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Willow Smith Covers Adele's Skyfall

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Such a powerful voice for such a little girl!

Willow Smith took a stab at Adele's Bond theme, Skyfall, and uploaded it to YouTube for all her fans to enjoy for freeeeee!

She's not quite on par with the British sensation yet, but we believe that she'll get there someday.

Remember, she's only 11 years old!

We're impressed and can't wait to see what she does with Tomorrow as Little Orphan Annie in the upcoming remake her dad is producing.

When she's not whipping her hair back and forth, she's one hell of a pianist too!

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57 comments to “Willow Smith Covers Adele's Skyfall

  1. 1

    I don't normally hate children, but this one is hatable. Why isn't she choosing to embark on a career where she earns it herself. Her parents make enough money to send her to fine schools, why not become a lawyer or a doctor? Too much work I guess, when she can can ride on their coattails. She will never have the respect given to those that achieve success on their own, because they have talent.

  2. 2

    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – She is too young to make that kind of a choice. A child will always choose the path that gives instant gratification. I am so surprised that her parents, who know intimately the dangers of early fame, chose not to protect their children, and instead, make it even worse by handing them everything on a silver platter. You are so right - they should have got an education first.

  3. 3

    Re: rosebud99 – Agree. I thought Will Smith was smarter than that. Child stars don't do very well, and his two children do not have to work! They should be students until they are 18, and then do whatever they want.

  4. Jen says – reply to this


    People can be so mean… Hateable? Really?

  5. 5

    Re: Jen – Are we being mean? Or are their parents being mean by not protecting her and setting her up for a huge fall?

  6. Fairmaiden says – reply to this


    I think both of their children are very talented. I think they are letting them take it slow and find out if this is truly the path they want to embark upon. They seem to be respectful and sweet children. The only "hatable" thing I see are these sad comments.

  7. 7

    Re: Jen – Yes hatable! Get a clue as to what the 1% is doing with their children, in all fields! Jada and Will climbed a ladder, and now they are pulling it up behind them.

  8. Jen says – reply to this


    Yes… you are, neither of you can see into the future so you have no idea what will happen, perhaps her parents ARE protecting her. Besides, I was more commenting on the fact that someone thinks an 11 year old child is hateable.

  9. 9

    Re: Fairmaiden – How is going on tour with Beiber and working with the industry's top people all before the age of 12, and quitting school and doing the back stage minimum education route - all because of who their parents are - taking it slow?

  10. 10

    Re: Jen – No one can see the future, but we have examples of the past. Most child stars live disastrous lives. I can think of two who have managed to live great productive lives, Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields. Both of whom went to Ivy League schools, and both of whom are not speaking to their mothers!

  11. Fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Their are plenty of child stars that turned out fine. The media just follows the ones that screw up because that is what sells. Look at Candace Cameron, the Olsen twins, they turned out to be fine.

  12. kewlchika says – reply to this


    I think she did an excellent job on the cover. She reminds me very much of her father. I certainly see this little girl doing big things in the future. Despite the comments before me speaking ill of Little Willlow and her parents, I feel her parents know the industy and they know what they are letting her do. As for a behind the scenes minimal education…have you even looked at our schools lately? I wish I could afford to hire a tutor and educate my children out of the school system. I am all for private education and home schooling.

  13. 13

    Re: Fairmaiden – The Olsen twins turned out fine? Okay then.

  14. 14

    Re: Fairmaiden – The Olson twins, are you joking? They have millions, but look and dress like they are homeless. Indicative of pathology.

  15. 15

    Why on earth would she be a lawyer or a doctor? That pays peanuts and includes long hours and a lot of work. Entertainment is where you make great money and have fun doing it. She's already got $4 Million in her bank account and she earned it all herself by acting and singing. She's done very well and will do even better. Yeah, people are jealous but she's a cute kid and good for her.

  16. Fairmaiden says – reply to this


    There are all types of people in this world that dress in the way that pleases them. That is what fashion is all about. Being comfortable and expressing yourself. I just do not understand the judging and hating on people. Have a good weekend!

  17. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Re: marlow – thank you…well said!!!

  18. 18

    Re: marlow – She did not earn it all by herself. She earned it because of who her father is. I agree that she is a cute, talented kid - but so are a lot of kids that will never have her opportunities. Regardless of all that - I still maintain that it is not in a child's best interest to expose them to fame at such a young age.

  19. 19

    Re: Fairmaiden – Bet you've never had a negative thought about anyone in your life, that's why you're on a nasty gossip site, LOL! Putting a child in show business is one of the most sophisticated forms of child abuse there is. There is plenty of evidence to support this.

  20. 20

    Re: Fairmaiden – "None so blind as those that will not see"

  21. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Re: JeffreyR.Peter SnoodleNoodle – How can you judge someone that you do not know?? She seems to have good decent parents that love her and each other. They both started in the business early and seem to be fine.

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Re: JeffreyR.Peter SnoodleNoodle – So true. Fame can be as addictive as any drug.

  24. 24

    This dumb dyke is NOTHING without auto-tuned. Stupid ho

  25. 25

    well at least the kids are still kids not dressing or acting older than what they are i think will and jada are doing a good job ..
    the kids are still monitored not like they are running riot

  26. Oprah says – reply to this


    That was horrible. You can't sing honey. You had your 15 minutes of fame already just grow up be a kid and live off your parents trust fund like the other spoil brats out there.

