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Madonna's Gun-Stuffed Performance Causes Controversy In Colorado!

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Oh Madge, honeymuffin, we love you…

But come on. Have a tid bit of sensitivity!

As part of Madonna's GLORIOUS MDNA show, the musical Queen comes out on stage with many a gun and pretends to shoot various people, including her 'lover'.

So, you would think that for her Thursday show in Denver, Colorado — the state where 13 people were slaughtered by a crazed gunman this summer — Madge would have the sense to axe the number, or at least replace it with something more appropriate to her audience.

But nay, the queen of controversy did NOT change her act, and pissed off many a Madge-fan because of her actions!

One concert goer expresses:

"We’re dancing and all of a sudden people started realizing what the song was. We all just stood there. Everybody who was around me all had shock on their face. I heard a lot of ‘wows.’"

Denver sportscaster Peter Burns — who lost someone close in the massacre — recalls:

"You could see people kinda looking at each other. I heard the word ‘Colorado,’ you know, ‘Aurora,’ ‘shooting.’ You could hear people talking about it and it was little bit unsettling. I saw two or three people get up and grab their stuff and actually leave their seats."

Hoh jeeeeze.

Of course, Madge's spokeslady Liz Rosenberg defends Madonna's decision, stating:

"It’s like taking out the third act of Hamlet."

HA! YEP, Liz just compared Madonna's show to a Shakespeare play.

As much as we LOVE Madonna… that's f*cking rediculous!

Ah well, we hope Madonna's gun-play didn't upset people TOO much! We'd hate to think a bringer of such joy could also bring about such extreme sadness.

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85 comments to “Madonna's Gun-Stuffed Performance Causes Controversy In Colorado!”

  1. davide says – reply to this


    this makes no sense. have movies and tv shows been sensored from gun violance in colorado?. fans knew what to expect.

  2. 2

    So she got tired of rubbing crucifixes on her clam, so now its on to AK-47's. I'm sorry but I haven't been particularly interested in Madonna since "Bedtime Stories."

  3. 3

    I was waiting for perez's opinion since he blasted others for being insensitive to the Colorado massacre. Glad that he is improving on his consistencies when it comes to the same issues but different opinions depending on the celebrity.

  4. 4

    This is stupid. Last I looked, Colorado has not passed any gun control regulations since the shooting. Sad that they are only offended by toy guns. I imagine that if she had used real ones, they would have cheered.

  5. 5

    I'm sorry, but it's part of her show and she's been doing it every night on her tour. There is absolutely NO reason why she should change it. That's like saying no movies or tv shows with guns in them should be shown there and that all gun shops and shooting ranges should be closed. Life doesn't stop because some sick-o does something terrible. What's ridiculous is your opinion that she shouldn't have done it. If people are going to get offended by something like that, they probably shouldn't leave their houses.

  6. 6

    It's the wild wild west…

  7. 7

    I find Madonna's use of guns unnecessary and just used for shock value and controversy, I also agree withRe: davide – - How many people that complain about Madonna's use of guns have no problem with all the guns on tv?

  8. calin says – reply to this


    Mario you are a fcuking ediot, everyone knows she uses guns at the begining of the concert, no one is forcing anyone to go to the concert if you don't want to see guns.

  9. 9

    This is total bullshit. The person says they were dancing and suddenly realized what song it was? Were their eyes closed for the whole opening? Madonna's entrance shows her pointing a gun at the audience followed by a song called 'Revolver' and then 'Gang Bang'. So I'm not certain what this person says they suddenly realized because this show starts with toy guns being displayed. This show started before that awful tragedy and has absolutely nothing to do with it. What better way to show some psycho murderer that he won than to completely change ourselves because of his actions? Fuck that. He will not dictate our lives with his disgusting acts. The ignorant people in Denver and the world, need to direct their anger and concern towards those responsible for murder and tragedy and not musicians, artists, actors, comedians or movies. Ignorant fools.

  10. 10

    I'm 54 yrs old myself, so you can't say I'm picking on older woman. But there are some women who get wiser with age and rely on their wisdom and talent more as they get older, and then there are some who are so desperately trying to hang on to the past and fear aging so much, that they actually lose all sense of reality and don't even realize they're regressing. She's known for her circus show entertainment and shock value, not for her talent. If her daughter or son was a victim in the Colorado shootings or any shootings for that matter, she wouldn't be rubbing a gun against her…and yes, Madonna, we all know you have a vagina…thank you for constantly reminding us.

  11. david coles says – reply to this


    Re: karumba – [re=6245290]Re: karumba[/ how right you are!

