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Susan Boyle has made no secret of the fact that she grew up idolizing Donny Osmond, so when she got the opportunity to perform This Is A Moment as a duet wi… Read more…

55 comments to “Was Susan Boyle "Drugged" During Vegas Performance With Donny Osmond?!”

  1. DUDES !!!!!!! says – reply to this


    DUDES !!!! ???




  2. 2

    That is so sweet. I love her to pieces, I am sure that she was too nervous to sing with her childhood idol. I would too if I got to sing with my idol.

  3. 3

    This is absolutely untrue, bordering on libelous. I love you Perez, but you have bad information.

    Susan sang a duet with Donny, then bantered with the audience, then sang another SOLO, with Donny OFF STAGE. They then went backstage to speak with the press after the show, where she presented him with a joke gift of a blanket with her image (a take off of her having a blanket with his image earlier in her life.) She gave numerous interviews. I suggest you check your facts - this truly is bordering on libel.

  4. 4

    This is total BS. I was there at The Flamingo and she stunned the sold out show audience with a duet and a solo and she soared to the sky with those magnificent vocals for more than 15 min. She was joking with the audience and there are hundreds of photos in the press to prove it. She got a standing ovation. She was wearing huge stilettos that may have made very uncomfortable for her to move around the stage because she is not use to wear such high hill. BTW, there were so many entertainment press reporters from US and UK at her Vegas debut that they were enough for covering a presidential debate. Get used to people, she is just not the stereotype of megastar hungry for spotlight. She is very shy and enormously talented…and she is definitely not retard. She is one the wisest women in music business.

  5. Katie says – reply to this


    Perez, you surprise me. Taking the word of one person. That person wasn't at the same Las Vegas show that my friends were at, or at the same show where these pictures were taken.

    Yes, on Dancing With The Stars she was very nervous, but she was "on" during the Donny and Marie Show.

  6. Tiger says – reply to this


    Perez! You have always been so supportive of Susan. Why in the world would you print potentially libelous statements about Susan that are untrue? I'm more ashamed of you for printing that than I am of the person who said it.

  7. 7

    The last time a story was printed saying that her manager was drugging her on a plane, a story they were fed by a troll, they were forced to print a retraction and an apology, and pay SuBo damages.
    Just a little FYI for you Perez.

  8. Sabooz says – reply to this


    Have usually enjoyed your articles, Perez, until this. Susan Boyle gave a stellar performance with Donny & Marie last evening in Vegas and all of the reports, interviews, pictures, videos, etc.. attest to this fact. Perhaps you need to research your facts before making untrue comments about someone & not take the word of a "source" who was obviously at a different performance than all those that filled the Flamingo last night. Shame on you!!!

  9. cidyslickka says – reply to this


    Can I just say calling her a retard was completely disgusting!! She is a lovely woman who has achieved so much in such a short time and considering how shy she is I think she is doing tremendously well for herself, and good for her. And yes that was mean would you like to be called a retard? I think not

  10. 10

    I wouldn't be surprised if she has to be drugged before she goes onstage because she goes out of control - gets all hyper and things come out of her mouth that shouldn't. Like Tourettes. I've seen her on talk shows where she acted very strange. Also I think she's frightened of men. She might have been sexually molested when she was younger. Her body when she is near a man goes into total defense mode. She can't even make eye contact with a man. She has issues and why she is still onstage is beyond me.

  11. 11

    Re: DUDES !!!!!!! – agree, she's not normal

  12. 12

    Patricia, Patricia, Patricia.

  13. 13

    Re: Tobillo – - untrue, there are reports all over Susan looked doped up

  14. 14

    Re: tangowme – In Vegas last night? Please post the links.

  15. 15

    Re: JaniSc – There is a drug celebrities take for stage anxiety. It's called Inderal. Unless you are part of her staff, don't come on like you know it all. You don't have inside knowledge.

  16. 16

    Well, well, well, there's a video online. Guess what. She walked out all by herself, sang with Donny and then did a solo. She was actually standing on the stage alone, no one holding her up. Video's don't like. Trolls do.

  17. 17

    Re: tangowme – OK Patricia. If you say so. Nice seeing that your doctors gave you permission to play with the computer again. How are your imaginary friends today? Did your neighbors Upstate NY already figured out you are a total nut case like they did in Canada? Are you stalking only Susan Boyle or a bunch of artists at the same time like you used to stalk years ago?

  18. 18

    Re: JaniSc – she couldn't sing the words to the songs and Donny had to stand in front of her and mouth out the words for her.

