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And he just can't scrape her off! We can empathize with loving a person who cares about you so little they'd just as soon cheat! And it's rough watch… Read more…

31 comments to “Kristen Stewart Clung To Robert Pattinson's 'Hood Like Poop To A Shoe!”

  1. 1

    Stop bullying Kristen Stewart, ape face. And stop stealing stories that even YOU should know are made up, ape face. If pretty is as pretty does, then you're the ugliest mother-fucker on the planet, you ape-faced homo.

  2. 2

    I dont get you perez. Just the other day you were going on bout how you hope they work out their differencesm and now here you are hating on their relationship and hoping he stays away.nmake up your damn mind.

  3. Maggie says – reply to this


    Prez, ur days late that they were hanging by the pool at her house and kissing each other. Pop sugar rush has the scoop. Sucks for u. U should watch who u quote!

  4. 4

    So it is bullying to say something negative about someone's work, but it is ok to ride Kristen Stewart like this?

  5. robstengirl says – reply to this


    since he was pictured in his undies bringing Kristen coffee after she got out of the pool, it is save to say he is living there…..including Bear and all the other dogs :)

  6. meri says – reply to this


    I fell so bad for Rob, she will do it again, only next time she will be sure not to get caught.

  7. Tina says – reply to this


    To be continued. It's obvious it will not end well. Stupid is as stupid does. Stewart is his heroine addiction. She is a lying, manipulative skank and nothing changes.

  8. tooo says – reply to this


    Re: robstengirl – First he was in jeans then he took them off JS

  9. sot says – reply to this


    Its only matter of time before KS screws around again.Rob is a doormat!

  10. Kate says – reply to this


    ENOUGH! Give the girl a break! So, she made a mistake - she kissed her older, married and no doubt putting pressure on her boss! She didn't sleep with him and she's admitted she made a mistake. Let it go!!! I didn't think much of the way Rob always claimed to adore her and then dumped her without trying to work things out the minute things got hard so I'm glad he's reconsidered. I think these two have something and if they both realize it and want to work things out then leave them alone!!!!

  11. Alliestp says – reply to this


    Can you please stop!!! People make mistakes (lord knows you are the king of mistakes). If he can forgive her, who the eff are you to judge. STFU, you jerk. You're really NEVER going to change, are you. (and you definitely aren't funny!!!)

  12. 12

    Wow, a 30 something year old man just referred to these kids as his idol. You are a nasty fucking kiddie touching perv homo.

  13. Leslie says – reply to this


    I don't think Perez has anything to do with this site anymore. Whoever is posting headings like this is WAY stupider than Perez. Perez should check in once in a while and see some of this stuff and find someone with a brain to run this site or just get rid of it.

  14. 14

    If you look closely at those photos he appears to be giving her his middle finger whilst handling her the cup! Also, he appears to be kissing her on the cheek, not on her mouth! Smart man considering where her mouth has been. I'm POSITIVE that this was staged.

  15. Emmy says – reply to this


    Re: Leslie – I would think that too, except every post about Rihanna is pumping her up. Rihanna could be pictured kicking little puppies and Perez will call it fierce!

  16. Woody88 says – reply to this


    Reminder: Momentary Indiscretion is the only documented description of what happened. Reminder 2: Rob is the one and only person who knows Kristen's side of this story. Reminder 3: Rob has had 3 months to mull this over and seems to be thrilled to be around her.

  17. sisi south africa says – reply to this


    Ok!what kind of a sick game is this mara?they conveniently were photographed inside kristens home withvthe dogs taking a swim in the middle of the day ?How super stupid do they think we are ?these pictures are real proof thet are NOT together ok they look like they were in a photoshoot for Twilights Edward and Bella happily ever after PLEASE kristen is almost wearing the whole ensemble she wore when she was whoring and breast feeding O Rupert oh and by the way we dont know if she did NOT sleep with him her word is worth nothing .do you mean to tell me that all of a sudden they are so open with each other and to the papz to this extent ?this only happens in dream land for a pap to get intimate pics like these its too good to be true and really shocking to me how rediculous all this is becoming .SHOCKING!

  18. Cu20Me says – reply to this


    Perez stop being so pathetic.