  12. 12

    I find it so interesting that gay men adore Madonna. She's a trashy emasculating bitch.

  13. no no says – reply to this


    I saw her here in LA…her last three tours are mediocre at best…I was a fan back in the day…and I will not knock her because she is in her 50's (gasp)….I think she is one fine lady, however her time has come and gone…there is a new queen…GAGA blows her off the stage with showwomanship, vocal talent and sheer energy…GAGA's tour is amazing…saw it in Europe and will see it here in Jan….There is a place for both in this world, but Madonna's lack of real talent shines more than ever now.

  14. hello there says – reply to this


    Re: MK Ultra-Fierce Illuminati Puppet – "crucifixes on her clam"….that is some line…made me chuckle…I agree, Madonna was great, but not now….Save your money and see GAGA, PINK or Florence and the Machine….just sayin'.

  15. 15

    I guess Madge the Vagisil isn't paying Pervertez to shill for her any more when even he points out the hilarity in saying it's like taking out the third act of Hamlet.

  16. indeed says – reply to this


    Re: JeffreyR.Peter SnoodleNoodle – Gay women adore Madonna too….straight women adore Madonna too…or did…Her day as a performer has come and gone…she still looks great and better than most at any age..so, I will not be sexist and bash her for being a woman and over 50…..However, DO NOT call women bitches please….You call a woman that and you will get a backlash…just sayin'. Madonna may be many things (good or bad), however do not reduce her please…thank you. You see, women are tired of being bashed….it has to stop.

  17. Susan says – reply to this


    I don't care if this has been a part of her show. She could have shown some respect and pulled that part of her program while in Colorado. Why didn't she? Well, because she has NO CLASS at all and cares only for herself. Good for those who walked out of her concert. Classless bitch!

  18. 18

    When is this bitch going to hell?

  19. G_O_N_E says – reply to this


    Are you all f*cking kidding me? First off, you know Perez doesn't even contribute here anymore? His grossly skinny self is too busy whoring himself out elsewhere. Second off…the tour has been traveling the world for months. I for one am sick of hearing about Colorado, as I'm sure most people are. People have endured far worse. Ticket holders knew what to expect. Get over it. What? Every time you hear the word "gun" or "batman" are we all supposed to sign the cross and pray. It's ridiculous.

    Lastly…for those who claim to be former fans, the same age, or have seen the show…WAKE UP! No one compares to Madonna, mark my words, Lady Gaga will be skipping her fat ass around stage for the next year before she comes close to both earning and performing at Madonna's level.

  20. 20

    Re: indeed – So, you're saying one should not be reductive when it comes to MadDonna, is that it?

  21. T. says – reply to this


    The fact she was 3 hours late on top of this just shows how she has no respect for others and only cares about herself and making money off people. If she cared about her fans at all she would have been MAYBE an hour late and thought ahead about the gun situation since it only happened 3 months ago…

  22. G_O_N_E says – reply to this


    Re: Phibes

    I'm just going to make the educated guess and say English wasn't your strong suite in school? That doesn't even make sense…

    Bottom line - people/fans/seat warmers whatever they are, paid upwards of $2000 a seat, or more to see the show. If you are going to dwell on the past when the whole idea of any show is celebrating and recreation…there's your problem . If it wasn't Madonna, it wouldn't be an issue. What? Is Fox or NBC supposed to doubt themselves or lose sleep if they decide to air Die Hard or something equally violent. Please…

  23. 23

    let's see, some of the movies playing at the theaters in Aurora, Co. right now. "Taken 2", "Alex Cross", and "End Of Watch". all three posters used to advertise the films outside the theaters show men with guns. this fake outrage is so typical of hypocritical americans. they wine about fake guns in entertainment yet do little to prevent people from purchasing automatic weapons in real life.

    Re: karumba – love your comment and your avatar.

  24. 24

    Re: G_O_N_E – My comment was to user "indeed" who said in part "do not reduce her please" and is a reference to Madge calling LG's Born This Way a reductive copy. BTW it's strong suit, genius. Practice thinking.

  25. Alec haas says – reply to this


    Re: no no – the only thing gaga blows off stage are the fat lines of coke when she sneezes.. That and the smelly farts from her increasingly fat ass

  26. likewhocares says – reply to this


    Re: rawtruth

    Ya, but it's all dried up….She's well past menopause. Typical behavior for women who are having a hard time with the big 5 0. Next, you will see her posing for playboy

  27. jenn says – reply to this


    i would never go to a madonna concert. everything with her is all political and controversial. why cant she just shut the fu^k up and perform?

  28. 28

    Typical liberal. She preaches sensitivity but then shows none herself.