  19. 19

    Re: Tobillo – who the hell are you you obnoxious prick

  20. 20

    Re: tangowme – I heard that he didn't sing his part, but OK, let's say she forgot the words, what about the rest of this ridiculous BS comment that Hilton posted?

    "Susan was only on stage about 4 minutes. She could not walk out on her own. She had to be held up. They left her center stage, but she was so out of it, she didn't know which way was forward. The entire time, Susan faced to her left side, never once facing center or to the right. The only movement she made on stage was when the feedback was making loud noise for an entire minute, she finally realized it, and she had the momentary sense to take a step back to reduce the feedback. She seemed totally drugged to me. She sang only about a song and a half, that was it. She looked to me like she was going to collapse, or maybe she was seriously frightened to be on a stage."

  21. 21

    Re: tangowme – That's a lie. She sang 15 minutes, duet and solo. She admitted in extensive interviews after the performance that she was nervous, but she sang, talked to the audience, did the interviews and was thrilled. The actual reviews attest to all of this. Two standing ovations, with reviewers who were there giving her kudos. I feel sorry for people who need to take something, twist it and make it negative.

  22. 22

    Re: tangowme – Unless you have inside information, don't come off like it's true.

  23. 23

    Why are people so ready to tear someone down? Susan Boyle is a person who came to celebrity late in life and hasn't become hardened. She's shy and normal.

    Also, why refer to taking an acceptable and legal Rx or OTC product as "drugging" when so many people take these things before a flight or stressful situation?

  24. 24

    Reading through these comments makes me better understand how the tabloids manage to stay in business. There's people here who believe everything that they read. They probably believe that Elvis is still alive too because the tabloids say he is.
    Absolutely amazing!!

  25. Agnetha says – reply to this


    Saw some video of the show. Susan was facing left of center the entire time b/c that's where her teleprompter was. She really really REALLY needs to learn how to use it properly. She acts like she's in the studio reading the lyrics, instead of performing in front of an actual live audience. At one point Donny yanked on her hand in an attempt to get her eyes off the teleprompter & look at him instead. Even with the teleprompter, she missed some of the harmony lyrics. Hope she'll be more relaxed & prepared when the show goes to the UK.

  26. 26

    Re: Agnetha – Oh for gosh sakes, there wasn't a teleprompter. Were you there? Did you see the solo she performed? The joking with the audience? Look at the photos - they don't even support what you said. Why do you think the gazillion reporters/reviewers there didn't report any of this? The fact that the anonymous report said Susan sang for 4 minutes when the video times her at 15 is plenty enough to tell just how credible this comment is.

  27. 27

    Perez!! I am so shocked that you would take the word of a stranger without checking the facts! Your site will have no validity if you print things that are not true. I had friends there who saw her perform and she came out on her own, sang great, smiled the whole time and thrilled the audience. By the way, there is a known, wacky troll who has poster several times here. She is crude and hateful and easy to recognize.

  28. 28

    Re: YesSubo – WTF? There is always a teleprompter. There was a teleprompter when she did her audition in 2009. Don't act like you know because you don't. They all have them but with Susan she makes it very obvious it's there. I watched the Vegas video and she could barely walk over to Donny. He had to walk over to her and take her hand. I thought she was going to fall over on her face.

  29. 29

    Re: tangowme – OK Patricia. It's all good. Just stay calm. Don't get agitated. The night is young and you still have so many hours to keep trolling. At least this time and for the last four years you've been trolling someone with talent.

  30. Agnetha says – reply to this


    Re: YesSubo – The video at E! News is a nice clear one - enlarge it to FullScreen.
    When Donny introduces Susan, you can see that there are TWO teleprompters at his feet. In a duet, the person on the left (Susan) mainly uses the teleprompter on the right. When the camera zooms in at about 0:22, she is clearly reading word for word, Donny's lines as well as hers. When Donny puts his arm around her, she begins using the teleprompter on the left. Then, when she begins the line,"When I look back…", she goes back to the other teleprompter. At her "Moment for moment" she is READING EVERY WORD, and KEEPS reading during Donny's line, whereupon he gives her hand a little tug to get her to visually interact with him, and she does take her eyes off the teleprompter and look at him, causing her to flub the entrance to her next line ("The greatest moment…), because she has let herself become too dependent on the teleprompter.

