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There goes your glory, Justin and Jessica! Yeezy is popping the question to his Perfect B*tch?! YES!! If Ryan Seacrest is to be believed! Kim KardaRead more…

50 comments to “Kim Kardashian Just HOURS Away From A Proposal From Kanye West!?”

  1. nope says – reply to this


    When are these stupid straights gonna to realize you need to actually get to know someone before you get married..or why even get married? Kim, RUN….you cannot look at the ugly mug for the rest of your life…Gays and lesbians who have been together for years still cannot get married in most states, yet these idiots can….unfair world we live in.

  2. lol says – reply to this


    i wonder if he'll also dress her on her wedding day???????

  3. 3

    This is one rumor i hope is true, they're PERFECT for one another.

  4. 4

    Maybe the skank should get divorced before getting engaged AGAIN.
    Gotta give it to you perez you sure EARN the payola you get from the K's, how many useless posts do you do a day for them?

  5. 5

    Jesus. who the fuck cares.

  6. 6

    You know, I used to be kinda interested in her even though I didn't care too much for her. But now its' nice bc I have no pull to even read stories about her. Even now when I see one on People, I almost never click it. It's the same thing w her, just different places or people. Her posing in almost nothing here, or there, or kissing this animal, or on this private jet, or posing this way, blah blah blah. I'm excited that my excitement is wearing off too bc this means maybe everyone elses is? I hope!!

  7. 7

    Because 2 short marriages weren't enough.

  8. Elly says – reply to this


    I know some you will disagree, but I think they are absolutely perfect for each other. There's a difference in which Kanye treats from that Humphries guy. They have bloated personalities, but it might work in their favor.

  9. Andie says – reply to this


    Isn't home girl still married?

  10. 10

    How romantic for this porn star, who is still married, to be proposed to by the man she is committing adultery with….

  11. 11

    That is ONE UGLY MONKEY she has as a pet….

  12. 12

    … except she's still MARRIED to another guy. so much for taking it slow. I hope Kris drags out that divorce as long as possible.

  13. 13

    Re: nope – Just wanted to say NOPE to ya and cry us a river you jealous fuck!! The way he looks at her he landed the greatest white prize a blackman could ever ask for!!

  14. Brittany says – reply to this


    DESPERATE being the key word in this entire story. I feel so sorry for her and her need to get married in order to know if she truly loves someone.

  15. K'mon says – reply to this


    Re: onefinn – now you know that wouldn't fit into the production schedule to get footage for edits while their filming "kim & kourtney take miami". It's still entertaining.

  16. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Does she always f*ck black dudes 'cos their big bamboos on her FAT ASS make it look smaller ….?

  17. 17

    another one FORCED to propose she needs to take a serious look at this picture she looks a tad insane in it … her hair is more raggedly than it used to be her legs have dots all over them the clothes shes wearing arnt as nice as she used to wear if ur forced to downplay ur looks to suit this guy then hes not the guy…besides this she is still married and looks like will stay married for some time to the guy she SCREWED OVER …ive never liked her but lately shes been looking really skanky not just a woman whos attractive that is a skank but actually LOOKING SKANKY she needs her old stylist back

  18. west says – reply to this


    oh goody… I cant wait for another fake marriage done for publicity and money. Pumpkinhead, you are a piece of shit for promoting this .

  19. 19

    Re: Yenkme – She's a great white prize? What world do you live in?

  20. brittyh2407 says – reply to this


    honestly i hated kim but after this season of keeping up with the Kardashians .. i really like kim … i see a whole new side to her and kanye i am not a fan of but since her his outbursts have been on the lower level so i hope they do get married

  21. marcela says – reply to this


    My guess is that he would perform the ceremony just so he could appear on their tv show. Based on the fact that he was Nicki Minaj's date to the VMA's or whatever award show it was, I'm inclined to say that the pope is an attention-whore.

  22. 22

    Re: nope – "Gays and lesbians who have been together for years still cannot get married in most states" well that's true, but tell me all about the monogamous relationships that the bath house bimbos and chicken hawks have.

  23. 23

    what the fuck is up with you and your obsession with the Pope? Going to include him in your vile nasty ass fantasy world?

  24. rruizp says – reply to this


    My God! he is so fucking ugly!!!

  25. clamrocks says – reply to this


    I thank you kids for hours of endless entertainment.how ROMANTIC to get engaged when your still married,but hey you found your souless mates! NOW PAY KRIS HUMPHRIES WHATEVER HE WANTS KANYE..I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS STORY AND I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE KRIS HUMPHRIES EVEN MORE….