  29. The Matrix says – reply to this



    The pistol she lodged in her vajayjay had to be fumigated and treated with an industrial strength disinfectant and fungicide after the concert.

  30. 30

    She's a complete bitch what do you expect.

  31. 31

    Re: hello there – That FLORENCE IS TERRIBLE So is Madonna so is GAGA time to have some class and standards people. My GOD!

  32. jack says – reply to this


    Honestly the woman is frighteningly clueless. What she doing rubbing guns on her crotch anyway? Grow up already and send messages that are of value to the world. Jeez. So much influence coupled with so little gray matter. It's disturbing. This is not an evolved soul.

  33. 33

    If anyone is so sensitive about violence look for help, go to therapy or do not leave home ever cause violence is everywhere. Don't make responsible a third party for your own issues. I can not think of a city that she(Madonna) has already performed this show that haven´t gone through a traumatic violent event. Point the finger to yourself; by having this reaction you just make clear that Madonna is a relevant artist cause art questions reality, expresses ideas and generates reactions… and generally let you come up with your own answer and that answer is a reflection of your taste or cultural level …. not Madonna's.

  34. pablo says – reply to this


    Really? People losing their shit over toy guns? Isn't this where Columbine happened in 99? So, why haven't your gun laws changed Colorado? You cannot project your stupidity on others. How about you grow a spine and get over it. Given Colorado's history with gun violence, Madonna is the least of your worries.

  35. Marc says – reply to this



  36. Eric Sumner says – reply to this


    What a pathetic has been.

  37. 37

    It really amazes me how many people will defend this worthless old whore. Can you not see how desperate she is to hang on to some level of relevancy? Every time she does something like this all I can think is she just really wants to get her name in the media somehow to remind people "hey look at me I'm still here". She needs to shrivel up and go away or at least be a mother to her children. I'm so sick and tired of her ugly mug with her gap tooth. By the way, why does she wear cheerleading outfits as her costume? she look like a complete moron

  38. 38

    Re: fabulousdivabuns – You're an idiot. Florence is brilliant.

  39. Chris says – reply to this


    No disrespect to those effected by the movie theater tragedy, but Colorado needs to address their gun laws and the violence that surrounds all aspects of the media before criticizing Madonna's use of FAKE guns during what was an amazing expression of art and music. The Batman movie even continued to play after the tragedy so you should really focus on the real cause of your problems - your own hypocrisy and leave Madonna's show to those who can appreciate true artistry.

  40. Jaysson says – reply to this


    I echo the bullshit. No one forced these simple-minded fools to go see Madonna. They all chose to by paying for ticket. There is zero chance that Gang Bang was a surprise to them. This is 1955, the use of the guns in the show was known. Those upset probably danced and got drunk off their asses to the rest of the 1h and 45min show. The fact she waves a gun around for 6 mins and people pissing themselves over is is ridiculous.

  41. Jaysson says – reply to this


    Re: VadgeIsAHag – You are a moron. Learn grammar and syntax before you try to shame someone.

  42. mark says – reply to this


    Re: JoshHarlow – well said, you are 100% correct!

  43. 43

    As a Coloradan, I'm pretty pissed off by people shitting themselves because someone uses a gun in a performance. If you're offended, don't fucking go to the concert. Is Colorado suddenly off limits for people wanting to make an artistic statement? For fuck's sake.

  44. wurtthurfurk says – reply to this


    We'd hate to think a bringer of such joy could also bring about such extreme sadness.
    We'd hate to think about such extreme sadness.
    We'd hate to think.
    We'd hate.

    "You could hear people talking about it, and it was a little unsettling"

  45. nicole says – reply to this


    she's…an idiot.

  46. Jason says – reply to this


    Perez, it's hard for me to believe that you have such a narrow minded view of Madonna's Colorado performance… Why would she change her show…? It's exactly like leaving out the third act of Hamlet…

  47. 47

    i used to love her but shes really being a stupid hoe this especially only thing missing in her act was the big screen…

  48. Adnilton says – reply to this


    Folks, makes no sense take off part of a presentation due to gun-acting. We are all sorry for the last happening in Colorado.. But tell me something, Hollywoods studios has stopped filming action movies there?

  49. 49

    I have always found it funny the majority of the outrage is from the public. Only the victims, or family/friends of the victims have a right to be offended. It's no ones place living in fucking NY or something getting offended and saying its offensive. Sorry, you can't. Unless I hear the victims, family, friends of said victims say its offensive and call her out on it ill disregard this nonsense.

