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Robert Pattinson Gushes Over Kristen Stewart's Acting Skills

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Robert Pattinson Gushes Over Kristen Stewart's Acting Skills

Yeah … bet he didn't like her talent so much when she was pretending like she WASN'T cheating on him!

What does it feel like to be wrapped around Kristen Stewart's little finger??

Ask Robert Pattinson! HA!

Now that Rob has put the nasty affair behind him, he's back to being truly, deeply in LOVE (all caps) with his Twilight co-star.

The studio has forced the on-again lovers to promote Breaking Dawn on different continents — Kristen in Japan, and Rob in Australia.

R-Patz appears to be miserable in Kangaroo country without his Bella Swan Cullen, and is using every opportunity he has to gush about her!

Rob excitedly shared some Stewie deets with MTV Australia, saying:

“[Kristen] was really excited about being a vampire. Everybody else who’d been pretty consistently in the movies, they’d obviously been playing a vampire like every day for ages. And so it’s funny seeing someone suddenly come into it and try and figure out their own version of the physicality and the mentality of it. But her character has a different thing, because she’s supposed to find it really easy. It’s supposed to be a natural progression for her to become a vampire, it’s supposed to be simple. So I guess it was kind of different."

Aw. We can see him sparkling with pride over her!

Hopefully they get to meet back up soon!

Even though KStew seems to be doing just fine on her own, we'd hate seeing Robbie so sad!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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34 comments to “Robert Pattinson Gushes Over Kristen Stewart's Acting Skills”

  1. 1

    This horse is long dead, ape face. Move the fuck on already.

  2. URanASSHOLE says – reply to this


    Do you think you are sly with your backhanded compliments,Perez? Everyone can see right through you..you are so ate up with jealousy its funny! I can't wait to see how you react when Zac finds a new lady love..you will do all you can to rip her apart too..right before you have a mental breakdown…nomatter what lies you tell yourself and the world,about being a nicer person..we all know,you are rotten from the inside out and always have been..and more than likely..always will be…smh…you are so sad.

  3. Heather343 says – reply to this


    I'm not twit-hard. I do like your amusing site. But seriously, stop being a whiny queen. Even if the Pattison guy was to be single again –HE WILL NEVER BE INTERESTED IN YOU. HE IS STRAIGHT. AND STOP WITH THE FANTASY THINKING YOU CAN TURN ANY STRAIGHT MAN GAY BECAUSE YOU LOST A FEW POUNDS. You seem nice but you're just not a looker. The last time I saw you - you were on WWHL –good gawd woman! Keep yourself clean shaven and hair trimmed. And get new teeth. And maybe you might have a chance with Dustin Diamond.

  4. Rohan says – reply to this


    What does it feel like to have your mommy as your only friend at 40?

  5. 5

    Re: URanASSHOLE – nice!

  6. 6

    Love it! All the low IQ's on here bashing PH like he still runs the site! LOL! Or like he ever read the comments when it was his site!!! LOL

  7. 7

    Re: kappuhcheenoh – hey perez

  8. 8

    I guess she had GREAT SKILL when she was fiddling around behind his back and didn't reveal it.

  9. 9

    I'm sorry, what acting skills?

  10. 10

    Re: Prince Charming – Low IQ?

  11. Heather343 says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Ahhh DURRRRR…LOL and you're on this site and commenting…wow! How does such a genius like you exist?

  12. URanASSHOLE says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Regardless..If its not him saying these things..he is a dumb fuck for letting others sully his fake as shit "nice guy act"…If its not him,then someone is making him look like a total fucking retarded asshole..more so than he already was known for being,when he wrote all this bullshit himself(btw..I still think its him)…whoever it is..is an asshole..and since they use Perez's name..I will continue to label them as Perez..and will continue to call them and asshole in Perez's name.

  13. 13

    Re: Heather343 – I exist because I exist. Only commenting on the fools on here, who think they're speaking directly with PH! LOL

  14. Heather343 says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Oh dear Kappiecheeie, try not to feel insulted that Perez has not return your affections. Trust me, you can do so much better!

  15. 15

    Getting back with an ex is like getting out of the shower and putting back on the underwear you just took off.

  16. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    No one will take what Rob says seriously anymore if he is back with Kristen. When I see him now or read his comments I see him as weak and wimpy.

  17. JayJay says – reply to this


    R patz is such a loser now. He looks like a spineless pus*y biy who took back the girl that cheated on him with someones husband…he should feel ashamed and whipped… I cant even take him seriously now, i wont be watching any more of his films thats for sure

  18. URanASSHOLE says – reply to this


    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Also..its kinda funny that when Perez was doing his off broadway show..all post on this site would stop when it was showtime..and would start back up after the shows were over for the day or night..and when he was in London this summer..all the posts were posted mostly during UK time..which was in the middle of the night in the states..so,if its not him posting..its someone stuck to his ass like glue.