  31. Agnetha says – reply to this


    Re: YesSubo – Going back to DWTS the night before, if you click on Perez's link above (in the word 'perform'), you can get a glimpse of the teleprompter when the camera turns to the dancers, e.g. at 2:05. It's at the back of the dance floor (which is not actually as far away as it appears, but still far enough to cause Susan, who wears glasses, to squint throughout the entire song.) Hint: whenever you see that squinty expression on her face, and the tweets start coming in, "Is Susan blind?"; "Does she have a vision problem?", etc., that is a sure clue that she is using a teleprompter that is too small or too far away - it's happened to her before.

  32. Agnetha says – reply to this


    Re: flyinghigh – There were two other audience members who described the show. One, who is a well-known member of the biggest fan forum, tweeted, "This is the moment , the curtain opened Subo came out and they did duet. Donny saw she had difficulty and he said words then she sang." Another audience member blogged, "Donny could be seen prodding the lyrics." So, even with a teleprompter, she was having difficulties. As the blogger said, it was inexcusable and unprofessional. P.S. the E! video can be found at eonline - do a search for susan boyle and click on 'Susan Boyle Lives the Dream With Donny'

  33. 33

    Re: Tobillo – I wouldn't go that far and claim she is talented. I don't see any proof of talent anywhere.

  34. 34

    Susan Boyle made a lot of money in a very short time but I wouldn't trade places with her for all the tea in China. No thank you.

  35. 35

    I can't believe someone would call her a retard…………….so unkind. She has a beautiful voice, and I applaud her for everything she does. Give her a break.

  36. sandramarie says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – you are spot on . she even mentioned the high heels she was wearing in DWTS .said she didnt like them and couldnt wait to get them off. why cant people just wear what they want to make them feel comfortable. this is out of her comfort zone and Susan is very shy. some ppl have nothing better to do then make false acuasations to make others look bad. Feck off and go troll someone else like GAGAG!! Susan I know you better than what these idiots are acusing you of.

  37. sandra marie says – reply to this


    some of you people are heartless. Did you not watch DWTS? Susan said she couldnt wait to get out of those high heels. said they are hard to walk in.she is not used to them . and to be honest I bet all of you who never wore them would have fallen flat on your face.she is just fine . she is such a humble grateful funny loving person and those of you wanting to rip her apart because of your ignorance is pathetic!!! she was bullied as a child so much that she fears at times to have to relive this over again and reading some of your posts I can see why. she squints because the bright lights she is not used to . and she shouldnt have to explain herself to NO ONE. you either like her or not . no one is forcing you to watch her .

  38. 38

    Re: sandra marie – I can't believe you are asking people to feel sorry for a woman who sucks at what she does and made millions to feel sorry for her. I wear heels that high to work almost every day and my feet dont hurt. She's squinting because she doesn't even know the words to her own song and has to read it off screen. Her problem is she's a fat lazy ass. She should be practicing at home and memorizing her own songs instead of going to restaurants stuffing her fat face. She looks like a baloon in that dress. Bad choice for a dress for a fat lady. I stopped having crushes on celebs when I turned 16 and started chasing the boys.

  39. 39

    Re: tangowme – Good to know you don't even deny that you are Patricia the troll who has been stalking Susan Boyle for 4 years. You are such a pathetic psycho. Sad to see how a 59 years old woman with 2 grownup kids has spiraled down so deep in her dementia. I really wish you were able to find some help but I'm afraid it's too late for you. I saw your disgusting posts in Susan Boyle videos on Youtube under the username of Sam Robins and the nonsense you are posting on Amazon under the username "A Customer" on a customer discussion you have created just to talk about yourself called Ode to Sam (after all your previous accounts have been banned). Just a little advice for you Patricia. Be careful, make sure your deliriums won't drive to do anything too crazy because at this point, everyone knows who you are and where you live in upstate NY and if anything bad happens to Susan Boyle, you will be the first one the police will consider a suspect. Don't be too confident. For the authorities is very easy to track down a cyber stalker if they know where they live.

  40. Jeannie says – reply to this


    I have just heard samples of Susan's new album, and it is going to be awesome!! I've also heard her live 4 times and she sang so well and interacted well with the live audience. Not sure where you got your info, but messages I've received from attendees in Las Vegas said that she interacted with the audience and performed beautifully! You could draw different conclusions, I guess, if all you saw was the short video online where the video of her was taken at a side angle. Also, she is often walked out on the stage by someone at performances.