  50. 50

    Re: karumba – Why should they? One nut job ONE person out of 311 million people. Thats literally .0000001% of the population went on a killin g spree. 30% of Colorado residents own a firearm. ONE man out of millions did something bad. If we screw with laws every time a single damn person done something we'd be living in padded houses with a 5pm curfew.

    Re: Chris – If we adress and change a law everytime someone does something of this nature we'd be living in a padded house. I don't think you actually know the numbers at hand. 311 million people, 300 million guns

  51. Raymondj says – reply to this


    The is such bs. The crowd was nothing but appreciative to be there and see her perform. Why would Madonna cut out the half an hour of well publicized guns from a tour that started almost a year ago when Colorado movie theaters continued to play the extremely violent bat man movie that was playing when the shooting occurred the very next day after the shooting? It logically makes no sense. Which idiot from the article suddenly realized what th song gang bang was about while at the concert? They paid $300 for a ticket to a concert and had no idea what songs she was performing? Sounds to me more like a handful of lady reductives bullying little monsters are at it again. Ten 13 year olds each made a handful of calls to a radio station to complain about a show they weren't even at. It is pathetic. Madonna continues to make new music and perform her ass of for her fans. If u aren't a fan, don't go to the show. My brother was at this specific show and the only people he saw were fans who were thrilled for their opportunity to see the queen do her thing.

  52. 52

    She's become insipid.

  53. 53

    Come on people… Her tour was all over Europe before coming to America. You know damn well what's in. It really shows how stupid people are. Yes, stupid. If you're that sensitive, you had all summer to sell your over priced tickets. What's more interesting is NO ONE said anything about pulling the Batman movie out of the theaters completely right after the shooting out of respect That would have been more appropriate. Instead, it's one of the highest grossing movie. Good luck with curbing gun violence, when every one and their uncle in the USA have a gun.

  54. Patrice says – reply to this


    The whole show sucked anyways. Waste of money! Candy shop tour was way better…

  55. 55

    Re: NookiesWA – uhm…I think there has been more than one killing spree in the U.S. but that's beside the point.

  56. Alohacarla says – reply to this


    What a waste of time & money…give it up Madonna

  57. lington says – reply to this


    its ridiculous…. its part of the show…. just cause she uses that on her show doesnt mean ppl will kill someone. only stupid ppl. sometimes in amaerica ppl seem that dont live in a democracy. this kind of stuff doesnt happen in europe. no one will start to kill someone just because madonna uses guns on her show. its part of it. its absolutely ridiculous. M is sensitive to what happened and to many more stuff. she fights for justice and for equality… but this is stupid. means nothing. its part of this amazing show,that means she killed her marriage. and M fans that will go to her show knows exactly that

  58. lington says – reply to this


    perez what u said was just ridiculous. what lz meant is that she cant take a part of her show. and actually this tour is the best show ever. shakespear is great but liz didnt compared in that terms…. just ridiculous what u said and yes its a huge show, and gave M a lot of hard worker…. M always brings us the best… u shouldnt said that. and this is stupid. only in america could happen. M used guns to kill her show. noone things ppl will start kill each other just cause of it. and M fans know that…. ridiculous

  59. JC says – reply to this


    How convenient that Liz already has a statement prepared, even though there was no widespread outrage over the use of guns in her show in Denver, just like no one pissing in their pants about it over in Scotland either. But plant a fake story in the media about some faux-outrage from like two people, and Madonna gets too look controversial all over again.

  60. JC says – reply to this


    Re: Raymondj
    "Sounds to me more like a handful of lady reductives bullying little monsters are at it again."
    More plants from Team Madonna. She needs to sell controversy.

  61. lington says – reply to this


    best show on earth…. thank u M for being such a hard worker… inspiring… get well and this is just ridiculous. its part of her show. M is inspiring… just cause she is using guns to symbolize the end of her marriage doesnt means ppl will kill each other. please… other ppl bully other like gaga does.. that kills

  62. KrDizzy says – reply to this


    Because someone shot and killed people in Colorado 3 months ago, you can no longer show or do anything that has to do with guns? Is there a time limit on when it's ok again? People are way too sensitive, nowadays..