  19. COMMON SENSE says – reply to this


    Doesn't Rob know that all of Hollywood and the rest of the world is making fun and laughing at him?

  20. 20

    This is what kids watch? why doesn't she stick her ass out a little more and make it into a real porn video?

  21. Fairmaiden says – reply to this


    STOP IT….Leave her alone.
    How long did you rag on Angelina….OH WAIT…..YOU NEVER DID….
    So leave this girl alone

  22. Twinmom515 says – reply to this


    People often say once a cheater…but the world managed to let Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie become a power couple even though he cheated on sweetie Jen Anniston and he's been with Angelina for 7 years. So it is possible that Kristen who is 22 is human and made a mistake and realizes the damage she caused. I don't see Liberty and Rupert news of a divorce so maybe all involved are going to move forward and try to forgive. Everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance if you really love them. I wish them the best!!!

  23. Lala says – reply to this


    Re: sisi south africa
    The site took the pictures down and it was such a private setting so I'm sure they were upset that the pictures got leaked.stop thinking that they care so damn much about publicity.

  24. faithful says – reply to this


    he's helping her buy a house in august days after she's busted with Rupert ? timeline has a little credibility problem but this is either total BS or this PR stunt is unraveling rapidly !

  25. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    The rumor is those pictures were photo shopped. Pop sugar made a statement that they removed them from their site due to the way in which they were obtained. That could mean a few things they are "photo shopped or evasion of privacy". It must be the photo shopped because all the tabloids photos are an evasion of privacy. Remember when they got pictures of Halle's newborn daughter? Didn't stop them then why stop now unless the pictures are fake.

    If Rob is with Kristen he should be very embarrassed because he is being laughed at and called a wimp…doormat…fool.

  26. sisi south africa says – reply to this


    Re: Lala – and wtf is wrong with her pants ?look lala i think this is all wrong they have been ridiculously photographed "CONVENIENTLY"might i add for the whole week in an intimate pda really?ROB AND KRISTEN?this is foul rob must be having abrain leak or something I think the pics were taken down either because the publicity stunt is becoming ridiculously obvious or they really were photoshoped but one thing is for sure THEY ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER ROMANTICLY.that is impossible kristen is busy murdering Robs career and publicly humiliating him no matter how long it takes the truth will come out one day about this joke of a relationship.MARK MY WORDS.

  27. mitzy says – reply to this


    Re: Tina – ok someone else making stories up, heroine addict my arse..these people have no privacy. I don't know what really happened but I know she has paid the price for it and really why come on here to just call people names when you don't even know them..

  28. hmmmm says – reply to this


    Ok I feel for the poor girl, its a shame that after all this time she is still being humiliated, yes if this really happened poor Rob but for the whole world to know about it and call you for it must be awful. I think having no privacy must be awful.
    I think this could just be one mistake she made in the heat of the moment or all could be a pr stunt to get promotion for their movies because all parties have gained from it. I think Rob never moved out though and they just went to the new house after their movie and because none of press knew where to find them they werent photographed. But to everyone saying they wouldn't take photos down because of invasion of privacy is bull, they can sue for it if its in their own homes. no one will ever know what really happened and the sources quoted are rubbish, they will know as all celebs do who they can and cant trust, press stories are made up and taken to extremes..even things they say are taken out of context.

  29. Rob fan says – reply to this


    Re: sisi south africa – you are really a mental person if you believe this, there is no way they staged this, their privacy was invaded and they took the pics off cause they were obtained illegally,period,stop making retarded assumptions!

  30. sisi south africa says – reply to this


    Re: Rob fan – you know i have a right to comment without being called retarded or mental unless i am missing something here? your opinion is just that too but i am not calling you derogatory names because you disagree with me @Rob fan ok? If you dont like what i am saying thats your problem but dont get personal its completely unnecessary ooooh AND IT WONT STOP ME FROM COMMENTING.this whole thing with them is embarrasing now and will fizzel out because the whole relationship according to me is a SHAM .This too shall pass.MY OPINION.

  31. Robert says – reply to this


    He wanted to be a celebrity gossip monger; rather, he wanted to use it as a testbed for the underlying technologies that wire it to the social web.