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Lena Dunham & Many Other Ladies Lip Sync You Don't Own Me For Political PSA

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Lena Dunham is used to sharing the screen with many other talented Girls.

So we were thrilled to see her and tons of other celebrity women perform a cover version of Lesley Gore's You Don't Own Me.

What was the reason for this feminine mass gathering???

To encourage the women of America to vote for Barack Obama on November 6th, and not let Mitt Romney defund Planned Parenthood, and shut down the nation's family planning program.

Ch-ch-check it out by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

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24 comments to “Lena Dunham & Many Other Ladies Lip Sync You Don't Own Me For Political PSA”

  1. GeAGo says – reply to this


    poor things…

  2. GeGe says – reply to this


    Who in their right minds believes a president can repeal Roe vs. Wade? Do they really believe Congress and/or the people would let that happen? I hate that these women think they speak for me….

  3. Nyer77 says – reply to this


    This video is ridiculous on so many levels! Clearly the election is over if this is the best the Obama team has!

  4. 4

    that was a pretty awesome video

  5. 5

    Giving women rights was the worst thing we could have done. That said, pregnancy is a consequence of having sex. Having sex is a choice. Pay for your own damn birth control and pay for your own abortions. As a guy and the government said they would now cover my condoms I'd be pissed off and ask "so why should other people who probably aren't even getting laid pay for my condoms?" Pretty people have it easy enough as is getting laid, well you can complicate your life a tad bit and pay a couple bucks a month getting your crap.

  6. 6

    This whole war on women shit and actresses coming out of the word work to support Obama is a clear sign he's desperate. Winning the female vote will probably win it for him. Wasn't it last election they focused on hispanics/blacks LOL? Now its women…and yes we do own you. If you rely on us to provide you financial security as well as depend on us to provide you your standard of living we will always own you. It's just sad too many ball-less men don't stand up and put their women in place.

  7. 7

    Also funny how most of them are either your stereotypical dyke or dumb 20 something NYer

  8. 8

    The funniest thing is how hypocritical and unintelligent these feminists are. When a man says "Well then, if we can't force you to have an abortion we should be allowed to waive all financial obligation to the child" They will turn around and say "By agreeing to have sex you're agreeing to the consequences and accept them" Well the same exact argument can be used against them. If you're having sex you accept the consequences. Luckily you can avoid that consequence by paying for your own damn BC.

  9. Kelly says – reply to this


    These girls should stick to acting and put politics aside. They are clearly uninformed Americans if they think Romney would bring women back to the Stone Age.

  10. Elle says – reply to this


    Putting little children in a pro-abortion song, isn't that an oxymoron???….

  11. melissa says – reply to this


    this is stupid.

  12. Michelle says – reply to this


    If your gonna have sex, deal with the consequences. Pay for your own condoms and birth control.

  13. Courtney says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – clearly giving you access to the Internet was the "second" worst thing we could have done, you misogynist pig. :) I sincerely hope that you do not and will not have children to ever pass your dated views on to. You make me ill!

  14. Noodle says – reply to this


    When did if ever say that Obama asked them to make this video……I never once heard "I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message."

  15. 15

    Re: Courtney – I've been on the internet before you decided to get on because all of your friends were doing it. Trust me, I was also apart of that e-generation that invented memes and the way you type. If anything, you should get off MY internets.

  16. W says – reply to this


    @NookiesWA I don't understand how someone can wallow in such outdated views. Your comments have shown you to be misogynistic, homophobic, and ignorant, with sub-par grammar and a misguided idea of the twentieth century. Times have changed. Most women are no longer dependent on men for their lifestyle, nor their financial support, and marriage has become a partnership rather than a system of dominance and submission. Women are human beings with just as much of a right to control as men, and you cannot force a woman to have an abortion against her will, as the concept itself is fundamentally wrong. Women have control of their own bodies and minds and they will make their own decisions. Planned Parenthood helps to protect the rights and health of women who cannot afford abortions on their own, and there's absolutely no reason that a woman who was raped, or is too poor, ill, or young to carry a child healthily should be forced to do so. Please educate yourself and update your view. Your ignorance is stifling and is growing to be out of place in modern times. Thank you.

