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Demi Lovato Brings X Factor Contestants To Tears & Britney Spears Chooses Favorites!

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Fifth judges, gather ‘round! We’ve got some deliberating to do!

Last week’s X Factor left us off with a cliffhanger, as we FINALLY find out tonight just which contestants make it through to the live shows starting on November 1st!

In tonight’s two-hour episode, the judges will narrow down 24 acts to only 16, leaving each judge with four acts in each category.

Check out the sneak peek (above) to see just how intense it gets when Demi has to choose between CeCe Frey and Jillian Jensen!

Oh no! Could CeCe’s confidence end up winning Demi over? Though, what about her connection with bullying victim, Jillian???

Guess we’ll have to wait until tonight to see who survives!

To hold you over until then, check out Britney choosing between two teens, L.A. getting caught up over Vino Alan and Tara Simon and Simon deciding between Playback and LYLASAFTER THE JUMP!!!

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24 comments to “Demi Lovato Brings X Factor Contestants To Tears & Britney Spears Chooses Favorites!”

  1. Taha Aq says – reply to this


    CeCe is Going learly see Her Hair at the End :"(

  2. gwen01 says – reply to this


    I don't normally watch videos on this site but I check out headlines and if anything interesting comes up I read about it on other more legit sites that don't sell out to the Kardashians and shut off comments at Kardashian command. Nevertheless, I did look at this video and laughed because I felt like with the music in the background and the way Demi was talking I thought I was watching a rerun from a soap opera. It made me chuckle. I find it hard to take the girl seriously as a talent scout considering she sings with auto tune and is what 20 years old? Have to wonder how many of these shows are in their last season. Look at X factor, Khloe K. is a judge..that show is done!!

  3. 3

    Re: gwen01 – Your soap opera comparison is spot on. The open auditions were like Jerry Springer, now we are into the pre-scripted melodrama portion.

  4. ms says – reply to this


    Re: gwen01 – She doesn`t sings with auto tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can type her name on youtube and see her performanceS and you`ll see she sings LIVE 100% LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nez says – reply to this


    Seriously, can we just get past this and get to the live shows already? This part is waaaay too drawn out. And boring.

  6. Claudia says – reply to this


    I don't think Demi sing with auto tune, plus Khloe it's not a judge , she's a Co Host , damn I'm ESL and I know what that means.

  7. k says – reply to this


    CeCe moves on to the live shows, Jillian is cut.

  8. wtf says – reply to this


    Re: gwen01 – Klohe K isnt a judge, she's a host. Not the same thing

  9. 9

    little girl, vino alan, and laylas r going in the top 16 so obvious.

  10. Lil-dee says – reply to this


    Re: gwen01 – Khloe it's not a judge, she's a co-host with Mario Lopez, big difference.

  11. 11


  12. Jay says – reply to this


    SPOILER its the girl with the nose ring who was crying hysterical, if u look at the objects behind Demi in both convos they're diff, an orange candle and a silver sphere, and when she tells the one girl shes going home its the orange candle in the bacjground. DUH!

  13. Alex says – reply to this


    Demi is all like, "I've made my decision" she starts blubbering, Demi:"stop, you're tears are disgusting", she cries hysterically, Demi:"Now get out of my sight essay…" she runs crying out the door.

  14. gabi says – reply to this


    demi doesn't use autotune. she sings live and she has a impressive range…at least check your facts before saying sh*t.ppl believe in a creepy 60 year old guy lol (he prob didnt even know her work) go watch a video of her on youtube (any video) or something before saying that

  15. 15

    If it's a decision between Jillian & Cece, then I think it's pretty obvious Jillian will be the one staying. She's 10x better than Cece.

  16. Doodoodii says – reply to this


    Wth!? Why does he need to pick between LYLAS and Playback!? I usually really hate the groups with a strong passion, but I loved only LYLAS and Playback this year. I got so pumped up for the, and that's unusual cause I don't like the groups, especially not the girl ones but LYLAS was one of my favs of this whole season. It would make more sense to choose between LYLAS and Sister C and then Playback and Emblem3. THAT would make much more sense. I don't wanna loose either tho =(

  17. Cesar says – reply to this


    seriously did she do that!
    she made the 2 worst decitions that she ever done!

  18. mal says – reply to this


    it's lylas staying…you can see the boys in the reflection of simon's glasses when he says, "it's bad news."

  19. gwen01 says – reply to this


    whether this girl sings with auto tune or not she does not have the experience to choose talent. She won't be around in a few years herself much like Justin Beiber. One just has to look at the history of teen stars such as NKOTB or David Cassidy etc., they have no staying power. As for Khloe, that is how little I care, everyone on here is right she is a co host so that means her whole body will be exposed for the ones that watch the show and for that I feel sorry for the viewers and clearly if I truly cared about Khloe or X factor I guess I would have known that she is a co host. Still a bad casting mistake for a show that wants better ratings.

  20. jay says – reply to this


    Why are they showing a rerun from last week? So annoying. I thought i was going to find out who makes it to lives. But 1st day of judges house AGAIN. anyone know why?

  21. storm says – reply to this


    I Hoe they keep playback!!!!!! I love them

  22. CanadianContent says – reply to this


    I think we saw more of the broadcast last night in Canada (Oct. 18/12).

    I am surprised at how ticked off I am about Jillian going home. The girl has talent in spades AND a good heart. She IS the real deal. The other girl - prettier, poutier and with a real potential for nastiness - is talented but unappealing in terms of personality (unless you like soap opera villain types - one dimensional yada yada yada). Demi - so young, and this time, so unwise. I hope that girl resurfaces (Jillian) b/c I'm going to buy her music!

  23. hoooootness says – reply to this


    Playback is going home. Live shows start on Nov 1 and Johhny Maxwell (one of the Playback members) has a concert on Nov 2 at the Red House Live.

  24. noname says – reply to this


    Re: gwen01 – I bet she sings better than you do