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J.K. Rowling Disses 50 Shades Of Grey!

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J.K. Rowling Disses 50 Shades Of Grey

Maybe J.K. Rowling misses all the fighting now that He Who Must Not Be Named has been defeated, because she just opened up a can of whoop literary criticism!

The Harry Potter author was at an event in NYC celebrating the launch of her new book, an adult novel called Casual Vacancy.

During the audience Q&A section, a fan asked what the difference was between the sex in her new book and in the megahit 50 Shades Of Grey. She said:

"The difference is that people have sex in my book, but no one enjoys it."

She and the moderator went on to say they didn't even try reading the book as they'd heard too often that it was "terrible."

Whoa! J.K. has already said publicly that she wouldn't read the bestseller. Is she trying to start a fight with the author?

We wonder if E.L. James is planning on responding. This could be a dirty fight! And if you've read 50 Shades, you know we mean DIRTY!

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “J.K. Rowling Disses 50 Shades Of Grey!”

  1. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    That is why I haven't read it. I heard it was terribly written and there is no plot. It is porn for mid-aged women that need to get laid. I'm a big fan of JK so I will believe what she suggest.

  2. 2

    I read it, and have advised others not to bother. Even the author admits that she is not a good writer. I don't think she is trying to start a fight, she is just stating the obvious.

  3. Antonia Suarez says – reply to this


    EL James will not respond because she would be going up against JK Rowling who can do whatever the eff she wants.

  4. 4

    That's not even a diss.
    And it is terrible. It's the reason me and my friend read it because it was so laughably bad. It was so repetitive and awful. It's basically proof that anyone can publish a book and make money off it.

  5. Ari says – reply to this


    JK Rowling never dissed 50 Shades. As much as I hate 50 Shades, in an interview in Australia, Rowling was asked what she thought of 50 Shades, and Rowling said she promised her editor she wouldn't read it, although she was perfectly fine with people reading it and understood it. Perez forever dramatising everything.

  6. Kayla says – reply to this


    I was at the JK Rowling event and they said they heard it was "terribly written" not terrible in general. Don't put words in the queen of the universe's mouth!

  7. Seriously says – reply to this


    JK Rowling can give her opinions about a terrible book when it is in fact, terrible. E.L. James probably won't respond because what could she say? How could you criticize someone like JK ROWLING and come out as the "winner"? E.L James got lucky (just like the author of Twilight), JK is actually a really good writer. Plus I don't think what she said was a diss…

  8. 8


  9. yesiam says – reply to this


    Not that it isn't true that the book is terrible, but the ACTUAL QUOTE is “Everyone tells me the writing is terrible.” (Which is also true.) And it wasn't Rowling who said it. It was novelist Anna Patchett.

  10. cicibella says – reply to this


    i was at the event in nyc and perez you have your facts way off. don't try and start shit— jk rowling never insulted 50 shades of grey. god you're annoying

  11. 11

    She seems to have a problem when other novels sell well.

  12. Dogchicklet says – reply to this


    I was at the event in NYC & the moderator, Anne was the one who asked J.K. what she thought about the 50 Shades book since it was "terribly written". And J.K. responded, "it's porn, isn't it?!?". She never dissed the book or the author, but had she given her opinion (as is anyone's right), she has proven to be a literary master, which is light years away from what E.L. James wrote, which was nothing more than a racy Twilight fanfic.

  13. PinkMafia says – reply to this


    I agree with all the comments about 50 Shades being porn for middle-aged women. It in no way compares to anything J.K. Rowling has done in terms of depth and writing in general. Why is everyone so obsessed with S and M all of a sudden, just because it was mentioned in this novel? It's nothing new….

  14. 14

    I've now heard several of her comments regarding 50 Shades. To me, she sounds petty, catty, and downright jealous that the book is doing well. It truly makes her look bad, very disappointing to see her take the low road. Why not just say "I haven't yet read it, but if people enjoy reading it, that's great" or whatever? Why even *mention* that she "heard the writing is terrible" — a secure person/author would NOT need to say that.

  15. 15

    JK Rowling calls a piece of shit book a "piece of shit." Go figure. The woman's no wrong.

  16. 16

    Re: Countess Olenska – JK Rowling isn't even the one who said it's supposed to be terrible. It was Anna Patchett. So how can Rowling sound petty if she's not the one saying it? The only other thing she's actually said about it is that she's not going to read it.
    I don't think she is jealous of other people's success because many of her interviews she talks about books she is reading and what she enjoys. But no news articles ever come out when she praises and author because it's not juicy.

  17. Trevor Philps says – reply to this


    So, one or two of the British establishment have actually CRITICIZED their money-spinning icon's writing ability. Well, there is a first time for everything. The shit will hit the fan indeed when they start questioning that crock of bull that constitutes the insulting MYTH of her life-story including the fabled "idea on a train" drivel. But let us not hold our breaths. While the goose continues to lay her golden eggs aided and abetted by God alone know who…. who was her editor on this effort… does ANYBODY know or are they just not telling…. she will go on being protected. When it does you may remember this comment and similar comments of ours tha managed to duck under the ravenous scrutiny of her PR people and her ever-vigilant lawyers Schillings who hold the entire British press to ransom on her behalf!

  18. everyones law school says – reply to this


    this is a very exciting article. I tell you that the issue is more deep that appear. Believe me!

  19. February Flower says – reply to this


    Re: everyones law school
    I smell a jealous unpublished author there…