  17. E says – reply to this


    its funny that you are talking about sex is a bad thing, and that there should be consequences to doing it. either you are not getting laid (but clearly should be) or whoever you are having sex with does not know what he is doing. sucks for you that you can't enjoy it. sex is amazing.

  18. 18

    Re: W – Who do you think keeps your electricity up and running? What about your water? Who do you think delivers the food to the stores you shop at? MEN. MEN. If all men went on strike, women would have one hellacious problem on their hands. Women will always rely on men. Women still date men on their ability to make money. Also, if we can't force a girl to have an abortion, then we shouldn't be forced to financially support it. Seems fair enough ^_^

  19. Mosatch says – reply to this


    Wow NookiesWA you are so incredibly ignorant to be laughable except you probably vote. You do realize that based on trending women are actually more often than not the sole breadwinner or highest breadwinner in families today and that with .72 cents on the dollar to men. And to the rest of you the Republican primary made clear what their plans were for women's rights.. uh none. And yes Presidents DO overturn Roe v. Wade through conservative judicial appointments. But obviously this is what you wnat based on your insane comments.

  20. Eric D says – reply to this


    @ NookiesWA: Once more, the anti-feminists miss the point behind the policies! Up to just a short time ago historically women had NO rights or very few: no right to vote–well into the 20th century; no right to property; no right over childcare; no right as to when she would become pregnant–the man decided; no right over the means of pregnancy, once again, the man could rape her and it was considered a 'marital matter'; she could be beaten-by her husband LEGALLY, not until recently did many states even adopt measures protecting women; women couldn't hold public office and was prohibited work in the private sphere created FOR MEN ONLY, and the list goes on. Men designed reproductive policies and these policies were, and still are in some states, LAW!

  21. Eric D says – reply to this


    Women often play by the fidelity rules statistically far better than men do. Nonetheless, they're often the ones left with the financial and familial responsibilities of raising the children. Also, women have less total income and had, and in some states presently do have, fewer means to deal with the consequences of pregnancy. The issue is who controls the purse strings and who sets the agenda. Then, as now, men do! A fact wholly absent in Nookies poorly informed comments. If Nookies wants to take away women's rights, then he'll have to take up far more of the social and economic responsibility than he, and men in general, currently do, something I'm certain he would wish to neglect. Also, given the pic he has chosen for his account, he, in such a society, can forget about being loose and fancy free since male driven legislative social groups HATE free loading sex addicts as they do women's lib.

  22. Eric D says – reply to this


    Moreover, the Obama team didn't make this video. The video was inspired by those politicians that know little to nothing about the very thing they spend so much time railing against. Here's an idea for the Nookie types out there: instead of sexualizing women and vomiting up information that only reveals the stupidity of the person doing the vomiting, pick up a book on the subject AND read it!

  23. 23

    Re: Mosatch – Ok, if women are the highest breadwinners then why do you keep complaining about the gender wage gap? Clearly men aren't paid more if women are the highest income earners in their household. So which is it? It's also been studied that while this recession has hit, men have suffered the most while women have thrived. The reason for that is women are more adaptable. While men aren't. Each gender has their pros and cons. Men are better at law and business because we're more aggressive.

  24. 24

    Re: Eric D – Can you name me ONE right men have that women do not? Feminism should have ended during the second wave. Third wave feminism is just abused, exploited and used as a shield for sluts who want to be sluts without ridicule it seems.

    "they're often the ones left with the financial and familial responsibilities of raising the children." Thats because courts always favor women for child care for some reason. Women receive child support and alimony. Technically women shouldn't even be allowed to receive alimony anymore. The reason it was allowed was because back in the old days women married right out of high school and became housewives. They relied on men for money. Upon divorce the female did not have a pot to piss in. Hence alimony. But now its no longer needed but in most cases still demanded and allowed.

    While men fix,work,build,lead,conquer and discover women maintain their parasitic nature. "Eric?" theres nothing more pathetic than a male feminist.