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Rihanna Found $8 Mil In An Unlikely Place! And She Beat Out The Spice Girls To Get It!

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rihanna-christmas-ceremony-8-mil-mall lighting-spice-girls

RiRi is ho-ho-hoing her way to one HUGE payday!!

Not by doing that, pervs — Chris Brown would never let her pimp herself out!!

A London mall, and a very well financed one at that, will pay Rihanna $8 mil to… flip a switch and turn on some Christmas lights!?

Whoa, what a job!! Where do we submit our resumes for next year?!

A source with insider knowledge of Westfield mall in East London said:

"Rihanna's thrilled. She knows it's a big deal and is totally up for it - if it fits in with her schedule. Westfield have had a great year due to the Olympics and want to fork out to celebrate. Even though the final contract is still being thrashed out, they're prepared to pay up to £5 million for her. They are expecting around 20,000 people to swamp the park."

Good for you, girl! You should be thrilled!

And we're sure the 20k members of, err, RiRi's Royal Navy will be grateful to see you!

The source explained the mall's process in deciding the pop star was the right candidate only girl in the world, and it turns out there was a big-named runner-up:

"The Spice Girls were also discussed but Rihanna came out as the artist of choice."

Wow! She beat out Britain's own Spice Girls?!

RiRi's fans have certainly spoken told us what they want, what they really really want!!

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Rihanna Found $8 Mil In An Unlikely Place! And She Beat Out The Spice Girls To Get It!”

  1. 1

    What a nasty smelling dirt bag she is a slut non talented HO HO HO. whore whore. no one is worth that kind of money to flip a light. WHAT A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY. But a whore will do what a whore will have to do. No one needs to worry about her pimping herself out…. she has a women beater to do that for her.

  2. 2

    Do they get to beat her up too?

  3. Hawtmama says – reply to this


    What an outrageous WASTE of money! Being the Holiday season and all, why would this mall, or whoever finances this, waste $8 million to pay a "celebrity" to flip a flipping switch? If they really want to make a good impression on people, maybe they should flip the damn switch themselves and DONATE that money to local charities???? Just a thought! MORONS!

  4. 4

    F*ckin ridiculous.

  5. Jessie says – reply to this


    Westfield is in West London. East London is too ghetto for shopping malls!!

  6. RiRiNavy says – reply to this


    To the negative comments towards rihanna suck a dick you deserve to get yourself murdered yes i said murdered dont ever disrespect such a talent! RiRi is sitting on millions shitting on you guys oh You Mad? okay then.. hating ass ppl like u makes the world bitter keep getting those millions girls! #DiamondsAreForever #Unapologetic #RiRiNation #November 19 !!!!

  7. childish says – reply to this


    I just cant believe she got picked over the real pop icons, i rather would see the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls are pop legends, rihanna is ok but Spice Girls are greater

  8. DIKGANG GALEBONE says – reply to this


    Yah! that's my girl a treasure like her deserve all this money i know they blind people saying is for the switch but honestly is for her beauty hey this girl is a Queen indeed LUV YOU Rihanna!

  9. DIKGANG GALEBONE says – reply to this


    Re: Redd_one – Just because you are a slut it doesn't mean that everyone aroud you is a slut i may not know you but the way you speak it makes it clear that you are an ugly bitch and you wish it was you who was to switch on the switch," hore" eish you disgust me!

  10. DIKGANG GALEBONE says – reply to this


    Re: RiRiNavy – yah tell them girl they should go F***K themselves!

  11. DIKGANG GALEBONE says – reply to this


    Re: childish – spice girl belongs to the kitchen they dnt qualify to flip the switch these tell us that RiRi is the best of them all that is why she was chosen for this task oh! iv never seen a beautiful creature like Rihanna this girl should be from PLANET PLUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12

    Well what a nice present for her & Chris Brown after Rihanna's label get their share

  13. lexi says – reply to this


    haters sit down, you go riri, and of course she beat out the spice girls, if you compare them rihanna is more talented

  14. backlink software says – reply to this


    fantastic reviews, express gratitude you

  15. Gman says – reply to this


    Jessie - There is also a Westfield in Stratford, East London. It was the gateway to the Olympic Stadium which is also in East London :p