  63. BEACH HOUSE BARBIE says – reply to this



  64. BEACH HOUSE BARBIE says – reply to this



  65. BEACH HOUSE BARBIE says – reply to this



  66. homebuilder7777 says – reply to this


    Why would anyone go out with or be fans of the ugly Kardashian's

  67. ddd says – reply to this


    I'm actually quite shocked at some of the comments on here. I'm not Madonna's biggest fan but even I have to admit that this woman has talent. The insults and suggestions that she isn't talented and is just a "worthless old whore" just stem from people's pathetic need to tear someone down when they have success. It's just jealousy and it comes from people who have no career or talent of their own.
    As for the use of guns in her show, why should she change/cut that part out? Imagine the amount of work and money (with choreographing, costumes, props, lighting) that probably goes into it! If she cut that part out then all that work would be for nothing! Featuring the guns in her show is not insensitive and it certainly does NOT ridicule the tragedy in Colorado in any way. In fact, Madonna is highlighting the importance of continuing on and living when horrific things occur. People should not change the way they live because of the action of one very sick and twisted individual.

  68. cari says – reply to this


    Madonna is an effing knob head. She IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN an immature idiot with a bane sense of intelligence and decorum. She thinks if she is offensive and 'shocking' she is making some kind of statement that she is above it all, whatever 'it all' is in her little mind. In reality she is akin to a three year old using a curse word to get a rise out of her parents. OR of an eight year old farting. OR of a DOG taking a piss on a fire hydrant. Yeah…..the last one is 'spot' on. Truly.

  69. cari says – reply to this


    I truly believe she has no sense of real emotion or feeling. Honestly…if it would serve her shock mentality she would shoot her own kids on stage to get a rise. If that's a harsh statement…too bad. She thinks it is perfectly okay to be insensitive to others all the time.

  70. 70

    Re: karumba – Yes you're correct. Do you want to know the percentage of people that went on a shooting spree in the past 15 years? .000002% that number is not only correct but actually rounded up. ^_^

  71. madonnamaniac says – reply to this


    Re: likewhocares – Come on.Madonna rules the universe.She's THE QUEEN.

  72. madonnamaniac says – reply to this


    Re: Marc – Very well said.Bravo

  73. madonnamaniac says – reply to this


    Re: VadgeIsAHag – The Queen is here and rules the universe hater

  74. Tammy says – reply to this


    Madonna needs to realize she is no longer pushing the boundaries, but crossing the line.

  75. deb says – reply to this


    I have been a fan of Madonna's since the 80's but she really is having trouble with getting old.
    This latest concert tour, shows just how bad she is trying to hang on to something that's gone.
    The guns don't make her look cool, they just make her look ridculous! So sad!

  76. YourGhost says – reply to this


    Sorry but this barely created a ripple in terms of Madonna controversies. The show went on normal. Nobody protested. No one made a fuss. There was NO controversy. People just don't care anymore about her antics. That's why they have to create these fake stories.

  77. William Brogan says – reply to this


    Perez, I usually agree with u but not this time. Madonna did nothing wrong. She has a show that she made up & she is taking it around the world. She has the right to put whatever she wants in her show. If u don't like it don't go to the show. This show has been in the news since May. People know what is in the show. If u r a Madonna fan u know what Gangbang is about. Screw Denver! Screw these idiots who complained about The gun props. Madonna does not deserve this. I don't care what happened in Aurora.

  78. 78

    Seriously you didn't realize that Madonna thinks she is above everyone and she can say and do whatever she wants because she's essentially Madonna. I can't stand her ever since I saw her in concert and realized that she believes she is above everyone and everything. She has no sense emotion since as you have seen through her last concert tour and how disrespectful she has been to everyone's feelings. Stop calling her the Queen or whatever take her off the pedestal she just has sung songs done nothing else to help society, come on folks!

  79. Jes says – reply to this


    Why the hell should she have to change her show? I don't think it shows ANY lack of sensitivity… I think people are looking to MAKE controversy out of it. They aren't real guns. If people in Colorado want to change people with guns, then change your goddamn gun laws, don't go after a performer using FAKE weapons.

  80. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    I don't get why people are so shocked by this. Madonnas entire career is based around making peoples jaws drop with the risque shit she does. Rolling around fondling herself in a wedding dress, 3 way lesbian kiss, she loves controversy.

  81. lara says – reply to this


    the top 3 movies playing right now are all action based movies that include gun violence! how are they not banned?? If your gonna bitch and complain about a pre planned stage show, then maybe we should ban everything in movies and television as well that has any hint of gun play in it.hypocrites.

  82. Renegade says – reply to this


    Lol there's always some bitchy comment made about a celebrity. You people are bitter and pathetic.

  83. 83

    Madonna is a self-absorbed asshole. So are you, Perez.

  84. JesusChrist says – reply to this


    Re: RainbowBrite
    Madonna hasn't made anyone's jaw drop since 1990.

  85. 85

    Re: Pansy Hunter – Asshole she sure is. She's probably one if the rudest, phoniest, most self-important people I've ever seen.