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Is Bethenny Burning Bridges With Bravo's Andy Cohen??

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By any indication from the (above) photo, we're going to have to say NO…

BUT, it looks like tension between the Bethenny Frankel and Bravo's Andy Cohen goes deeper than those friendly smiles.

As we all know, before she became the successful multi-million dollar cocktail mogul, Bethenny was a struggling New York Real Housewife. And, more importantly, she has many people to thank, specifically Watch What Happens Live's Andy, who had a hand in discovering the reality super star.

Howevs, now that the SkinnyGirl has risen to the top with her line of booze and cosmetics, and her new talk show has been picked up, she's apparently turning her back on the man who started it all.

According to sources, Andy has asked several times to appear on her new show, but she's turned him down* as she's trying to distance herself from the RH franchise.

A pal says that she's also refused to appear on WWHL, which has deeply hurt Bravo exec, further adding:

"Once Bethenny formally signed the deal for her own talk show with Telepictures, she kicked Andy to the curb, never to look back. Andy thought Bethenny would always be loyal to him, but he realizes he got used by her. He has done so much for her, and not just TV wise. During the launch of SkinnyGirl Andy proudly promoted it by featuring it as a prop on his show for over two years! Yes, Bethenny is extremely talented but for her to turn her back on Andy is just disgusting. What goes around comes around, Bethenny is on top of the world right now but that might not last. Andy won't be able to forget how quickly she ditched him once she got her own show."

We're really hoping this isn't true because Andy and Bethenny are the Laverne & Shirley of NYC! True, the two of them did pose for the (above) pic just a week ago after running into each other on the streets of New York looking like the best of chums, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that they're not just smiling for the cameras.

After all, Jill Zarin DID accuse him of taking Bethenny's side during their nasty feud!

Can't bygones just be bygones??? Mazel!


Andy has spoken and this is what he has to say!

Phew! This just tickles our fancy! Can't wait for an A+B reunion!

[Image via Andy Cohen's Instagram.]

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17 comments to “Is Bethenny Burning Bridges With Bravo's Andy Cohen??”

  1. niclee says – reply to this


    Hate to break it to you but RHONY was just another stepping stone on her path to becoming famous. She was on a different show way before with Martha Stewart. I would love to hear where your sources get this ridiculous information from. Star magazine and National Enquirer are not reliable news sources.

  2. Mike says – reply to this


    It's hard to believe that Bethenny couldn't take the time to do Andy's show considering she live in NY unless she was trying to distance herself.

  3. Shopgirl says – reply to this


    This reeks of Jill Zarin. Everyone knows that Bethenny and Andy are personal friends and do not need TV ratings to affirm their friendship.

  4. Amanda says – reply to this


    "@BravoAndy: Sorry folks, @Bethanny DID invite me onto her show, & she'll be on mine in a week. What else you got? @PerezHilton" what do you have to say to that, Perez? He straight called you out

  5. John Worthington says – reply to this


    This is completely false. You should take this down ASAP.

  6. NicePerson2 says – reply to this


    Gossip columns make up stories for press. Don't believe this trash talk! She has other commitments on the west coast.

  7. 7

    Fuck off you fucking homo. How the fuck does a grown fucking man follow "Never Been a Housewife of <insert city here>" so pationately. My god, kill yourself already.

  8. Trey says – reply to this


    Why do I feel like Jill planted this story? So pathetic

  9. URanASSHOLE says – reply to this


    What few bridges you have,Perez..You are burning up like lit matches. I'm going to laugh so hard when they are ALL burnt to the ground. I bet you won't get an invite to any of these talkshows..unless you blackmail the shit outta them with your poisioned pen..I can't wait for karma to kick your ass,you shit starter…it might not be today or nextweek..but its coming..bet your ugly narcissistic ass on it.

  10. 10

    You sure got told, perez. By the way you were the worst guest on WWHL in my opinion, and many others.

  11. stormyboo says – reply to this


    Lies all Lies. Perez HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT ABOUT ANDY COHEN? He had you on his show, which in its self was surprising, I all thought you had changed, I think that was what you said, then you go slam Andy using Bethenny!! You freaking idiot!!!

  12. stormyboo says – reply to this


    Lies all Lies. Perez HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT ABOUT ANDY COHEN? He had you on his show, which in its self was surprising because of what a BIOTCH you are. I all thought you had changed, I think that was what you said, then you go slam Andy using Bethenny!! You freaking idiot!!! Crawl back under your rock, draw the funny things on pictures and stfu!

  13. MAMANELLE5 says – reply to this


    Are we saying Bethenny is talented? At what, and who the hell is she?
    Is she one of the Kardashian's?????

  14. 14

    Well Perez, we all know you love Jill. This must be a little rumor you, Patti Stanger, and Jill cooked up. I think Bethenny is way to smart to bite the hand that feeds her. That sounds like your girl Jill, with her ego and dilusional behavior. You just can't stand that no one likes you and Jill.

  15. nowaynow says – reply to this


    That photo wasn't taken on the streets of NYC. It was taken in Sag Harbor. Early October. They didn't randomly run into each other in the streets of NYC. They were spending time together in Sag Harbor. They're still friends. No truth to the rumors.

  16. nowaynow says – reply to this


    Here's proof it's BS.

  17. Makeupchick2001 says – reply to this


    I am so completely over Bethenny. Talk about overexposure, and she's so desperate to come across as ballsy, "balls to the wall" as she would say, over-the-top, inappropriate, snarky. Enough! We get it. She was so much more likable when she was the Greek chorus on RHONYC, and even the first season of Bethenny Getting married. Now, she's unbearable to watch.