  27. 27

    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – I hate it when people say "become a lawyer". I'm at law school now at my parents request, doing very well and hating every single second of it. I would much rather have studied philosophy or history. People should do what pleases them, not what pleases society. If she wants to be a performer, so be it, I wish her the best of luck.

  28. 28

    Re: WhyCantILeaveComments – When I said "become a doctor or lawyer" I was simply asking why she isn't being encouraged to pursue education and contribute something meaningful to society. Everyone wants money, but it doesn't bring as much happiness as being fulfilled, by being of use to others. In my opinion.
    And, (1)every lawyer I know hated law school, (2)you can leave school if it's really not for you, your parents will have to understand that you need to follow your own path,(3)law school grads are having a really hard time finding jobs, tell you parents that.

  29. 29


    Hey y”ll what yous up too ? i think shes amazin and i love the way she dreesses shes so origanal .. unlike some singers like britney spears .. i hated the way you dressed in the whip your hair video it was soo not youu .. dress like wat you want gurrrll ?

    who cares what you wear its the voice that counts .. and were the same age (eek) ..

    luv yaaa

    byee y'all ..

    perezhiltonfann1212 .. add me .. xxxx

  30. mia says – reply to this


    She has massive ears, can't sing and is really annoying.

  31. Blue says – reply to this


    Well done Willow! I love your vocals! Pay no attention to all of these haters!

  32. 32

    Much better than that "Whip my hair" crap.

  33. 33

    I love the paid posters on here supporting a mediocre talent! This kid's ok. What's not ok is the rampant nepotism in the US. It goes against everything we ever stood for. It's the 1% making sure their kids are rich too. Talented or not. And wake up people, it's the fall of the Roman Empire!

  34. 34

    Re: perezfann1212 – You're the same age as Willow Smith? Stay in school sweetheart, because your spelling is terrible and your grammar is terrible! Making money isn't everything, the way you express yourself is oh so important!

  35. 35

    She is so cute!

  36. 36

    Re: sannahmarie – Brand new account???

  37. 37

    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – Ew, you are seriously messed up. She isn't even old enough to have her period and you are badgering her for her 'life choices'. She's a baby. She likes to sing. If you don't like her, then don't listen. How can you say you hate a child? Soooo messed up.

  38. 38

    The sad fact is that you are all arguing about an 11 year old, and what she wants to do with HER life. When I was 11, I wanted to do the same thing she's doing now. Things change and so do dreams. So don't chastise her for actually having a dream, and acting on it. At least she's doing something productive with her life. Don't try and group her into an inevitable failure, because you can't foresee the future. Her parents are raising her in the best way THEY see fit. You have no right to add your two cents into how they bring up their children. Focus on your own lives, and stop hating on a girl who's barely even old enough to defend herself.

  39. 39

    Re: Klematic – Another new account.

  40. WTFisupwithyoupeople says – reply to this


    Re: Klematic – THANK YOU! My eyes were bleeding reading all these hateful comments

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith
    What's wrong, Millicent…did they kick you out of the choir?

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    Music is a good outlet for kids. Kids that excel in music develop areas of the brain that assist in math skills. It beats what they
    could be up to.

  43. wanessa says – reply to this



  44. raymondj says – reply to this



  45. Brandi says – reply to this


    These children are doing what they want because they enjoy it, as opposed to so many children in Hollywood who are pushed into it by greedy parents who would like to ride their children's coattails (hello Lohan clan!). I think Willow's parents are doing an excellent job of letting the kids test the waters without pushing them into it.

  46. 46

    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – Because attention-whore parents make for attention-whore children: Lindsey Lohan, any Kardashian for example.

  47. ev says – reply to this


    If you strip the famous parents, the fancy clothes, the ridiculous amounts of money…the girl still has chops. So cut your jealous bullshit, because when it comes down to it.. she can hold a note.

  48. YoumaycallmeDr says – reply to this


    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – You are an absolute hater. This little girl's voice is beyond beautiful! What, did Will and Jada buy her voicebox too? Or her piano-playing ability? Get a life.

    In other news, I can't believe how good she sounds. She is going to be huge.

  49. 49

    OMG you people make me laugh! I don't believe for one second that any of you think this little girl has a beautiful voice, it's mediocre at best. You're all FOS!
    And Re: @v@ – You don't have to be a prick every day of your life!

  50. 50

    I think many of you are missing the point. If not for her famous parents, WS would not be on PH or have a singing career. She's just "OK".

  51. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – You're right. She should be out spending her parents money and developing no innate life skills. What was I thinking. She should be a doctor or lawyer because Millicent thinks they are the only vocations she thinks have any value. WTF are you talking about? Yet people who hate on surprising and productive musical little girls are A-OK with you.

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Yeah, ok, thought about it.
    Re: Millicent Poodlesmith – Sorry about the smart ass choir crack. I support musicians.

  53. LiLi says – reply to this


    Aw I thought it was cute

  54. 54

    willow smith is ok when she covered that not so good doe

  55. 55

    true true and now u said it she is rubbish shes a ***** thats wat i think of her

  56. Reese greco says – reply to this


    Hi I'm a campeter nerd

  57. Reese says – reply to this


    I am so a shame