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13 comments to “One Direction's Zayn Malik Finds Himself In Twitter Trouble Over Chris Brown!”

  1. 1

    Their fans need to calm their little mosquito bites! Who cares?!

  2. demode says – reply to this


    ATM = Ass to Mouth. Dirty. Figures that Chris Brown would be into that. Gross.

  3. Gabo says – reply to this


    This kid has been a CB fan forever - he mentioned some other CB song as his fav a couple of years ago plus he did a a cover on the tube of another song by CB:

    with you cover

    DJM acapella's special(real sick) - don't gotta like dude but respect good music!!

    Leave pc outta Zayn's music taste!!

  4. WELOVCHRISBROWN says – reply to this


    @demode STFU you dickhead!..why are the directioners over reacting?! And acting like little kids?! Zayn listens and does what he wants. CHRIS BROWN RULES AND IS THE BEST

  5. T_Legacy530 says – reply to this


    So i read this abd i think how could you Directioners be mad at Zayn for liking a song. Although i Chris Brown has some issues no offense, he stil has good songs and if your a Directioner who is mad at Zayn then you shouldnt even be called a Directioner. Directioners are sopposed to be ultimate fans who love everything about 1D. I am a huge Directioner and i dont hate him. Cris Brown has some good music like Turn Up The Music and some other songs. I think all you people are over exagerating, so GET OVER IT!

  6. idirection says – reply to this


    Really? So people are going to be angry with him just for liking a song by Chris Brown? Well its understandable that people dont approve of what chris did in the past. I know his behavior was unacceptable. But chris is a really good singer and if his song contains the quality lyrics and a beautiful voice, then the song should be enjoyed regardless of his behavior. Anyways, zayn malik, youre so hot and beautiful<3 ur the best!!

  7. 7

    I don't think fans were angry because he liked a Chris Brown but because he publicly endorsed music by a violent abuser. There is a difference. Chris does not deserve accolades or public approval. He should not be viewed as a positive person. He not only beat her but beat her quite badly. It's also been suggested that wasn't the first time. He has a history of anger and violence. It's really quite hard to not endorse his music without endorsing him.

  8. Amy says – reply to this


    Perez…stop writing crap about Zayn you jerk!

  9. Frank Black says – reply to this


    This is the problem with the world we live in today where bullies think they can tell another person what his/her interests should be. What they are allowed to like or enjoy which should be a matter of personal choice.

  10. Cindee says – reply to this


    I'm a 1D fan and I don't care what they listen to or who they date…as long as they keep on making good music and enjoying their fame it's cool. People need to quit making this into a big deal…if Rhianna can forgive Chris then why can't the rest of the world?

  11. Liveurlife Thisyear says – reply to this


    ONLY GOD can judge BREEZY!!!

  12. BriZI says – reply to this


    So what if zayn likes chris browns music! I think chris brown is very talented and he beat yes he abused rihanna. That was wrong…but rihanna did let him. She likes it they both did wrong. But now chris is trying to make up for his wrong doing

  13. 13

    hi guyz evening!