  41. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I hear. alledgedlly, that she has gone TOTALLY HollyWood - does coke to keep her flying, parties with 'E', and has made Vodka and Red Bull her drink an hour. Also, into trying crystal, meth, smack at all the HollyWood events……Been yelling at staff…sleeps until 4:00 p.m. everyday….Yelled at someone who did not do her bidding: 'F*ck off - I could buy you and yer family, and chuck you all down the garbage chute!". Crazeeee !;)

  42. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She is a nervous person…'memba her mild meltdown on The View a few years back …? Let her be …….This is all new, and scary for her, still !

  43. 43

    Re: Be-Atch – She didn't have a meltdown on the View, far from it, she had a frog in her throat, handled it calmly, and then did the song again. I saw it.
    How dare you call that a meltdown!!!!!!

    And, I just watched my friends video from the Vegas Show. She didn't get most of the first song, but she did get all of her second song. Guess what everyone, she nailed it. She was smiling and standing there, imagine, all by herself!! It's on YouTube if anyone is interested in seeing that Hilton took the word of a troll. I do love it when people are proven wrong.

  44. 44

    fuk u fat fuk

  45. 45

    Re: JaniSc – Not only standing by herself, but turning back and forth to both sides of the audience, smiling, and reaching out to the audience in the musical interlude. I don't know who provided the original comment, but I wish them peace.

  46. 46

    Re: Agnetha – Those are sound monitors - she doesn't wear an earpiece. Haven't you ever seen a band perform? They always have the monitors/speakers on the floor in front. Gosh.

  47. jessix says – reply to this


    At age 50, "SuBo" is performing as if she were 16 and just starting her career. A 16-year-old still has a mother, a father, friends from school and close family ties - a strong support system of people who have few other distractions and can be available when needed. At age 50 a single woman has none of these common supports. Susan needs concessions above and beyond what could be anticipated by anyone in show business. Her special needs start from her backwards rise to fame plus her unique personality and her decision to chase a full professional singing career she started at age 50!

    Susan needs to schedule more down-time, quiet time to spend with her cat "Pebbles" to give her emotions and fragile defense system a chance to rest. This is not what a good professional agent would have her do but this is what a special person like Susan needs in order to make sure she doesn't overstress herself. She needs someone to make sure her own needs are met first before professional obligations overwhelm her. This would assure her of the longest career possible, for as long as she continues to enjoy performing.

    Without such guidence let's hope Susan's unique personality continues to help her shed the excess stress and criticism through the "inappropriate" words and phrases that often fly from her mouth - and leave the drugs alone.

  48. Cheryl Simon says – reply to this


    What gives you the right to print such libelous statements as this? Were you there? Do you have first hand knowledge of this?
    To the idiot that called Susan a retard, I hope both you and the author of this ludicrous article are fined to the hilt by Susan's agents.
    I am sick and tired of trying to read about someone that I enjoy listening to and having to sift through vile comments from ignorant people who don't have a clue what they are talking about.
    If Susan's music is not your thing, then don't read about her and follow her activity. It's as simple as that. For those of us who enjoy her music, we will be able to read in peace without all the trash talk that should be banned from all comment areas.
    Susan Boyle is a gift to the music world. We all have off days. Can she have one without getting called names and accused of using drugs? Geesh!

  49. 49

    Re: Tobillo – You are a real crack pot. The authorities should be watching you. You are a dangerous creature for attempting to put personal info on someone on the net and putting that person in harms way. No one is hurting your precious Susan Boyle. You are unable to respect others opinions and take them as a personal attack on her. No one was attacking her as a person only as a performer. You go and pay and watch her perform like that but I bet you didn't because deep down you know you would be wasting your money.

  50. 50

    Re: Cheryl Simon – If you want one sided opinions then move to China. In this country everyone is allowed a voice whether you like it or not. You're an adult. Start acting like one.

  51. 51

    Re: Jeannie – Fans are forever biased in their opinions. Fans don't report the gospil truth. Perez is passing on to us the public others opinions who are not Susan Boyle fans. Therefore, I would trust their opinions over yours.

  52. 52

    Re: Agnetha – LMFAO at you saying the biggest fan forum. The biggest fan forum has 150 active members at the most. You're a joke. Thanks for the laugh

  53. 53

    Re: tangowme – Believe me Pat, no one would want to trade places with you. No one.

  54. 54

    Re: JaniSc – I hope not because there isn't anyone I would want to take my place.

  55. 55

    Re: Tobillo – I'm coming for you Rhonda and Marty. You won't post my name all over the internet after I'm done with you.