  26. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Yes she is still married and as far as I can tell Kris Humphries is dragging it out. Good for him.

  27. 27

    "How's he gonna get the ring on that horseshoe?!"

  28. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Less than a year, but more than 72 hours.

  29. The Matrix says – reply to this


    He really does have taste…bad taste.

  30. 30

    They deserve each other.

  31. Kcox says – reply to this


    The most stupid thing I have ever heard. What is wrong with society?? How you gone get engaged but still married? I thought from earlier related news he was spending 1 million for her birthday with a party at an island in the West Indies with family and friends, a private chef to cook meals, a designer hand bag, pink diamond bracelet, and a Chanel dress. What the hell happened to that? Kanye is actually Kim's girlfriend. All they do is eat out and shop. Then show off in front of the cameras. There relationship has no real substance to it. If I remember correctly, kris was the one and she could not picture herself being with anyone else. They so dumb cause they make everything for ratings. Karma is a b**** and I truly believe kris will end up being the winner in all this exposing her and her family as they should be so they can just go away. Kanye dumb a** is a disgrace he can spend money on this hoe left and right but closed his charity foundation that his mother created shortly after she passed.. I know his mom turning in her grave about how much more of a jackass he done become.

  32. diablofeminina weho says – reply to this


    Who cares anymore? Didn't her 15 minutes pass after vivid got her taking it in the ass? Why don't her and Kanye release another video of how bad she is in bed?

  33. 33

    her psoriasis is looking kinda bad on her legs…

  34. Linda Sims says – reply to this


    Who is she getting married 2000 times? Elizabeth Taylor? But hey. if she wants to go off and get married for the 3rd time that quickly, who cares? That's her business and problem!

  35. Linda Sims says – reply to this


    Re: lol – right!

  36. Linda Sims says – reply to this


    Re: Andie – yes and he's draggin out the divorce

  37. Sarah says – reply to this


    I think Kim is a sweetheart, she can't help she is so beautiful and rich, and has an easy life. They are so sweet together, and I hope they make it work, she deserves to be happy to go along with all her good fortune in her life. Don't be a hater. From Iowa girl. We know what's up.

  38. Joe says – reply to this


    ……..Is she even divorced from that athlete yet? Don't you have to actually be single before you can get married?……again?

  39. Adrian says – reply to this


    New Spotting of the Commentati… ok, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, smoke a quarterpound to empty bag, turn around and do it again after that cock it back look at that rat a tat kick it back, really black, word is there is a bunch of new very interesting videos about to hit the net under radar.

  40. 40

    If he does, he's an idiot! You don't propose to a married woman. Any dumba$$ would know that.

  41. The Matrix says – reply to this


    She likes highly critical men that do not accept her for who she is, want to remake her, and generally treat her badly. This will not go well.

  42. jack deland says – reply to this


    I hope they have their shots!!! This tramp is the poster girl for abstinence, what a nasty cum catcher!!!

  43. hugh jorgen says – reply to this


    Famewhore or just whore?

  44. 44

    Ryan Seacrest will continue to pimp out this whore and her family as long as they get laid and paid. KK is a disgusting plastic surgery mess and will screw anything that will get her in the news. She is now hooked up with this utterly gross individual who is known for what? his antics for being rude. They both deserve each other. Please, please make her and her family of Armenian trash go away. Seriously … their 15 minutes of fame is up!

  45. 45

    Yeezy crazy for sure if he does that shit. He just wants more and more fame. Kim ain't really stupid ya'll that bitch is smart as hell watch her get knocked up by Yeezy and then cha ching she got a kung fu grip on dat money.

  46. Liz Young says – reply to this


    We’re inviting all of Kim’s fans to a big Group Gift for her that we’re putting together on the largest Group Gifting site on the web: VenTribe. Join the fun and help us get her a birthday cake. Check it out here :

  47. 1sttruth says – reply to this


    so utterly sick of the empty-headed kardashians and palins. they do not represent a role model for anyone.

  48. prg says – reply to this


    isnt she still married

  49. Rita says – reply to this


    I wonder if peeps realize you have to be divorced before you can be married again…Or has that issue been sorted?!

  50. 50

    NO OMG Kim is too good for Kanye, I can see him being a complete asshole to her after he has her in his possession! Kim be careful!