  19. Livia says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs. Momoa – Well knowing that he no longer has your approval probably tears him up inside. How will he go on? Never mind the directors who have booked him solid with films for the next two years, he should be concerned with YOUR APPROVAL!

  20. 20

    This is an unmonitored site….

  21. Duh! says – reply to this


  22. 22

    I have nothing more to say than I can now check Robert Pattinson off my "favorite people" list! Poor, pitiful Rob may be able to forgive Kristan but he will never forget nor will the world.

  23. iamawesom-o says – reply to this


    Oh what a LOAD of crap!!!

    her acting skills?

    You know what, Kristen can't act for her LIFE… She plays herself in EVERY film! Every single film she is the same babbling lip biting MORON… the problem with kristen is that she uses her personality as the basis for EVERY character she does!!!! How is it considered "talented" to act like YOURSELF???? She doesn't even TRY to act like someone else! She uses the VERY same personality in EVERY SINGLE FILM which is her personality in REAL LIFE.

    How is it considered "talented" to use your real personality in EVERY FILM?? Isn't the entire point of acting to try to act like someone else? She acts like HERSELF and NEVER like a different person. THAT IS NOT TALENT! When are people going to wake up? If all acting consisted of was acting like yourself on film, it wouldn't be considered a talent!

    You need TALENT to act like a different person, you DONT need talent to act like yourself in every film your in. She is a FRAUD and I cannot believe people give her so much credit…for what? Congrats on acting like yourself! You ARE NOT convincing playing ANYONE other than an awkward angsty moron who babbles incoherently (nice job babbling through your perfume interview, you are such a moron that questions like "Three words that describe the fragrance" intimidate you?? LOL) When are people going to wake up and see that this girl is nothing more than a fraudulent halfwit with ZERO talent?

  24. iamawesom-o says – reply to this


    Dear Kristen,

    Last time I checked, using your "real life" personality in every film is NOT considered good acting. The whole point of acting is to go on camera and act like someone else… not go on camera and act in a way that YOU would act in real life. That is NOT considered good acting. Every role I have ever seen you in, you fail to act ANY different than you would if it were happening to you in real life. Your "acting" (ha) skills are pathetic, and have been GROSSLY over-hyped. If I were you I would stick to roles in which a babbling, lip-biting, awkward half-wit is needed. These roles would of course suit you best. Best of luck to you and your "acting" career. Remember: That casting couch is REALLY going to come in handy for you. I promise that.

  25. 25

    Re: Duh! – It's not "no shit" to Pansy Hunter, Lady Who, Yes you bore me, they act like they are talking to PH with their comments.

  26. mm says – reply to this


    The point of acting, it to act like the character in the script. Actors are often type cast. If some of her character seem the same, it is because she is hired to play simlar girls. Yet Mary Lou in On the Road is completely different from Bella Swan. The girl in Speak was totally different from Snow White. Funny Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston play the same characters over and over, and Kristen can not!

  27. gretch says – reply to this


    Stick a fork in him, he's done. From dignified bloke to a JOKE

  28. thomas says – reply to this


    Robert is an IDIOT….

  29. nells says – reply to this


    Rob Pattinson = DOORMAT. What a moron, Stewart is gum on his shoe and he worships her. Now he is gum on my shoe

  30. Sylvia says – reply to this


    Get over it already, people. Get the gum on your shoe and chew it, it's still sweet. Go watch the movie too. You will love it.

  31. sisi south africa says – reply to this


    Re: mm – she is type cast because her range is limited julia roberts acted like a prostitude in pretty woman and made both her career and richard gere last a lifetime the last picture outside of twilight kristen stewart did as a stripper was a flopp she failed diismally to carry that movie here is the thing between rob and kristen rob is a one man show he can carry a movie because he is watchable kristen needs a group otherwise 2hours of screen time is too much for her she has no presence and lacks emotion and these are the first things an actor needs ,they will end up competing with each other because one thing is for sure THEY ARE NO LONGER AN ITEM.thats all there is.

  32. KristenManiac says – reply to this


    Your story is as it is. —I love that gal, Kristen !! She is rich, made Rob rich, she is a wonderful actress, she is smart, she is cunning, she has a touch of tomboy, she is aggressive. Did I say beautiful? Yeah, beautiful. Love that Gal.

  33. KristenManiac says – reply to this


    Re: thomas
    You got that right !!!!!!!!!

  34. KristenManiac says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex
    What does it feel like to have no friends at all?