nipple slips.

  86. lala says – reply to this


    Okay for one I will say you are a hater because selena isn't getting big because of justin she could get bigger without justin because selena had her own show she's a ambassador. She has her own clothing line & perfume out so she could get big without justin being in the picture & she may not be a good singer like demi lovato is but she's way bigger than demi lovato & raven symone & she's even bigger than miley cyrus & miley cyrus isn't big anymore cause she hasn't done much & plus she's a hollywood WHORE. & selena gomez can get big for being a good role model for kids who look up to her & not being a bad influence like some of the actresses out here so she can get big with or without justin beibers help cause she don't need his help to get big she can get big on her own just by what she does on t.v. or what she has out in stores so that's what I gotta say

  87. xx 8c says – reply to this


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